Sunday, March 25, 2018

Take Up Your Own Cross

By Odon Bulamba

Blessed are those that understand the purpose of God in their lives because they will more likely hit the target and purpose.  Our purpose on earth isn’t just to enjoy but for a mission.  Once in a mission, always remember that at some stage we will go back to report to the boss.  All missions have an end and everything on this earth has an end except one thing, our soul.

God created human beings with the body, spirit and the soul.  Those three things work together but for God, the body is somehow less important, just a tool to help to carry and support the spirit and soul of a human being.  The role of the body is to work for the soul and spirit and once that mission is completed, that body will remain on earth and return to the soil while the soul and spirit will go back to God and give feedback of all that you have done while you were on earth.

Proverbs 11:1, God doesn’t like a balance that isn’t honest.  With a balance we can see a weight on one side and a weight on the other side and for it to be balanced, the weights must be equal.  E.g. 10kg paper equals 10kg stones and will require more paper required to balance the stones.

When God created you and me, He gave us a body and inside of us is the spiritual part and now He looks at us to see how we use our balance.  The balance of my body is often unfair.  I wake up early to shower, shave to look nice, I eat when I’m hungry and drink water when I’m thirsty.  I use my money to buy coffee when needed.  I respond to all the needs of my body without hesitation.  Sometimes when my body tells me that I’m tired, I find the right place to rest.

On the other side, the spiritual life and my soul is making an alarm, do I respond? Do I use that balance? Sometimes I tell my soul to wait, I’m not ready yet to answer or respond to your needs.  Sometimes I tell my soul, I am busy but when your stomach tells you that you are hungry, you stop what you are doing to find food and if you don’t feed yourself, you will starve and you lose your strength and then after a few days people will see you have lost weight and you may die for not feeding your body.  If people see you around town without clothes, they will be shocked and maybe even call the police.  When your soul is naked, what do you do?

Our cross is to take care of our souls.  It is not an easy job but a hard and tough job.  We can easily take care of our body and when we need money, to ask others for money.  When my soul needs something that I don’t understand, it becomes more challenging.  For me to respond to my physical needs, I have to first of all identify them.  I need a new pair of shoes, ok, my project is to buy a pair of shoes.  What needs to I know about my soul?

That is why Jesus said we should understand the secret of the cross. In heaven it was said that someone has to go to earth to redeem people.  It was not specified about the cross.  Maybe, Jesus was thinking about the lamb being slaughtered but if I had known about the cross, maybe I wouldn’t accept because of the suffering.  To take care of your soul, it is not an easy task.  God chose your soul rather than your body.  Your will live for eternity but your body will die so which one is more important?  The one that lives forever.

Our body grows old day after day but your soul never gets old.  God has taken this treasure the soul and said, “here is your cross, carry it and look after it”.  It is not only a matter of reading your Bible and memorising scripture but your soul has requirements.

There is a parallel between your soul carrying the cross and Jesus carrying the cross.

Imagine if we remove the word cross from your Bible? The Bible will not have any meaning because all that we talk about is about the cross.  Through the cross we have this and that.  God has put great importance in the cross because He wants to teach us today how to consider it.  Many people were there at the cross of Jesus and many had no clue or understanding what was happening and that the cross was something important for salvation.  All they could see was torture.

Jesus was taken in front of the authorities.  Jesus tried to defend himself, keep silent and regardless of Him being right and righteous, they said, “you have to carry your cross”.  When you are saved, regardless of your innocence you will find challenges and people will fight against you.  You don’t belong to the world.  There will be a fight.  Warnings were given for our souls.  Prepare yourself for a battle, spiritual and physical.  Satan roars like a lion and he wants to attack you because you want to take care of your soul.  Those who loved you yesterday will attack you.

