Saturday, June 29, 2013

Write Letters to Prisoners

This is an encouragement for us all to keep writing letters to prisoners.  I found a great website that helps us to write letters and makes it soooo much easier.  here is the link:

Please read the letter below, it's very encouraging to know our letters help...

Dr Garcia Paneque was imprisoned in 2003 for his human rights and democracy work and was serving a 24-year sentence in a notorious Cuban prison suffering much violence. He was released last year and now wrote to tell us how our support impacted his life.
Warm greetings,
 I just received a valuable shipment of love and solidarity.
Today is one more day to give thanks to God. By His infinite mercy He allows me to fulfill a wish postponed for more than eight years because I was in prison for my faith. It was a harsh test but at the same time liberating. I am sure that you will ask me, why? Well, my friend, you cannot imagine the feelings mixed up within you when you are in this situation and God puts you to the test. This is a world of infinite cruelty in which you have to give all your love to God with faith and determination. It’s almost impossible to overcome and can only be achieved through the angels of God who visit you with His message of peace, love and above all hope.

Dear friend, you cannot imagine the value of a postcard sent to someone in my situation and thanks to God. It’s like a message from a father who never abandons his children, not even in the worst of moments. This is how the postcards made me feel, sent by you in the UK, even up until today.
Thank you CSW and all of you who ensured that a box full of letters found its way to me, letters from brothers and sisters in the faith, with big hearts who for more than seven
years prayed for my freedom.
Finally I am able to say thank you and express my gratitude for so many demonstrations of love to my family and to me.
I earnestly ask you to please express my thanks to all of those people and to tell them that because of their letters and the messages they contained, today I am a man who is a little better, fully free, well, free of hatred and bitterness, a little closer to God and much more ready to do His will. Once again thank you and a big hug from a Cuban who will never forget you.
Jose Luis Garcia Paneque
Valencia, Espana 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tartarus - The Abyss

Question: The word translated hell in 2 Peter 2:4 is Tartarus another variation of Abyss? 

Answer by Odon Bulamba

Thank you my sister for your intensive Bible research. You'll never perish (Hosea 4:6). The Bible says that the word of God is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). I sincerely believe that those who also want to be 'alive' and 'powerful' they need to meditate on this Word of God. Then they will know how God's breathe smells (2 Tim 3:16) and they will benefit from it, just as Adam or even more. I am always happy when I read: "being born again, not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible, by the word of God which lives and abides forever" (1 Pierre 1:23) - what a powerful message for Odon Bulamba, to know that I am born again of an incorruptible seed - the WOG?

Revelations 1:3 says:'Blessed is he that reads'
Do you need blessings? Simple answer, read the word of God every time (James 1:25, Joshua 1:8). And after reading it, we are invited to put it in practice, just like chemistry, physics and many other subjects - where we apply the taught theories into practice (James 1:22).

I thank God for you for the fact that you meditate on His word (Ps 1:2-3; Joshua 1:8)- how many Christian have an idea about this word 'Tartarus'? Although they read it, do they have time to stop and think about it?
And if they don't have time to meditate, how are they going to memorise the word of God and protect themselves from sinning? (Ps 119:11)?

“I have written unto you young men because you are strong and the Word of God abides in you” (1 John 2:14); “If you abide in me and my words abide in you” (John 15:7). And we can go on and on, and on...
The WOG is a weapon that we use in our daily lives (Eph 6:17; Heb 4:12)

Our Saviour said that if we keep His word in us whatever we ask will be given to us (John 15:7) opposite to Prov 28:9
We will overcome sin (Ps 37:31; 1John 2:14; John 8:31-32); we'll be filled by the Holy Ghost (Col 3:16; Eph 5:18-19). By the WOG we'll be sanctified (John 17:17). The same word gives us spiritual growth (Rom 10:17; 1Cor 3:1-2; He 5:12-14; 1Pet 2:2), faith (Rom 10:17). It makes us to produce more spiritual fruits (Ps 1:2-3; John 15:16).

