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REVELATION 6 (Part IV) Who is the rider of the White Horse

By Odon Bulamba (6th May 2005)

I call this verse the sword of the book of Revelation because it cuts into pieces, pastors, their preaching and brings division in the church. Everyone sees something different in it. Ask God to convince you what the truth is in this verse. I’ve heard six different interpretations of this verse. What is good and what is not? Others say that the book of Revelation works together with the Word of God and nothing comes from somewhere else. To understand it, we don’t need history or other books or anything else.

One person’s study about the white horse in Revelation 6:2
Yes, the white horse was ridden by Jesus:

1. White throughout the Bible refers to God, Jesus: Revelation 1: 14 (Jesus’ hair), Revelation 2:17 (white stone), Rev. 3: 4 (dressed in white), Rev. 4:4 (elders dressed in white), Rev. 6:11 (white robe), Rev. 7:9 (white robes), Rev. 14:14 (white cloud), Rev. 19:11, Rev. 19:14 (white horses), Rev. 20:11 (white throne)

2. If you place this chapter in the time of the tribulation, we know that many souls will be saved at that time. So, Jesus is on the white horse and it’s a picture of the Gospel going out during that time. Rev. 7 shows a picture of a great multitude and they have white robes and in Rev.7: 14 John is told that these people come from the great tribulation. So, they are saved by the sacrifice of their lives.

So, there are lots of verses talking about white and referring to God, to Jesus, things that are pure or holy.


But here, it’s about a white horse and its rider. A horse is a strong animal, it can run and it likes wars. The second seal means that the tribulation has already started: God will allow this tribulation of men against men. So, through it, God will allow wars, famines and disasters; can Jesus then join these people and fight against the world?

If there were four horses and these four horses were called at different times, the first one is believed to be Jesus not because God said so but because of people’s interpretation of white and black (white must represent God, purity and black Satan, darkness). But somewhere God warns us that Satan is a deceiver, a liar. He will come and deceive many of us (Matthew 24, 2 Thess. 2), take a new appearance and he will come into the church so that people can trust him.

This is an army of four horses with different colors and when each horse arrives, something happens in the world. Satan thought it would be good to use the white horse because in Revelation, 19:14, there are white horses and now people are familiar to white representing God. Satan wants to win souls by deceiving; he uses servants of God to lose souls. If a priest stands up and talks about a topic; will you go and tell him he is wrong even if you’re convinced? Not easy. Or will you believe what he says just because he is a priest? Satan has found the way to lead people on a wrong track; just use the picture of the color in the book of Revelation.

The horse has a white color hair, but what about the skin, the flesh and probably the bones? Are they white? No. When God tells us about the white color he wants us to understand that white is not just on the surface but deeper. When we doubt, let’s stop and ask ourselves: “What does this mean? Why this white horse and why are there four horses together?”


Why was the first rider given a crown, was it because he was Jesus or because he was a conqueror? Remember that Jesus said on the cross: “It’s finished”. He knew he had already conquered Satan; he had already been down there and picked up the key from him. He had already set the prisoners free and when Jesus came back alive, he had victory and told us that the Holy Spirit will continue.

A bow is to destroy and kill. After killing many souls, he came back with his bow and was now given a crown: “You a conqueror, you deserve a crown. You are the conqueror of the church.” Satan has been leading more than 70% of churches under the sun today. Just observe the power of God in our churches, in the world and the power of God in our lives.

Churches can have big buildings and if someone wants to become a MP, he/she asks the church to vote for him or her. The next step is for the pastor to open his Bible and choose texts from it to support his political views. When Jesus showed John the seven churches, six of them were big and famous but wrong. The rider of the white horse was among them.

Secondly Satan has a good strategy. If it was not so, he would never catch any souls. When he visited the first church on the earth for the first time (Eve, in the Garden) this Garden was pure, it was God’s making. If Satan had come as a human being, Eve would have run away, so he tried to find a gap where a serpent would fit to go through and reach the Garden. Once in the Garden, he changed his nature and started to speak like a human being so that Eve would not be surprised. He spoke in a nice way.

In the church today, people like success, they like to be adored. If you flatter a pastor, instead of humiliating himself, he will feel joy and he will feel like he is being taken to heaven. They forget the glory belongs to God and they forget to praise Him.

Servants of God are called to serve people of God first but now, they want to be served, they want people to bow in front of them. Pastors make decisions just because they are pastors and forget to pray and ask God what His will is. If the Prime minister comes to your church he will be welcomed differently from the other Christians. Why? Satan sends people in churches, people with power and arrows to kill souls.

Jesus wears a white robe but do you know the color of the robe that the rider of the white horse wore? We don’t know. We don’t know the color of his hair. We just know he has a bow. What is the bow for? If you have arrows, the strategy is always to hide them, at the back. You pull them and use them. Here the rider has only the bow and no arrows: so he has finished his mission and expects now to be crowned as a conqueror. How can Satan be crowned in the church? In many churches Satan has been crowned.

Observe well in churches when they have the Lord’s supper, read the Word of God and check what people are doing; you’ll see how they do it as a custom.

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