The cross was given to Jesus, not to play with it or admire it but he was told to carry it and He was forced to carry it.  Wherever you go, your soul is with you, when you are asleep, when you wake up, when you go to the toilet, your soul is attached to you.  To carry things we have to think first of all how to carry it.  How will you carry a cross?  Maybe on your back?  Some might use their heads.  Others use their hands.  The essential is to use your hands.  Without hands it is almost impossible to carry something.

Why do we give our lives to God’s hands and not his thigh or chest?  What is the importance of hands in your life?  We don’t put our souls in a drawer where they can be secure but in God’s hands because it is safe there and He can use his hands to mould us like a potter and make us how He likes.

How do we carry our cross (soul)?  Our hands have five fingers on each hand.  The number 10 is in the Bible and by looking, we can learn a lot.  E.g. 10 commandments teach us to look after our souls.  This is a pillar of knowing how to balance your physical life and spiritual life.  First commandment, no other God before me.  This is a signal that God has been telling us.  There are many Gods in this world and they exist.  In Africa for example, around July men will go in the bush to meet with the god of that tribe and it is all in secret.  The spirit can move quickly from one place to another and transport many people at once.  That spirit can teach you rituals and circumcised you and afterwards you come back to the city declared a man.

If that god is going around and meets with a woman, she will die.  There is one tribe that believe that this is the true god but it is witchcraft.  You must only have one God.  Once you know Jesus that should be your first commandment.  To create you in God’s image means that we must imitate Him in our actions.  If you want to honour God, try to imitate Him.  This is the first step to look after your soul.

Jesus took up His cross and started His journey.  The more He was walking, He started to feel tired.  Something that maybe weighed 20kg, after 5km will be too heavy and you can’t do it.  Remember when you were saved, the first few weeks, you felt strong and you loved so much God and you wanted to contribute and participate but today we are too tired to read the Bible, go to church.  At some point Jesus couldn’t carry the cross and Simon had to help him.

The cross is heavy, your soul is heavy.  How to carry it?  When you wake up every morning, tell God the first commandment, let me today consider you only as my God, help me today to know that I don’t have any other God apart from you.  Let me treat others as you treat others.  If someone does wrong, I will forgive them.  I will accept what others do and let it go.

The second commandment is to have no idols.  What do you adore?  Maybe food.  When you talk about food, Levi will jump and will do the thumbs up and he can tell you about pizza and chips.  Once you give Levi food, he can eat it but after sometime, he will stop eating when he is full.  We can have a desire something but have a limit so not to adore or kill ourselves for it.

Maybe you adore your house, your job, your children, your country and your soul is there saying, you shouldn’t adore something greater than God.  How much do you love yourself?  I have to look after my body which is good but do I also look after God who lives in me and if yes, how?  God gives to us and in return we must also give back.  We use our balance wrongly.  We want God to give and give but we don’t give back, “God you have everything so I won’t give”.  God gave you everything in balance.  If you believe in God, He believes in you.  You trust in God, He trusts you.  He gave you a soul because he trusts you to look after it.

The third commandment is to not blaspheme.  What is blasphemy?  Taking God’s name in vain.  You wake up in the morning, “oh my God.  Jesus!” People use it like a swear word and use it wrongly and some will say, “in the name of Jesus, I am telling you that it is the truth”.  Tell your soul and yourself, “no I shouldn’t do that”.

Jesus picked up the cross and began the journey.  He put it on his shoulder and used His arms and neck to hold it and His legs had to be strong to carry it.  To have strong legs you need to train them.  Your legs should walk on the right path.  To follow Jesus He says, “carry your cross and follow me”.  Where?  You must first understand the destination before following.  He picked up His disciples, “Mark, follow me?”  Where were they going?  None of them asked, “where are you taking me?”

For us today, Jesus has taught us that when we follow Him, He is the path of heaven, the Kingdom of God.  That is the journey and you have to carry your own cross.  “I have done the work and paid for you but it is up to you to look after your own soul and carry your cross”.  Use what you have to carry it, your legs, and arms.  The more you walk, the more it will become heavy.  Many sinners today know very well the Word of God but at some point we start to defend our sins with the Word of God instead of saying sorry and trying to fix it.  Sometimes we say, “God will do the job, when God will be ready, He will come for me”.  That is crazy when He has said to follow me.  You are waiting for Him to come back.  It doesn’t work like that.