Via the WOG we'll defeat the power of darkness (Eph 6:17; Mt 4:3-11; 2Cor 10:4-5; Heb 4:12). The same WOG brings success in life (Joshua 1:8; James 1:25; Psalms 1:2-3)and equips us to be wonderful counsellors (2Tim 3:16; Rom 15:14) which reflect the picture of Moses in Ex 18:16.

The Word of God is a detergent (John 15:3; Eph 5:25-27)and a mirror (James 1:23-24). When you feel being down, hopeless, discourage,disappointed the Word comfort,joy and brings hope (Jer 15:16; 1Peter 1:8; Rom 15:4; Heb 6:17-20). This WOG is a lamp to our feet and path (Ps 119:105)... we can go on and on...

Yes, Tartarus is a greek word - used only once in the Bible (2P2:4) and is translated as hell - it is believed by many that Tartarus is where God's enemies are sent

Have a blessed afternoon and may God be with you.

Once again thank you for your sharing

Monday, June 10, 2013

Daniel - The Servant of God

By Colleen Podmore 

Daniel was a refugee. He was taken from his home at a young age and lived his entire life in another country. The book called ‘Daniel’ was written by Daniel, a servant of God and is about the sovereignty of God. That is God has absolute authority over everything that happens on planet earth. Although men, rulers like Nebuchadnezzar had great power, they were still under the authority of God and could go so far but no further. Although often unacknowledged, God is still the King both then and now!

The book Daniel is not in chronological order. That is events don’t unfold as they happened. The first 6 chapters are historical and the second 6 chapters are apocalyptic (which means they reveal the future).  Our God is gracious and in tough times wanted to comfort His people about the future.

But today, we don’t want to focus on understanding future events or past events, we want to look at Daniel’s life and try and get some insight into the way he lived as a servant of God, so that we can then pray effectively for modern ‘servants of God’, which includes both men & women

What sort of man was Daniel? On the outside it seemed like he had everything in life:  position, wealth, privilege, good looks, intelligence, youth (Daniel 1:3).

But Daniel had more – he put God first and was uncorrupted by all material things. They were not things he desired. When he got to Babylon, the place of his life’s ministry, he already had a strong foundation in proper living and that dictated his actions and the choices he made (Daniel 1:8). Moreover he had friends who were like-minded (Daniel 1:6). Daniel lived a life of discipline and self control. In Daniel 6, it tells of how Daniel prayed three times a day, giving thanks to God (vs 10), this was his habit.

Daniel was trustworthy and was neither corrupt nor negligent (Daniel 6:4). He rose to a position of the highest influence in the government (Daniel 6:3)

Daniel accepted his situation and fitted in to where God had placed him. He applied himself to his studies and God gave him knowledge and understanding (Daniel 1:17). Although when he was much older and his enemies had conspired to get rid of him by forcing the king to put him in the lion’s den, because he prayed to God (Daniel 6:11,12), Daniel never lost confidence in God and he was able to testify of God’s deliverance(Daniel 6:21). When you live for God, persecution will come.

Daniel had gifts of understanding dreams and visions (Daniel 1:17). When the time was right he had confidence to use these gifts (1:24), but he took no glory for himself. Daniel always gave the glory to God (Daniel 1:28). He was humble in all he did and this was reflected in the type of lifestyle he lived. The fame and fortune that was given to him did not influence him in any way (Daniel 1:48; 5:17; 6:3).

Daniel seemed to care for the king. He was terrified about the interpretation of a dream the king had, but nevertheless he told the whole truth (Daniel 4:19), that the king would become like a wild animal for a time (Daniel 4:25).

Daniel read the Scriptures and acted on them (Daniel 9:2; 9:11). In this passage we get an insight into the heart of Daniel through his prayer. First he gives glory to God (vs4), then he repents (vs 5-15), then he makes his request (vs16,17), not for himself but for Jerusalem, not for his glory but for God’s sake (vs18,19). See Jeremiah 25:11-12.

