Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Revelations 6:2 Summary (the White Horse)

By Odon Bulamba (6 May 2005)

This verse is like a sword of Revelations because it cuts pieces into preachers and pastors and brings division between churches and it is a very big confusion. Satan is a deceiver and a liar and has come to deceive many of us (Mathew 24).

Jesus Christ wears a white robe but what colour was the robe of this rider? We don’t know the colour of the robe or if the rider had white hair. The horse has white hair but not white skin and when God talks about the colour white, He wants to signify something deeper that is not on the surface.

At the cross Jesus said, ‘it is finished’, so He already has the victory and the crown, but here the rider is now getting victory and receiving a crown. Satan thought it would be good to use a white horse because everyone will think it is God.

Satan uses servants of God to lose souls. The bow is there to destroy and kill and after killing many souls he was given a crown. Satan is the conqueror of the church today, he is leading more than 70% of churches. Six of the seven churches in Revelations were wrong because the rider of the white horse was among them. When satan came to Eve (the first church) he talked to her in a nice way and didn’t force her to eat the fruit.

People in churches today love success and honor and adoration and want to live higher than others, forgetting if they are servants of God they need to serve but they need people to raise them up and bow before them.

There is a bow but we can’t see the arrows because the strategy of satan against the church is to hide the arrows. This means, ‘I’ve finished my mission wherever I was, now crown me’. In many churches satan has been crowned, you can find tradition and fanatism. How many people from your church have visited you? How many times has your pastor visited you? Wherever there is an interest that is where us servants of God will go. If you don’t follow the law of the church, you’ll be excommunicated but where is the forgiveness? Satan is trying to remove Christians from churches and to split churches and the church will give the crown to satan.

In Zechariah, the horses pull a chariot and today satan is occupying the head of the church and pulls many Christians in a chariot and we think we are taken by God but it is really satan. The ecumenical council of churches is the chariot that is trying to put as many Christians in and pull them somewhere. If you just follow the church or the pastor it is a danger so ask God to guide you.

Avoid being a fanatic because fanatism can really destroy the church today.

One of the horses brings famine and this is not just physical but spiritual and today we are not well fed most of the time in churches and because of that, souls become sick, malnourished and don’t grow. When water stays a long time somewhere without moving it becomes stagnant and smelly. We are like that when we don’t grow; we get something impure deep in our hearts.

Deut 29:29, things that are not revealed to us belong to God so tell God you want to know.


The white horse is not Jesus but satan because:

1. satan is a deceiver and liar and knows that riding a white horse will make people think it is God

2. Jesus said, ‘it is finished’ at the cross and already had the victory and the crown but this rider is just receiving it now

3. the bow represents the souls that satan is killing and destroying

4. we only know the horse is white but we don’t know if the rider wears a white robe or has white hair

5. in many churches satan has been crowned and given the place of victory (when we sin we are giving satan this right in our lives)

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