If you know the value of your soul and you realise that God believes that the soul is the most important thing in your life, you should look after it while you are trembling.  Jesus said He is preparing a place for your soul, not your body.  The body will die and those who are alive when Jesus comes back, the body will be transformed to a heavenly body.  You have to work for your soul.

Remember every morning to remind yourself that there is only one God that you should adore and you don’t need to adore anything besides God and avoid any type of blasphemy and hurt the feelings of God.  Don’t be blind and say, God will understand.  God becomes angry when we go against His will and He is unhappy.  For that reason, He has punished the world and killed because we don’t respect Him. 

Jesus, when He left His house that day, He knew that he would be sacrificed and He would have to carry a cross. You had no idea that Jesus would meet with you and give you a cross to carry.  Here is salvation, “I accept you Jesus to be my saviour and I give you my life”.  The soul will be the only item to face God on the day of judgments.  Your soul will take all your actions in the same way that Jesus took all our sins.  Your soul will stand in front of God on judgement day.

If you are not preparing your soul, then you will try to fish in the sand instead of the water.  If you are only preparing your body and your intellect to meet Jesus, you will be wrong because He only cares about your soul.

10 commandments are very helpful.  We will finish this next time.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Cross

By Odon Bulamba

The Word of God is important for the brain and soul and spirit. To work with God, the Word of God is a passport that you use when you travel. To go to heaven you will need to have knowledge of Word of God and understand it and practice it and on top of that you will need a visa which is salvation.  We get salvation through the cross. Without the cross, we couldn’t have salvation and couldn’t be here today.

It is a big shame today when you talk about the cross in the Christian community, people beliEve that it is only a symbol to show that you are a Christian or a sign so people will know that this is a church. Only a few will try to understand the cross with eternal life.  Jesus lives in eternity and existed for many years but somewhere He came down to earth for 33 years only.  He left eternity and put it aside and came down here to spend 33 years and for those years, He worked for only 3 years.  He did almost nothing for 30 years and for the last 3 years He worked hard and led us to the cross and ended his life on that cross.

Why did Jesus accept to be crucified, lose his dignity on the cross while in the Old Testament to be purified people just offered a lamb, maybe a dove and that animal only needed to be killed and the blood shed but didn’t need to be on a cross for people to be forgiven? Jesus not only had to be sacrificed but also had to die on the cross.

The Syrians started the cross.  If you were a bad person you were put on the cross by tying your hands and feet to the cross.  Romans decided that tying the hands was not enough but to nail the person and that way the person will suffer more and people will fear to make the same mistake.

How much were people fearing to sin?  Jesus who did not sin at all, who did not deserve to be crucified but they decided that this was the only punishment to give this innocent person.  He didn’t murder or rape but was given a punishment greater than the lamb that was sacrificed.

Cross has a meaning.  What we have to discover is the glory beyond that symbol.  Many Christians do not have a good knowledge of the cross and are limited in what they know.  What is the mystery of the cross, what is hidden behind the cross? 

Mathew 10:35-40

If you don’t take your cross and follow Jesus, you are not (according to the Bible) worthy of Jesus.  You can be saved and beliEve you are someone important and have all the gifts and talents but if you don’t take your cross and follow Jesus, then you are not worthy of Jesus.  What about all that I have done in my life and now you are telling me to take my cross and follow you before I am worthy to be known or called by you?

What is a cross?  When someone tells you to take your cross, what is your cross?  Maybe some will say it is your problems.  Others say, the pendant on my chain.  Others, say my family, others say my spirit or soul.  If you don’t know how to define your cross, how will you follow Jesus?  When you follow Jesus without your cross, you did half of the condition, the other half where is it, where is the cross?