God heard his prayer and Ezra tells us of the decree that Cyrus made to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem  in 538BC (Ezra 1:1; Isaiah 44:28; 2Chron 36:22)

If Daniel was a teenager when he was taken captive, and 70 years has passed, he must now be in his 80’s. Nothing has changed, he is still a servant of God (Daniel 10:1). Cyrus reigned from 559BC to 530BC.
Daniel’s life and lifestyle brought him to a place of seeing incredible visions from God, to understanding mysteries and future events. There were times when he was completely overwhelmed by these things and even terrified (Daniel 8:27; 10:8). Are we ready to see God?  These visions may have destroyed a lesser man, Daniel knew he was struggling and asked for help, without the intervention and help he received he may have gone insane (10:16 17). How does a servant of God live with the revelations from God? Only with God’s help (10:19).

It’s amazing to consider the battles being fought in the spiritual realm (11:1). Daniel’s prayers were answered (9:23; 10 :12) - powers and principalities in the angelic realm are answering our prayers and petitions to bring about the will of God!  Amazing dynamics that we are often ignorant of. If we truly could glimpse these things we would be inspired to greater deeds, I’m sure!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What is the Abyss? Where do we cast demons to?

Question to Odon Bulamba:
In Luke 8:31 it says the demons begged Jesus not to send them into the Abyss. Is this the same as the grave, Sheoul/Hades?
They went into the swine and the swine were drowned in the sea. I've heard that the sea is equivalent to the Abyss? Therefore Jesus sent them to the Abyss? Were they somehow trapped in the swine when they drowned and were therefore killed/anihilated or did they come back to possess others?.
When we cast out satan, demons and evil spirits can we send them to the Abyss? Or will they always be present and active in their territories? We will just be sending them to torment someone else?
I read an interesting commentary this morning which said that the demons knew He was coming and tried to disuade Him with the storm and then the demon in the man called on all it's comrades to fight the Son of God -no contest!

In Luke 8:31 it says the demons begged Jesus not to send them into the Abyss. Is this the same as the grave, Sheoul/Hades?
God is so good and so nice to us. From the beginning, He knew that demons would disturb His image (humans) and He thought that there should be a place where they should be send when cast out.
Some theologians and the dictionary believe that Abyss refers to a bottomless pit, to the underworld, to the deepest ocean floor, or to hell.

When for the first time I started to learn about demonology, based on the word of God, I had the grace to learn and understand a little bit about the place called Abyss.

As you know, some parts of the Word of God, since the Old Testament, were sealed and we are now getting the revelation of what was other time sealed.
It may sound that there is a contradiction in the meaning of Abyss, Sheol, etc… between the Old Testament and New Testament interpretation – this is just the fact that God continues over the time to reveal to the Church of our time what we should understand from those words. Many years ago, the French word “la lune” (the moon) meant sand; but today, this word means the moon and sand has taken another word ‘du sable’.

Romans 10:7 teaches us that Abyss is the sojourn of the dead. Revelation 9:1-11 highlights that the Abyss is a prison where evil spirits are imprisoned. And Psalm 77:16 has being interpreted by many commentators that the watery deep also represents the Abyss.

There are seven (7) verses in the New Testament in reference to ‘Abyss’
Luke 8:31; Rom 10:7; Rev 11:7, 9:11, 17:8, 20:1, 20:3

This greek word ‘abyssos’ is translated as ‘bottomless pit’ in the above given verses except in Rom 10:7 where it is translated as ‘the deep’
In the Old Testament abyss describes the watery depths of the earth, whether oceans, rivers or springs, in contradistinction to the land (e.g., Psalm 77:16 ; 78:15 ; 106:9 ; Isa 51:10 ; Amos 7:4 ). The meaning of this word has been shifted over the time, just like other words, in many languages.

