Monday, December 21, 2009


Truth is something very simple in man’s life, if you really want to use it.

For example; a man had stolen money and was arrested. He said, “I didn’t steal it, prove that I stole it”. There was no proof.

His wife came to him and said my husband you really made me ashamed. He said, “my wife I tell you the truth, you know, I took this money, it will help us for our future life. If I tell these stupid people we will be poor forever, so keep this secret and we will be rich, half of this money will go in your bank account”. The wife just rubbed her hands and when people would come she would say my husband never stole and I will never accept it. This family were Christians and they would always hold their Bible’s to go to church on Sunday. On Sunday they would say, thank you God because you kept us. God visited them and said what you did is not right. The conscience of the husband woke up and he said, “yes I stole”. The wife looked at him and only her eyes talked to say, “what are you saying?” The husband said, “yes I really stole and my wife kept half of the money”. The wife said, “look at this man he is mad, I think you must first check his mental health because he has got a mental problem”.

You see because of money, only paper, people put truth aside and sacrifice their souls to sin. So as for us, if we don’t walk with the truth; there will never be good fruit. You
might know the Word of God by heart or you might know all the important passages but if you don’t put this passage into practise, people won’t see the proof of your faith.

Fourteen years ago there was a man who was very rich. His son finished secondary school and he said when you get your results I will buy you something. The son said there were motorbikes, Suzuki 100cc that were very trendy. I want that because all the young people have them. The father asked, “Is that all that you want? Well I will get it for you, but there is something, I will change your identity, your name will be changed, and you will be called something else”. ‘By your wounds you have been healed’; this is the name the father gave his son. One-day the son’s results came and his father said I am very happy and proud of you. I have never known a son like you. You work very well.

He took a passport and gave it to his son. This passport bore the name ‘by your wound you have been healed’ the son put it in his pocket and said, “I am still waiting”. The father said, “you can go”. “No dad, what about your promise?” The father said, “yes I remember. To ride a bike you have to learn first. Did you learn how to ride a bike?” “Dad it’s not a problem, in 2 days I will be ready”. “Okay my son because you say that I will give it to you”. He took a New Testament and gave it to his son. The child looked at his father and changed his attitude. He took his passport and chucked it on the floor. “What’s that? Lying dad!” He left and slammed the door behind him. His dad let him go. Twenty years later his son got married and had a family. He learnt on the radio that his dad had died. He thought because his dad had died it’s time to go back and get an inheritance. His wife said, “be quick you have to go there, before people start sharing your father’s things, you have to be there”.

When he went home he didn’t go to see the body of his father, all he wanted was the inheritance. When he got there everybody was crying and he said, “where are the documents that he left?” People asked him, “what documents?” He said, “the will”. His mum said if you need a Testament there are two, the Old Testament and the New Testament, which one do you want? He said, “No, the will that my father wrote that is all that I want”.

After the burial the lawyer came. He told the son he could leave the house for it has been given to someone. The son asked, “how could that be, let me go to the bank”. The bank told him his father had 15 million dollars but he had given it to someone else. “But it is me who has to inherit it”. The lawyer asked for his passport. He showed him the passport with his original name of Floyd on it. He said it is not you so you can leave. The son remembered, my father said that my name had changed, I have another name, ‘By your wound you have been healed.’ “Well where is the proof, this is the true name but where is the proof?” Twenty years ago he had thrown away the passport that his father had given him. Where could he find it? He came back home and tried to find it and by chance he found the New Testament and the passport. He started crying. “What did I do against my father?” When he opened the New Testament he saw a key. It was the key to the ignition of the bike that had been bought twenty years ago. But because he had rejected the New Testament he also rejected the bike. It was written clearly that everything had been paid for. He went to the bike company but the company had already closed its doors. He went to the bank with this passport and he was given the money.

That is the way us Christians live today. We always call ourselves Children of God but the name and identity our Lord gave us, do we keep burying it or do we throw it away in front of His eyes? If you are a Christian do you carry the Christian identity with you?
Or do you have the Congolese or French identity? What is your identity? Your identity must always have facts that come with it

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