We often forget to talk about our own cross.  We know clearly that the cross that Jesus carried looked like this.  What does our cross look like, metal, wood?  If I discover what my cross looks like it, it will be easier to carry the cross and follow Jesus.

Once in my dream I was swimming and waves came and I asked God to help me, “I want to hold your hand so I cannot die,” but the person standing there said, “do you want to hold my hand in order to live?  No I am not happy to do that for you because you are asking it wrongly.  You should ask me to hold your hand so that I will nEver let you go no matter what comes”. If we ask for us to hold his hand, we might let go.

We need to be taught what our cross is so we know what to carry.

The story of the cross began in Genesis.  The cross goes hand in hand with the last judgement.  Genesis 3:1, story of Adam and Eve in the garden.  The serpent walked in.  God allowed it to be there.  When the serpent arrived, the first thing the serpent did was to talk to Eve the wife of Adam.  Conversation is good but the more we talk the more we create serious problems.  When the servant spoke to Eve, he came straight to the word, “Eve you have fruit here but you are not allowed to eat fruit from these trees”.  “No, we are allowed to eat from all these trees but not from the one that was there”.

Eve knew very well the Word of God and the command that was given to her but starting the conversation to the wrong person was a danger, it was opening the door for sin to enter her life.  Maybe Eve forgot that serpent was telling her something that contradicted Word of God.  If you eat the fruit of this you will become like God and your eyes opened and you become stronger.  Sometimes when you start the conversation with someone, you have to know the limit.  When a person contradicts what God has told you, that is the time to remember that this isn’t what you are supposed to carry, you are only supposed to carry the Word of God. 

By carrying on the conversation, Eve took the fruit because she wanted to be like God.  She ate the fruit.  When you sit down sometimes, God has told you that you are saved and you have gifts but sometimes something comes in your mind and starts to contradict what you know, “am I really saved, do I really belong to Jesus, am I worthy to be called a Christian?”  A battle of conversation with yourself may mislead you and cause you to sin to satisfy your thoughts.

When God came down to find Adam and Eve, the first question was, “where are you?”  They tried to cover themselves and hide themselves because they were naked.  They didn’t say, “Because we ate the fruit or because the serpent offered the fruit and we ate it”.  They tried to find different reasons that were different from what God was after.

When God approaches you and asks, “Where are you?” Do you have the courage to answer, “here I am,” or do you keep silent.  When God asks, “Why do you hide yourself?” Do you say, “Because I am naked,” or “because satan tried to pull me away from you”. You may try to cover your nakedness or paint your sin and hide yourself and believe no one can see you but God loves us and continues to call us, “where are you my daughter?”

God is shouting and it is our responsibility to answer.  That is part of the cross.  You know who you are with all your weaknesses and all your spiritual problems, “here is my cross, here I am.  Your Word of God and all that you have told me to do and I couldn’t is part of your cross and I follow you because I want to repent”.

God forgave Adam and Eve without them repenting.  They kept pointing their fingers at others.  Men want to blame their wives.  The wife also blamed the serpent.  Why not to say, “yes, I ate it,” and repent? When you talk about your cross, you have to remember that it is heavy.  The fact that the cross was heavy, Jesus fell down and someone had to help him.  The cross is heavy and not light.  It is something that requires you to give effort.  You have to invest strength to carry it otherwise you will surrender.

You are following Jesus and you are carrying all your heaviness.  Jesus is not pulling you or helping you to carry the cross, it’s your responsibility to carry it.  When you have something heavy to carry, what do you do?  You have to know the right position before lifting something heavy to avoid hurting yourself.  Before you start your journey, you have to know the right position.  You can’t drag it behind you because that is not to carry.  You can’t get someone to carry with you because you have to carry your own cross.

When you have problems, you ask others to advise you.  You have something that is part of your cross.  When God says it’s time to pray, do you rush to pray? When God says it’s time to worship or there is a danger, do we rush?  Sometimes we feel annoyed because we have church and it disturbs all that we do. This shows that we start to lose the commitment to carry the cross.