In the New Testament, Abyss is used in two ways: First, in Romans 10:7 Paul uses it specifically to mean "the sojourn of the dead." I think that he wanted to strengthen what Deut 30:12-14 says about ‘who shall go to heaven and bring it to us, that we may hear and do it? Etc…’ by saying ‘who’ll go into the abyss…’ 

Here, in Rom 10:7, we find that Christ went to Abyss – um…! might it be said that the abyss is just a demonic or evil sojourn? The second way is what the rest of the verses I cited earlier say. They describe abyss as a place of demons, satan, the beast and as the prison where they (demons, evil spirits, etc) are waiting for God’s final judgment. They are under God’s control. They cannot come out from there. They’ll never be free to go out and disturb the earth and human being. What is written in Lk 8:31 reflect the picture of 2 Peter 2:4
The Bible confirms that Satan is chained in the abyss for a thousand years (Rev 20:1, 3)

In the New Testament, Jews and Christians believe that those who die in Christ or righteous ones go to paradise and the bad ones go to Hades, which is translated as Sheol [the place of torment – affliction, agony, anguish, annoyance, bane, bother, excruciation, misery, harassment, plague, pest, nuisance, torture, trouble, vexation, worry, persecution, pain in neck, etc…] as it is mentioned in Lk 16:22-23. Other Christians believe that when a Christian dies s/he goes to be with the Lord, based on Philippians 1:23 and 2 Cor 5:8. Rev 1:18 says that Jesus Christ holds the keys of Hades and death

Our elders from the Old Testament time believed in Sheol, while the New Testament teaches clearly about heaven and hell. Let us take it simple as we don’t need to sacrifice animals anymore to get our sins washed away or we can talk about Trinity today and the Old Testament had no idea of it.

In the OT, he Hebrew word Sheol, refers to the grace or the residence of the dead [Ps 88:3, 5]. Reading Ps 49:12, 20, it might be said that our elders in the OT believed that all those who died went to one place (animals, human being, and/or plants…) regardless or who you are (sinner or believer) – no one could avoid Sheol Eccl 9:2-3; Ps 49:9, 89:48 and the location of Sheol was somewhere down there (the inner part of the earth) – Ez 31:14-16, 18; Isa 7:11; Deut 32:22; 1 Sam 28:11-15; Job 26:5; Ps 86:13.

The book of Eccl 9:6, 10 tells us that there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom, love, hatred, envy, etc… in Sheol. Job 10:21-22 says that there is no light there (darkness), no remembrance (Ps 6:5), no praises to God (Ps 115:17), no sound at all (Ps 94:17). Those who live there are weak and shades tremble (Job 26:5, Is 14:9-10). Sheol is like a ravenous beast that swallows the living without being sated (Prov 27:20, 1:12; Is 5:14). Some thought the dead were cut off from God (Psalm 88:3-5; Isa 38:11); while others believed that God's presence reached even to Sheol ( Psalm 139:8 ).

In Is 26:19, God reveals that resurrection of the dead will take place and death won’t have any power (Is 25:8) and those who remained faithfull will be rewarded with eternal life and those who sinned will get the eternal punishment (Dan 12:2).
Note that Hades is a Greek term for Sheol

They went into the swine and the swine were drowned in the sea. I've heard that the sea is equivalent to the Abyss? Therefore Jesus sent them to the Abyss? Were they somehow trapped in the swine when they drowned and were therefore killed/anihilated or did they come back to possess others?.
As I mentioned earlier, some commentators and some verses from the bible show that Abyss can be located in different places, including the deep of waters.
Demons don’t die. When the swine drown, they did not die with them or stay in those corpses. I would say that it was just a way of them to get into the deep of the lake. To my ‘live’ experience I have met with many people who got possessed with evil spirit because they went for swimming in some waters around the world. You might also hear that some believe that there is power in waters (seas) and they go there, give sacrifices, etc…

If Jesus Christ sent them to Abyss, I strongly believe that they did not come back to possess others – as the abyss is a prison and no one can open its gates – unless the key holder does.

