Wednesday, December 2, 2009


By Odon Bulamba

Mathew 6:7, “do not use meaningless repetitions”. God wants us to praise Him. Pray like a simple citizen of a divine city. You are not writing a letter to a president or a speech to the queen. It is a conversation between a father and a son. Speak and God will listen. Just say straight, “I want this, what you promised is this.” Just talk to God.

For example, the Catholics have prepared texts (the rosary). You just have to repeat but this is to pray in vain. To use words you don’t know, you think you are praying but you are not. For God, that is not to pray. Because God is the Word and a word that is vain means that it is not in the Spirit or in the truth. When you pray in this way you are not led by the Spirit or by the Word of God.

If you want something for your own glory, God will say, “seek first the kingdom of righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” But if you seek first your own will (the rest) and then seek the will of God, you ask with wrong motives (James 4:3). God in the end will not give any answers. E.g. you ask for good shoes for the 31st Dec to be the best one at New Years Eve party. But on the 31st someone has nicer shoes. You will hate that person, because you haven’t prayed in spirit or truth. You will start talking about that person and find their shoes ugly. This is the fruit of what you have done. This is not the fruit of the spirit.

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