We sang, “the Potter’s Hand”.  If you read the story from the Bible about the potter’s hand, he will use the clay how he likes and if he doesn’t like it he can destroy it and make something else.  If he gives you something and you don’t use it properly, he can take it from you and give it to someone else.  If you are not productive, Jesus is walking but you are lagging behind, “oh I’m tired, you go without me, I can’t make any further steps from here”.  When your child is calling you, you rush and in the same way God rushes to you but when God calls us, what do we do? 

We need hands to grab the cross and arms that are strong.  What do your arms do for you?  Your arms clean the rest of the body.  When you want to help someone, your arms will do that role.  When you want to lift something, your arms will do that.  Even going to the toilet, you will use your arms.  If your arms can play that role that is important for your body, how often have they complained to you that you are tired now?  They don’t, they just do it and respect you without discussion.

The only time that they will be weak is when you give them something heavy and then they need support.  We are the arms of the Lord Jesus.  We are the arms because He asks us to go everywhere in the world to teach others and make them disciples.  To make someone a disciples is hard work.  The left and right arm support each other to do everything.  When you are itchy, your fingers will rush there to scratch.  When you are crying, your hands will wipe your tears.  Why can’t you use your legs to do that? 

Your cross should be carried with good determination of the arms which is the willingness of your life.  If you will, you will do it, to be determined.  I will play the role of the arms and carry my cross.  The cross is first your soul that you carry on you.  If you don’t understand your soul, you will never understand God or the last judgement or the mystery of God. 

Soul is you and me.  Who are you? By understanding your soul, you will understand the cross that Jesus has given you.  Better to lose everything than to lose your soul.  Accept to kick away everything including your family in order to follow Jesus.

Michelle’s family came and it was a good joy for the reunion.  Normal.  But for this God, in order to carry your cross, sometimes you have to leave your whole family aside and carry only your soul.

Imagine if you organise a party and invite people and then Jesus tells you to leave now and preach on the street.  Will you have the courage to leave?  For God that is the way and we need sometimes to accept to leave everything in order to follow him: that is the meaning of the cross.

At Golgotha there were 3 crosses.  Which one is the one we are going for?  We don’t want to be mistaken and look at the one on the left or the right.  We need to know how to differentiate the right cross to follow Jesus.

When Jesus carried his cross, how many disciples were following him of the 12?  Only 1.  Whenever someone carries a cross don’t be shocked to see everyone running away.  When you feel lonely and all have departed from you, will you endure or will you say you are tired and ask God to bring everyone back?  If you are saved for others, forget about it. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Alarm Call

By Odon Bulamba

Luke 17:26-30

This verse is about the call.  God is trying to tell us, you don’t need to forget the past.  Many people when they live, they only think about the present and don’t have time to think about what might come tomorrow or what happened yesterday.  I’m not sure if you have already heard some say that the Word of God is like a mirror.  A mirror is just a glass but different to the glass that we use to drink water or coffee.  Yet, the only difference is the back.  The colour that you see on the back; that is the secret of the mirror.

When you look in the mirror, you see yourself but you can’t see others standing behind the mirror.  The role of the mirror is to see yourself and what is behind you but not what is in front of you.  This is the foundation of this verse in Luke.

The Word of God is like a mirror, what is happening in the future belongs to God and you don’t need to discover it but instead look at the present and what went before in the past.

This message is titled “Alarm Call”.  Alarm call means someone will ring you and speak to you in order to wake you up rather than setting up the alarm on your phone.  It’s when a human being talks to me to wake up.  When we are told to wake up, it’s not easy.  When you are sleeping and someone tells you to wake up, maybe you feel like sleeping and you feel tired and you don’t want to leave your bed but you need courage and self-decision to push yourself to stand up now and leave your bed, “my sleep I’m coming back to you later but for now I will move on”. If you are not someone who can make a decision, then you won’t get up.