When we cast out satan, demons and evil spirits can we send them to the Abyss? Or will they always be present and active in their territories? We will just be sending them to torment someone else?
Yes, when we cast out demons we can send them to abyss. I believe that is the right place. Sending them to deserts, or swimming pools, they will come back (times seven) and continue to annoy people, which would be worse. I always thank Jesus for giving to us the power to bind things on earth and He binds them for us in heaven… yeah! We are strong and able to lock them too.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Break the Spell

By Odon Bulamba

Acts 8:9-11

Every single human being has the chance to have friends and they will either be the same as you or different to you; some have trees as their friends, some have their pets as friends and many of us have human beings as our friends.  There are three categories or friends:

1. Comrades – those that come next to you not because they love you but they support what you are against. E g, if I don’t like John Key as the prime-minister, I’ll have friends join me and together we can express our anger but once we finish that mission against John Key, once he is no longer the prime-minister of NZ, our friendship is dead. 

2. User friends – those that come to you just because they need something from you, for example (just an example)  Ange has a nice hat, and I ask her if I can have it and once I have it, I’m not your friend anymore. 

4. Confidant friend – Like David and Jonathon in the Bible, they are friends that tell you the truth and show you the right direction and will accept to die with you or for you.  There are very few confidant friends in this life.  Most of our friends don’t trust us and we don’t trust them.  Jesus Christ who should be our confidant friend, we put Him far away and we stick on those who are not good friends.  E.g. in churches, we have comrades who talk negatively about the pastor but we don’t have friends to support us in the right way.

Acts 8:9-11, “Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” They followed him because he had amazed them for a long time with his sorcery.”

This man was a great man they say.  This book of Acts is very often called the acts of apostles but these are actually acts of God because when the Holy Spirit came down, you see the power of God and you see all the big things that the disciples will do through the Holy Spirit.  On that day the Holy Spirit came down, everybody was talking and praying and people were waiting for that promise in Jerusalem.  They were not there to watch a movie or to visit great places of Jerusalem but they met there in the room to pray and if they did not pray, they could not have received the Holy Spirit.  Some people will tell you that they try to pray but they don’t experience that power of the Holy Spirit in their life and they blame God but the secret is to find time to pray and that power will come on you.  If you need it, seek for it.  Don’t just sit and wait, seek for it and it won’t cost you anything, just have some time to pray.

Those people in the time of Acts were busy but they chose that time to leave everything behind and to pray because it was an order from God to be there and to wait there and until “I send Him to you’.  In churches if you tell people to pray, people will start to count the time.  E.g. today, our worship leader prayed; maybe some were complaining in their heart that Ange was praying, people maybe blame her for making the service late.  The devil uses the strategy to make Christians lazy in praying and because we hate praying the Holy Spirit is going far from us.

These people in Acts gained a new strength from the Holy Spirit; they were changed.  Philip who was shy, came out and talked with power telling people they need to be saved.  Prayer can boost your spiritual strength and you will stand up in front of the world and they will listen to you

Sometimes we think we can see but we are blind.  When you ask my son a question, he will say, “I don’t know” to any question, “where is such and such?”, “I don’t know”.  “Why did you do this? “I don’t know”  “Can you do this for me?” “I don’t know”.  But if you say there is some food, he will ask, “Where is it?”  I don’t know will be applied for important things but those that are easy and will satisfy his needs, he will want to learn about them.

The disciples at that time, they had a commitment to go to Jerusalem to pray every time.  They made Jerusalem to be a monument to pray.  Many Christians today want to go to Jerusalem to pray so they can become someone.  The Spirit doesn’t work like that, the Spirit moves.  The Spirit is not stuck in one place but in churches you hear things like, “I was baptized here, so I can’t go to any other church”, or, “my father started this church so I must belong here”.

