Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Revelations 4:6 & 5:1 (summary)

By Odon Bulamba (summary only - 8 April 2005)


God created us in His image so we look like Him spiritually and when Jesus came down to earth He put on our body and looked like us physically so we could feel that God cares for us. Spiritually people can look at us and see Jesus Christ.

Vs 6, there is something that separates us from God and that is the sea of glass. We look like God but we are not equal to God. Many people want to be made equal with God and many people adore servants of God (e.g. the pope) at the same level as God. John found himself different to God because God is omnipotent and able to do anything without help but we need help from others.

Vs 6b, these creatures are the same cheribum found in Ezekial and their purpose is to fulfil God’s will (or purposes) in our lives. Lucifer was among them (Ez 28:10) and that’s why it was easy for him to deceive Adam and Eve because he had a power of giving light to people. God placed cheribum to guard the garden of Eden to block the tree of life so whenever Adam came back he could pass through and get eternal life. The tree of life is the tree of repentance and Adam was supposed to leave the garden and come back after thinking but he didn’t (God had given him another chance).

Rev 5:1, first John saw a person and then he saw what blocked Him and then he saw something in His hand which was a scroll with seven seals. This scroll must be important because God is holding it and no one else and He doesn’t store it somewhere. If God holds your life, no one can remove it, if God protects you, you can’t be shaken or removed from your position. The secret of all revelations and all the Bible was in that scroll, a plan that God had for human beings in His life:

1. God planned to make human beings in His image
2. God planned to make human beings a safe life in His garden.
But humans didn’t trust in God and His plan hasn’t finished yet.

Vs 2, who is able to open the seal so people could know the secret behind that scroll? Why does God hide the secret of death? What goes on after I die? No one could open that scroll either on heaven or in earth and John started to cry. Why did he cry for something that will happen when he won’t even be there? He had pity on the world of tomorrow. John was told to stop crying because there are no tears in heaven and this is the time to discover God’s glory and not the time to cry. The answer to the question (who will open the scroll is the Lamb (Jesus). Gen 49:10, from the tribe of Judah, showing us the prophecy from the beginning of the Bible is being fulfilled at the end of the Bible.

Judah means praise, therefore the lion of praise. How do we praise God? By acknowledging the qualities of God and how great He is. How many times do you do this per day? Jesus was a descendent of David and David was thin and weak and if you are thin and weak in your faith, while you are tempted don’t be discouraged, you belong to God’s descendents and it’s good for those who know they are weak because God takes care of them. Tell God you are unable. But the more you are growing up the less chance for God to take care of you because you can be strong and responsible for yourself. II Samuel 9:12-13

John saw a slaughtered lamb say, “I’m able” (it was slaughtered but alive). The plan of God was for human beings only so Jesus had to come down as a human. On the cross Jesus said, ‘it is fulfilled’, and now is the time to remove the seals so God’s plan can be fulfilled in human being’s life. The blood of the lamb represents grace and forgiveness.

The lamb had seven horns:
7 = perfection
Horns = power
= the perfect Lord is powerful!


- God created us in His image - but we are not equal to God
- Cheribum fulfil God’s purposes in us
- The tree of life = the tree of repentance
- If God hold’s your life - you can’t be removed/shaken
- Praise God - by acknowledging who He is
- The blood of the lamb = grace and forgiveness
- the seven horns on the lamb = The perfect LORD is powerful

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