The enemy of waking up is sleep.  When your mind doesn’t push you, then your body becomes weak and when your body becomes weak you can’t move.  Sometimes you can sleep with sheets on but you wake up without sheets and your body is in a completely different position.  Sometimes we snore and we can’t tell because we are in a deep sleep.  The person may wake you up and you become angry because they are disturbing your sleep.

Jesus is saying, “I know you are tired and you need to sleep longer but don’t sleep forever, wake up”.  It’s up to you to stand up and say enough is enough, I must leave my bed.  In my culture, when someone sleeps we put water on their head and they will wake up but you have to make an effort to stop the sleep.

What happened in the time of Noah is what will happen in the days of the son of man.  Look at yourself now but in the background see what happened in the past.  In the time of Noah, Genesis 6, the first thing that happened sounds strange but for God it was a concern.  People were eating, drinking and giving people to marry.  To eat is not a sin, to drink is not a sin, to marry is not a sin or to give people to marry is not a sin.

God created food for us and water to drink then He is the One who said marriage must be honoured so how can He say because people were eating, drinking and marrying, I am unhappy to the point that I sent the flood to destroy the world.  At the time of Noah, sin was there: hatred, lies etc but what concerns God the most is eating, drinking and marrying because they were prioritising their time with food.

First commandment = you have to love your God with all your heart, mind and life.  At the time of Noah people loved food with all their heart, mind and strength.  People were happier to drink than to think about their God.  When it was time to get married, people will prepare seriously for months.

Last night I was invited to have a meal to eat.  In my mind I was wondering if I should go but I went.  We were supposed to be there at 7:30pm but at 7:25pm we were on the road and it was raining and no carpark and because of no carpark, I started to say the person who organised this wasn’t clever.  Why did she choose to come to town on Saturday where many people will come and there will be no carpark.  I was going on but on the other hand,  if we had left earlier, we might not be late.

We drove around and around and then had to walk.  Hayley was pushing us to walk faster. She didn’t want to be late but to be there on time.  Was it because we didn’t want to be late or miss the opportunity to have nice food or for others to think that we respect time.  But when we got there some of the bosses were not there yet.

Food was served and we picked up all that we wanted.  A small discussion, we should make a big order and share while others wanted to have their own order.  When food was given to us, wow this is yummy.  What did you order, do you like it, can I try yours.  7:30-10:30pm, then finally time to go.  We were the first to leave and others left after.  Because of food people can sit for hours to eat and appreciate the food more than what they appreciate the Word of God or when they sing.

They can think about it and say, what flavour is this.  We had ice-cream and someone said, they put lime leaves in the ice-cream and they knew the elements even though we couldn’t see the leaves.  Many were saying, I have never tasted this before, it’s a good opportunity to taste it.

The day of Noah was the same.  Our children know food better than anything.  We adore food.  When we hear about food our hearts beat fast and we smell it and say, “I wish I could taste it”.  That spirit is controlling the world today.

For example Esau sacrificed his birth right for food.  Today we also sacrifice our faith, time and belief and effort for food.  We can’t pray for 2 minutes but can eat for hours.  When it’s time for spiritual food, we don’t have time because it’s not yummy.

Drinking was in the time of Noah, not only alcoholic but also non-alcoholic.  When a visitor comes you ask them, “What will you drink?”  All visitors will say yes.  How often do you offer a bible verse to your visitors?  That is not in our culture and we avoid to talk to our visitors about what we believe.  Although we talked about useless things at the dinner last night, one man said he was going to visit the Salvation Army and help serving people and God.  Although he was serving them food, he was bringing the gospel in the situation.

For many at the dinner jokes were the most important.  How often is it hard for us to bring up new stuff and the presence of God?  You can have a nice food in front of you, even if that food was cooked by the top chief of the world, for it to taste good and smell good you need God because He is the one who gives you taste buds and nose that smells, teeth to be able to chew.  Once in the mouth, you have to chew and swallow.  God gave you the hands to pick up the food, mouth to chew and throat to swallow but why do you put Him aside when you enjoy your food.

