Saturday, June 29, 2013

Write Letters to Prisoners

This is an encouragement for us all to keep writing letters to prisoners.  I found a great website that helps us to write letters and makes it soooo much easier.  here is the link:

Please read the letter below, it's very encouraging to know our letters help...

Dr Garcia Paneque was imprisoned in 2003 for his human rights and democracy work and was serving a 24-year sentence in a notorious Cuban prison suffering much violence. He was released last year and now wrote to tell us how our support impacted his life.
Warm greetings,
 I just received a valuable shipment of love and solidarity.
Today is one more day to give thanks to God. By His infinite mercy He allows me to fulfill a wish postponed for more than eight years because I was in prison for my faith. It was a harsh test but at the same time liberating. I am sure that you will ask me, why? Well, my friend, you cannot imagine the feelings mixed up within you when you are in this situation and God puts you to the test. This is a world of infinite cruelty in which you have to give all your love to God with faith and determination. It’s almost impossible to overcome and can only be achieved through the angels of God who visit you with His message of peace, love and above all hope.

Dear friend, you cannot imagine the value of a postcard sent to someone in my situation and thanks to God. It’s like a message from a father who never abandons his children, not even in the worst of moments. This is how the postcards made me feel, sent by you in the UK, even up until today.
Thank you CSW and all of you who ensured that a box full of letters found its way to me, letters from brothers and sisters in the faith, with big hearts who for more than seven
years prayed for my freedom.
Finally I am able to say thank you and express my gratitude for so many demonstrations of love to my family and to me.
I earnestly ask you to please express my thanks to all of those people and to tell them that because of their letters and the messages they contained, today I am a man who is a little better, fully free, well, free of hatred and bitterness, a little closer to God and much more ready to do His will. Once again thank you and a big hug from a Cuban who will never forget you.
Jose Luis Garcia Paneque
Valencia, Espana 

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