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By Odon Bulamba (29th April 2005)


It was given the power to bring wars on earth and to influence human beings to kill each other.

Some preachers say the war in Rev. 6: 4 is about wars we see around us, others say, it’s just the persecution of the church. But it’s not about the persecution of the church; it’s the war in this world and the war among us. We’re fighting against each other.

Have you ever seen a red horse? No, it’s something that doesn’t even exist.

How do we kill each other? If you want to solve a problem with someone (e.g. Joan), just think: “Joan can die!” or let’s move from there so that I’ll be free and never see Joan again. Many Christians practise that. They avoid each other in the street but we are not meant to avoid each other, but rather to go to the person, repent and change my way of living. Churches are in a big war; if you want to know about wars, just go to church.

If I go to a Catholic church and tell them I need help, they’ll ask me questions: ‘Do you pray? Are you a Christian? Which church are you from?” If you are from the Methodist church: “Sorry, we can’t help you. Go down there, you’ll find your church and they will be able to help you.” People are members of a certain denomination, they enrol you when they baptise you. You belong to them. In NZ you must first stay 2 years in a church to be called a member. The red horse has been fighting the church.

It’s an open war. The spirit riding the red horse is in the church, killing souls, and killing our way of life to the point that we don’t love each other as Jesus said. We are called to pray for each other, to support each other so that we can teach the world who we are and who we belong to.

This red horse is also in our physical life. Around the world you can see how wars are encouraged. They’ll go to Rwanda and encourage them to fight against another country. One fourth of the world is at war, physical or political war.


Rev. 6:6. The rider has a pair of scales in his hand. That black horse doesn’t mean joy or something that feeds us but something that destroys the world.

Do you know what destroys the world today?
Today, there is a big institution called the United Nations. It’s a black horse. They have scales and they weigh everything, everywhere: in Africa, there is diamond let’s go there, there is oil in Iraq let’s go there … and they’ll encourage America to go and attack. If the Maori ask for help: we’ll deal with you later, continue to live in NZ. They are trying to put everybody in a black box.

But just go to their office and try to understand how their system works. This organisation is just destroying the world. This is who they are: first of all they are liars, then, when they see disasters coming, they just close their eyes and pretend it’s OK.

They use their scales all the time, saying: “We’ll weigh the best solution for you. We are peacemakers. When famine comes we feed people, wherever there are refugees, we’ll come and protect them … everywhere we’ll intervene.” But if the UN were so efficient, why do people still suffer? How many times do they sit down and sign agreements of peace, about pollution … what they do is: they’ll take the polluted things and give them to you and the whole system is just like what it’s written in Revelation.

Remember in Revelation chapter 18: 11-13, how wine and oil is important. Many people used to produce and sell it in Babylon and if Babylon didn’t accept to buy your oil or wine you’ll stay poor. Today we have a big picture of that market in Babylon: the stock market.

Have you ever wondered who holds the world market and who decides the price and value of the gold in NZ? It’s the share market. But who is that? It’s nobody; it’s a spirit that serves a system. At 7 am something will be US$1.6, and at 10am it will be US$1.0 and so on. So, who decides that? It is a spirit, an intellectual system. If someone says: “I don’t accept the price at the share market today”, they can close their shop!

Can you see how the number 666 starts to put their rails in every country? People can’t see the train yet but the rails are already in place. Every day on the news, they’ll tell you about the Share Market. And the day of 666, they will ask you for your ID, for that mark and if you don’t have it, they’ll tell you to leave. This is gradually coming. This is the black horse, it is already in action.

In churches today, I can testify that bribery is common especially between pastors and politicians to the point that a pastor will start telling his congregation who to vote for. So, if a whole church belongs to National, you are not welcome there if you have a different opinion. Politics are now in churches, people are morally or spiritually corrupted and they think that what they do is what every Christian must do. To be in a good relationship with my sister I must think Labour as she does, so I won’t offend her.

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