If God can give you thirst and provides the water, why don’t you have a second to be grateful for what God has done for you.  Today, we sang, “Jesus I believe in you, Jesus I belong to you”.  As I hold this microphone, God has to give me the strength to hold it. Ange is good at making cakes while I am not.  God gave that to her.  Ange is good in singing and God has given her that. 

Because of ignoring God in their eating and drinking God became angry because our God is jealous.  How do you promote yourselves? When you sing hallelujah and say, that was a nice song, what about God?  if everyone says, “nice message” but forget God gave it, He becomes jealous.

The day that Ange married Peter, I was there.  A few weeks before the marriage I observed Ange lost weight to the point, I thought, is Ange sick?  She was like a stick of this microphone.  Peter was also trying to look nice.  That day of marriage, the church was packed with people, everyone waiting for Ange and Peter.  They were coming for the marriage of Ange and Peter.  We waited and waited and then suddenly we were told they were coming and everyone stood up so you also stand up to honour the marriage and the two people God put together.  Ofa played the piano and sang, she didn’t only show her talent for God but also for the people and the occasion.  We took videos.

We now have the fruit of that marriage, we have the four girls.  We have the ups and downs of that family and we have to remember that the master of marriage is God. If we honour Ange and Peter why not also honour God. 

God was unhappy with Noah’s time and decided to destroy the world.  Because of His jealousy He destroyed the world.  Because of the sin of that time he decided to destroy humanity.  Genesis 6, girls who were born were extremely beautiful and were so beautiful, the sons of God (angels) came down and fell in love with women.

Today, these girls of Ange are extremely beautiful.  People like me can go to Brazil to get plastic surgery to make me look handsome.  Several years ago, Michael Jackson even changed his skin colour.  Look where we are going?  Beauty is a priority today.  Everybody wants to look beautiful and attractive and sometimes we hate ourselves, “I don’t know why God created me like this”. 

I want to appear good and be seen beautiful and be appreciated and when people don’t notice or comment or give praises, we feel bad.  For that reason, God is saying marriage is good and beauty is good but you are forgetting about Me.  The Jesus we belonged to has given us flight tickets and He says very soon the airplane will take off.  We have all travelled.  It is our own responsibility to get to airport on time and check in.

At the airport you see people reading books, playing on their phone, eating, pushing luggage and most are passengers don’t know each other.  You go in front of the checkout person and they scan your ticket and give a boarding pass and tell you your seat number.  “Can I have seat number one?”  “No, it’s assigned to someone else”.  This is like some that ask, “Jesus, can I have the gift of prophecy?” and God answers, “no that belongs to someone else”. 

I once travelled with an oversized man and half of his body was on my seat and I was squashed and I couldn’t do anything and then he fell asleep on me and my shoulder was his pillow and he was snoring and he was sweating.  The flight attendant would wake him up but he would fall asleep on me again.  All seats were occupied.  What should I do?  What would you do?  I was complaining but I couldn’t change anything.  I started to sing to district myself and then reading my Bible.

When we landed in Australia I was praising God but my shoulder was painful and that pain was from someone else.  We need to carry the pain of others.  We have to be patient with every person.  Without patience we can easily sin. 

When the flight is ready, everyone stands up to board.  Do you know the gate you are taking to enter the Kingdom of God?  In time of Noah there was only one gate, the ark but not everyone was ready to take it.  Jesus is the door, not the pastor or the church but Jesus.  As passengers, we can take Tyrone to the airport but we won’t enter with Tyrone because the ticket has his name and the passport is his.

When others enter the Kingdom of God and you stop at the gate because you don’t have a ticket or passport, you will return home.  Pray to God to enter the Kingdom of God.  Use the mirror to look at yourself and the past.