Sunday, December 6, 2009


By Odon Bulamba

When you pray there is always an answer even if you have to wait. Be sure each prayer will have an effect not just for a short time but it goes into eternity. When a good intercessor prays it’s like oil and perfume and it runs everywhere. Every time we pray the prayer will have an effect. In our prayers Jesus’ kingdom must be there and holiness of the name of the Lord. If my tongue has said the name of God my body must acknowledge holiness by the things I do. If I do that it will be easy to be chosen by God and we will judge the world at the end of time.

If you live in Jesus like this and Jesus lives in you, you will have power to do all that Jesus did. As Jesus said, ‘through your prayers you will do greater things than I’. He has given us a greater power than He had. Jesus’ ministry was for two years, during this time Jesus worked and did a lot. How long have we been Christians? Have we done as much as Jesus in two years? But Jesus said I would do greater things, do I do it or not? How long did Jesus pray while on this earth? How much time have you prayed? How many times have you visited the sick? At the time Jesus was on earth the New Testament wasn’t written so for His preaching He couldn’t testify for Himself. He couldn’t glorify Himself, that’s what we do. This is what we do which is greater than what He did. What is greater is that we have the New Testament and we can preach it, share it, and it’s more than what He has done. Sometimes Christians ask themselves can I do what Jesus did? Not everyone has the gift of healing, miracles or raising the dead. People do it without knowing it, some people are healed through prayers without us knowing.

The New Testament is now written so we can’t forget. It’s important for us to write. How many times have you given glory to God? Write every time, record and count over the year what has improved. If you don’t write it down you’ll forget what is better and what is still not good. All Christians must have a diary and prayer note book. Write down your weaknesses, failures and successes. When you pray look at this, on the 15th I fell in that sin but today I haven’t done that. When you pray you will discover if you have grown spiritually or not (encouragement). How does someone know if they have grown spiritually? By the change in your life.

You will not see change in yourself or know if you are progressing if you don’t write it down. At the end of the week check the book to help you to see through the week how you have been and then confess. We are on a road that leads to heaven and this road is narrow. I must get strong and thin, if I carry my burden of sin with me I will not make it. At the end of each week, I could see I haven’t done this one, I feel I am improving and it really encouraged me and I can praise God for that. “God there is no God like you because you can transform me”. Say goodbye to that sin and tear up your piece of paper and throw it in the fire and know that I won’t go back on that one.

Be aware of your time; during these three hours was the glory of God in those three hours? I have done this or that and I haven’t glorified God, I’m late. If I want to glorify God for six minutes every 60 minutes and I have to glorify God for 12 minutes after two hours. I create an atmosphere in my heart to make me talk about Jesus. Or we can have a meeting and talk about the Word of God and that can cover five days. And this is for the glory of God. I can store it up. This is how His name is recognised in ‘hallowed by Thy name’. When you start discovering this you will start seeing the hand of God in your life. I have a new joy because I have won over sin, I know the strategies to win over sin.

Satan fears writing, Jesus said to satan, ‘It is written’. If we write things down you can always say to satan, ‘remember in my book I had trouble with you but I wrote it down and anger had a problem in me but now it has no place in me’. Satan hates what is written.

We know, we must pray and read the Word of God to get rid of sins. If anger is your problem, you must read all the verses possible about anger and compare them against your own personal life. If you fall into anger, what does anger produce? Anger produces death, I am a dying person and if I carry on living with my anger I am dead because I am like the pagans and God sees them dead. I am a bad smell in God’s eyes and I don’t want to be a bad smell so I say, ‘anger you have no room in me, go away.’ I know if I carry on with anger in the last judgement I will not inherit the Kingdom of God. If today I pray it’s because I want to inherit this Kingdom. It’s because of my anger that I might not inherit it so I say, ‘anger you are not part of my body, when my body goes to hell you won’t be there.’ My spirit will suffer but my anger won’t. If it’s to lie I wasn’t born to lie. Lying doesn’t even have a strand of hair on my head it comes from somewhere and tries to get into my life. So I say, ‘lie stay where you are you have no right in me.’ If you do that God will start visiting you. This is the only secret for spiritual growth (read and pray). If you read the Word, you will see your mistakes and other’s mistakes, you can pray and God will see.

Satan will hear, ‘it is written,’ he doesn’t like it because he will see Christians applying what Jesus started 2000 years ago and he hates it. This is how we can fight what is bad in us. It’s also how we can help and love others. You will say, ‘lets read Mathew x:x you see it’s written this and that.’ By doing that you don’t talk to the people but you are fighting the devil himself. When you help people to change you are not talking to the people but you are dealing with the sins that came into those people. So those sins will be cast out and the sins will start asking themselves, ‘where shall we go?’ and the sins (devil) will try to find a means to stop the speaking and stop the strength. And the person will be attacked and people will start speaking behind his back. When sin is discussing like that instead of sharing the Word of God it becomes a discussion which turns to hatred. When you want to talk about the Word of God be sure to stop everything that will come against it and this is how the glory of God comes.

Mathew 6:10, “Let Thy Kingdom come”. Kingdom has a capital K in some versions. When your body acknowledged God’s power and acknowledged God’s glory your spirit also; the Kingdom of God was there. You don’t invite God to rule it’s just a matter to recognise He is the ruler. When I do this action I sanctify the name of Jesus in my life. My tongue, body, heart and spirit fulfil this verse, ‘Let Thy Kingdom come’. When we ask Jesus to rule we feel humble. We’ll feel in us how much He protects us and how much we live in Him, and we feel this joy and discover this honey in Him.

Then He will cover us. While I am inside a house, I can describe the house and the people outside can only imagine. Jesus would be the house and we are inside the house because He covers us. We are in Him. We can see everything our eyes are opened. When the name of God is respected His Kingdom will start coming; all the gifts and we will start describing them, ‘I can see this and I can see that’. God shows you one thing after another with more details and it’s not a problem to see. I can do what I want inside the house I can feel free inside the house.

If a thief will come he will observe and say he doesn’t have the right to get inside the house. Or if he wants to break in he has to think where to start which won’t be easy because it will be noisy and the house will be protected. God is our protector and only God can open the door so no one can enter unless God allows. In Noah’s time people said, ‘open the door’. Maybe they were his family or friends but Noah said, ‘ I didn’t close the door, it was God’. So no one else could open it.

When we are in God we are there and others would like to get in but they are not allowed. And when we are in it’s up to us to describe it to people what is inside the house to the people outside, ‘I’ve seen a table and flowers’. And they will understand because the door is shut. But those in the spirit God will reveal to them. The gift of prophecy; if you have the gift of light the Bible says their eyes are there to enlighten the body, so you are inside the house. It’s dark out side, you will go inside each room and check all the lamps to make sure it will work when it is dark. When the night comes and the lamps don’t work properly you will have to spend the night in the dark. While you still have day, it is time to prepare because Christ is coming back soon and then there will be no more day.

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