Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Revelation 4 Review

By Odon Bulamba (15 April 2005)

The principal of God is that the last shall be first and because Revelations is the last book of the Bible, if you can understand Revelations, you can understand the whole book. Satan also knows that if people understand what is coming, he’ll lose souls so he attacks people and blocks their ears so they will not hear and he makes confusion between servants of God to make people interpret Revelations with what is going on around the world. Revelation can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit.

We are near the end time because before Jesus left the earth He gave us signs and almost all of them are fulfilled and the world must go now in high speed to fulfill what God said would happen before Jesus Christ comes back.

Romans 1:26-28, in the ‘70s people couldn’t believe homosexuality could be common but now there are pastors and ministers of churches. Science and evolution is here so that satan can fulfill his plan that many souls will perish. The easiest strategy for satan is to use parents who want their children to be some one by studying and so satan decided to use education to catch everyone. God allows satan to do something because time is coming. People who have eyes; it’s time to read the signs and commit you life to God and don’t worry about Child Youth and Family or your government.

We have to pray to God, we are going now to the end time so we have to wake up people who are asleep because of science or knowledge or distractions so they can remember Jesus is coming back and it’s not far away.

The world contains 70% water and only 30% earth and we think that we have everything but we only have 30% of the physical things in our lives. For example you will have 70% more problems in your life than joy and if you write down your problems and what you succeeded, you’ll see. This is an eternal principal (Dan 11)

Psalm 119:11, many people are learning and studying and even preaching but they forget what they have learnt. But if I told you to come to my office on 15 June and I’ll give you money, you will never forget. We have to know how to write God’s Word on our hearts so we can’t forget. We are called to be ready at any minute because we are called to be servants or soldiers of God. It’s important to memorise verses so we can prove what we are talking about otherwise people won’t believe us. We have to push ourselves and commit ourselves to memorise.


- If you understand Revelations, you will understand the whole Bible
- You need the Holy Spirit to understand Revelations
- We are near the end of time (nearly all the signs are fulfilled)
- Satan wants to catch many souls (he is using education)
- We have to pray (to save souls from satan)
- We have to write the Word of God on our hearts
- We have to memorise scripture

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