Persecution came to this church in Acts; some were killed, and some were beaten regardless of age and status but those that ran away survived and were able to spread the gospel in other regions.  Sometimes we live our lives and satan comes close to us and we see the danger but we believe we are strong enough and we will oppose that force.  To run away is not a sin, run away with force.  E.g. you are invited by your friend to dinner, and they bring you some alcohol, and you don’t want to drink it but they encourage you to have a sip and you will hide your faith and not have the strength to tell your friends you are a Christian and you have no strength to avoid the alcohol.  When you see the sin coming, when you see the persecution coming to you; run away.  Maybe there is a mission by your friends to bring you down; run from them, don’t stay.

Those people who left Jerusalem escaped death.  Philip went to Samaria which is the same place where Jesus met with a Samaritan woman at the well.  Philip went to run away from Saul with the Holy Spirit; he didn’t leave the Holy Spirit behind, he went with His power and started to preach the gospel and many were saved and baptized. 

In this city of Samaria was Simon - the powerful man, a man who could make the entire country to be shaken because he had power of witchcraft.  He could say something and politicians, judges, authorities, and lawyers would bow down.  Imagine a sorcerer coming to your house, imaging they ask you for money; you will fear and give it to him believing it is better for your kids to go to school without shoes or food, than witchcraft to enter your house. 

Simon called himself the great one and imposed himself over the whole city.  Although Philip came and was praying for people and giving them the gospel and encouraging them to give their life to Jesus, Simon was not yet changed and continued to be the boss in that area.  Usually God uses only one person.  E.g. Adam, Moses, David, Jesus - always God sends one individual for a big mission.  With the story of this man, who is Simon, we need to learn from this: there is a power of darkness and it continues to work regardless of our prayers and preaching.
In Samaria Philip was preaching and Simon did not fear Philip at all, he thought Philip was just a simple human being.  Simon was not afraid of Philip because he had the whole of Samaria under his control.  Satan too doesn’t just act in one person but will also fight for a whole territory. E.g There are some corners of Hamilton where you will go to in order to find marijuana but others areas of Hamilton, there is no marijuana.  In some areas there is addiction, while in other areas you can find strippers.  Satan has been planting small organisations here and there to do his business.  Some countries are well known for homosexuality, and other countries are well known for cannabis, this is what we are because the spirit of satan has been controlling that area. 

Samaria was controlled by satan because Simon was organising the whole area.  There was this person in Mark who was possessed by satan and he lived in the cemetery, day and night and he would cut his body with stones. No one could arrest him because by chaining him, he would break the chains; he was extremely strong. This possessed man saw Jesus coming, and screamed, “please don’t harm me, don’t do anything wrong to me”.  It was the power inside the man that was talking, not the man himself.  That power inside him intimidated the whole city and had power to control even the educated.  Jesus asked the man, the spirit inside him, “who are you?”

The spirit answered, “Legion is my name because there are many”.  Legion means an army of more than 3,000 foot soldiers and 2-300 horsemen which is a big army.  In every army there is rank, order and discipline and when the soldiers are walking, everything is organized.  Satan does things in this way.  When a soldier picks up a gun, they can use the gun to defeat the enemy but when they are simply walking around the city, they are very nice people but when the order is given to attack, even if the father of a soldier will not be able to stop his son from obeying the command. 

With this legion controlling the possessed man, the spirits told Jesus, “here we are”, Jesus said, “You have to leave this person”, and they begged Him not to kick them out from this country, they wanted to stay because “this is our region”.  They suggested to go into the pigs, “if not human beings, then pigs” and around  3,000 pigs were victimized that day. 

Satan fights for his territory every time which can be your family, school, church, country, generation.  He has a field and if you cast him out from your child, he will beg you not to leave your house because it is his territory. That influence of magic, that powerful reaction of satan shouldn’t live next to us, we have the authority from Jesus, He said we will cast demons out, but we have to know where will we cast them.  E.g. in the family of king David of the Bible, he had that evil spirit of wanting sex with women although he was a man of God.  Even when he was extremely old, they brought him a beautiful young woman to live next to him right before he died.  Then that spirit went to his child Absolom and then later…

Another example of evil spirits claiming the territory of a family from the Bible: Rebekah was wife of Isaac and she used lies to ensure her husband blessed her son Jacob rather than Esau, she manipulated her child to lie also.  Than Laban deceived Jacob and gave him Rachel instead of Leah and also manipulated his child to lie.

