Tuesday, December 1, 2009


By Odon Bulamba

Mathew 6:6, “When you pray go into your inner room”. ‘You’ is singular, He is talking to one person. The inner room is not physical. There are hidden rooms where men cannot see, where God is. It is inside of you, it is a personal matter between you and God. I can be with you physically but I can be talking to God and God can answer it and people around will not hear.

When Moses talked to God, people could see and feel God’s presence. It was in the open but now we must pray in secret. He told Moses to build a temple and not to meet on the Mount anymore. He told him how to build it and that He will be behind all the curtains in secret. When the temple was built, the river will go through north, east, south and west and God will be in the deepest room and that is where you can visit Him. Things have changed from the mountain to the temple, to us.

and when you have shut the door,” so there can be no entry or exit which means no distractions and nothing can come there to see what you are doing in secret. Even satan doesn’t have the right to go there. The door will be locked only if you have the key. If there is only a frame and no door, how will you close the door? God closed the door of Noah’s ark. When Jesus was baptised the sky was opened so the sky also has doors. What ever we bound will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose will be loosed. Whatever we open will be opened and whatever we close will be closed.

The key was given to Peter, He said, “I’ll give you the key.” Peter is a stone; a stone in the building.

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