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By Odon Bulamba (29th April 2005)


Sheol means the spirit of death.
If someone dies as a sinner, after his or her death the spirit will not go straight to hell. It will first serve Satan and Satan will put it in an army. For example, it will be told to go back to Shari’s family and try its best to destroy people who trust in God, and destroy peace. Remember in John 10: 10 Satan’s big mission is to destroy, to kill and to deceive. He doesn’t come to destroy what has already been destroyed.
This green horse doesn’t have much to do, just to bring death into this world.

Just look at the figures in the world; every year, the death rate increases.
This death operates in different ways; sword, famine, sickness and wild animals. This is the spirit that kills. Some might think death will come through weapons and wars, but there are other ways to kill people; for instance our way of talking can be deadly. It can put the rest of someone’s life in danger. People might lose peace just because of our words. And Satan puts this spirit in the church to disturb the church and people don’t know what to do.

Today ¾ of the world will tell you about food. Even in rich countries, some people lack food. NZ is really blessed because we can always go to Work and Income and be helped. But it’s not the case in other countries. For instance in Canada, for a single person, you might pay $380 for your rent and be given $500 per month! And Canada is one of the richest countries in the world.
There is also a spiritual famine. They have churches but few people believe in Christ.

There is a place in the world where people don’t wear clothes. This is what they do: they kill a camel, take its fat, boil it and put it on their skin. So, their skin is really shiny and you can see them from far. And when they come closer to you the smell is revolting. How would you like to sit with them and tell them about Jesus? They’ll ask you why, if Jesus existed he couldn’t give them water and make them like you? Their nails are really long and black (because of the dust). To give you milk, (from a goat or a camel), they’ll take it in their hands and offer it to you, no pots, and no cups. And I saw for the first time how they catch a goat and suck the milk from the goat and then offer you to do the same. Their teeth are green. Make sure you don’t vomit because for them, it’s a curse. If you go there you must accept the way they live and the way they are, otherwise they will not accept the Word of God.

Famine is everywhere and many people lack food or lack the Word of God. But you and I we have it in abundance, how much do we force ourselves to go to people? Or do we rather encourage the spirit of death to kill them? We need to win souls back to Jesus. Go to the Supermarket and say: ‘Jesus loves you”, I don’t know what people will think of you but the message will be given.

Medicines that worked yesterday are not recommended today anymore because scientists have discovered there is poison in them. The spirit of death is at work: in water, in food, in clothes …We can’t stop it but we can pray for protection. We can pray for instance that nobody from NZ will be sick from that food or pray against any type of sickness.

Why is that horse green?
People boast today: this is the new technology, a new discovery, something new. But behind that there is something wrong. For instance fruit and meat look really good and healthy but inside it there is something wrong. In NZ they say healthy things don’t have fat and in Africa they say healthy things have fat. Fat meat is really expensive in Africa and here it’s the opposite.


We are living at the end of the times. These creatures are yelling and saying: Come. They represent the four corners of the world: North, South, East and West. In the book of Zechariah, the white horse is in the North, the green horse somewhere else etc. this is how they operate. Try to find who are these people, who are these spirits and what they do. Think about the location of NZ: East and South, so the spirits of the East and the spirit of the South will operate. How can we fight through prayers to wake up people, to wake up the sleepy souls and tell them the time is coming? Think about the role of a horse (strong, carry people, can run fast, don’t fear guns….) to help us understand how these four spirits lead the world.

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