Satan can be afraid of you as Christians, but your territory is still controlled by that power.  Today we are going to pray, to ask God to remove from my family the spirit of alcohol/drugs/sickness/anything else that you feel is in control of your family and we are going to cast it out in the name of Jesus.  God uses only one person and that Philip is you, you are Philip for your family, it is you and you don’t need pastors.  Tell God you have nothing or no power except from Him, tell God to intervene because my family are suffering.  Who doesn’t want to see their family in heaven, or to see their family saved? 

The challenge is not you, it is what surrounds you.  Satan is not stupid, if he believes you are strong to not resist, he uses other ways and these ways are your family and he brings an entire legion, in front of your family, 5,000 evil spirits.  What is wrong with my family, there is always something that doesn’t allow you to live a peaceful life, a life of joy.  We are going to stand up and cast out the power of demons.  We are going to cast out every power of darkness.  Many churches will not allow you do that, to shout is not civilized.  Do you have any issue in your family, your children, work, neighbours?  Today is your day to pray.

In Acts 8:8, there was great joy in that city, Samaria but Simon continued to act, he wasn’t saved at that point.  There can be great joy in your family, and in your heart but satan continues to do his job in your family, to continue to destroy people in your family, your area, your workplace. 

Onetime as I was student in Canada, this lecture came to teach and he said something about how people do money laundering.  I said, “It depends on the area because Canada is more advanced than Congo with technology so how can you explain to a man how to launder money using email when they have never even seen a computer”.  My lecturer told me, “You don’t know anything and whatever you are doing is rubbish, your statements are senseless”. Sometimes you will go to your boss, colleagues and they will prove you are nothing and they will just step on you, and satan will be glorified for that, “yes, I got Shari today”.  He tries to steer you so you become angry and don’t feel to pray.  He will come into your family in order to make you weak but if you want the Spirit of God in your life, you need to pray.  The only way to defeat the spirit of satan, the only way to break the spell is to pray, there is no other way.  You can wear crosses around your neck, you can use 20 crosses all around your bedroom but that will not be the solution; the only solution is to pray and if you are too lazy to pray, this is the time to tell God, “teach me to pray and make me strong in prayer”.  Pray continuously – that is a command to pray continuously and it is not only when we want to eat to say grace, or when we want to travel so we ask for protection or when we need a wife.  We forget what is essential around us; your family is dying, churches are dying and they need our prayers.

In 2010, I broke one of my TVs because I was watching Larry King and he was interviewing Osten who preaches about hope. Larry King asked him a question, “Is it true, the only way to heaven is Jesus?”  He said, “No it depends”.  He knows millions are watching and he said, “I don’t want to offend people, others believe it is Allah, and others believe it is Buddah”.  I smacked the TV with my shoe and if I had had the opportunity to go through the TV, I could fight the man.  How often are you given an opportunity to talk about Jesus who did this work on the cross for you, for your family and the nations? We don’t show who we really are and satan continues to come, marching into your family and when you see a troupe of an army holding their weapons coming towards you, what will you do…run.  When you run, you will shout, lock the door but the only way to defeat them is to start a fire.  I was lucky this morning, I brought matches.  If I want to set this house on fire, how many matches do I need? Just one.  No one will ever come close to a house on fire.  The fire is the Holy Spirit and your prayers are enough to start that fire.  If fire is in front of the army, they will stop and change their direction.  Is your life secured by fire or do you secure your life with money or something else?  You need fire in your life, that is why God our God told the Israelites to leave Egypt now and He was there as a fire to guide them. 

We will all stand up and pray to God, tell God to secure your family, to break the spell in the life of your family and tell God to control your entire family.