Tuesday, December 15, 2009


By Odon Bulamba

I Samuel 16

So this man Samuel prayed for David and David was anointed. Are we also elected by God? And if we are, are we anointed? And if not, why not? Because the Spirit was given to everybody, especially to those who were chosen, they are the anointed of God. If you don’t have your anointing, maybe you are still in a field outside of town. Maybe you are somewhere like David was, far from his family and today God is calling you, get closer so that you can find your anointing.

As you know David means “beloved” (my love). How many times do you call your husband or children my love and how many times do you call God my love? Many people call God my Father and that is good but God is also my love because He is love. And in your prayer He likes honour so you must give to Him what He likes. And the very first thing God gave to himself in order to gain glory was love. Because He loved us he gave us His son. So love is the first thing that God needs to receive from us. Do you also give your love to God? If yes, how many times a year/week? You kiss your children or your husband; this is a sign of love. How many times did you get close to God to kiss Him? How many times did you tell God, God get close to me so that I can kiss You? I want to feel your presence in me, I want to be very close to you, I want to feel the warmth of your love in me, how many times have you done it? Maybe you have never done it. Imagine you are far from your wife for five years or even two days, you will always say that you miss her a lot. How many times do you feel that God is not with you? How many times do you miss God? You might say none. So to be a hero in the Lord you have to first show your love to God. And don’t show it only with words but show it with actions by obeying the Word of God.

Jesse himself was very humble and he was there to serve God but when God’s servant came to choose, he was the first one to introduce his oldest son, because he thought that everything would come back to his oldest son. But God’s love wasn’t there; God’s love was with David. And David would love God a lot. He was the smallest in the family but God made him greater. You might be the smallest in your church or the youngest in your family, but God is able to raise you up to become more powerful. David was very small and young and weak but God did something with this young man because he would keep the sheep and from this he became a king.

II Sam 7:8

David wasn’t a farmer, he was simple and mere shepherd and looked after his sheep and from there he became a king. With your little faith, God is able to take you from there and raise you up. God is able to change your life and give you a glorious life. God is able to solve your little problems and you will become the solution for others. God is able to take your little weaknesses to transform you so that you will be the comfort of others. God might take your stupidness and give you eternal wisdom to lead others because everything is possible with God. The only condition is that you humiliate yourself and acknowledge where you are up to. If I have committed something, I have to admit it and God will raise me up. David was a shepherd and he had admitted he was a shepherd and God raised him up.

And because David was a shepherd he learnt to play the harp and the flute because during the night it was very cold and the only distraction to not fall asleep was to play the harp. And when you play the flute or harp the animals around will know that a man is there and they cannot attack the flock. Be careful when you play the flute because snakes can come (just remember that). So the way we live now we must learn something and this thing will help us later. If David didn’t play the flute he wouldn’t have been able to help Saul calm down. If David hadn’t played the harp, he wouldn’t have been able to write the psalms that we still read today. Many people use the psalms to glorify God today. And you what do you use today? What are you using now that will help people to glorify God later? Is it your prayer? Is it your exhortation, encouragement, advice, forgiveness, love?

I think that this is the second stage to enter spiritual maturity and we start by learning who David is, the good points he has, and we will try to see if we have them. After David, we will try to talk about another king and so on. So we must try our best as soon as we see there is something wrong or there is something for us when we hear a message please write it down and ask God to help you so for each message you will have something from it. If the Bible were not written we could not read it today and if you don’t write what you have learnt you might forget it. So let’s try so that God will call us beloved. Lets change our lifestyle and improve our behaviour, let’s open our eyes and not accept the wind to come. Don’t close our nose and mouth spiritually or we will lack oxygen. We must take out the hardening of our heart and put aside everything that hardens our heart because that is what stops oxygen for our souls.

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