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Revelations Chapter Three (Philidelphia & Laodicia)

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By Odon Bulamba (4 March 05)

Revelations 3:7-13

Philidelphia means brotherly love. This town of Philidelphia had many earthquakes and was always being utterly destroyed and although they suffered a lot they continued to persevere in the Lord. Jews and Romans were attacking them because they believed in Jesus Christ but they kept persevering.


Someone who keeps the keys of a kingdom is someone special and without him no one has the right to enter the kingdom or to see the king.

Isaiah 22:20&22, he was the bridge between the kingdom and visitor and Jesus also keeps the keys of the Kingdom of God and gives us keys also to be a bridge to lead people to the Kingdom of God. Mathew 16:19

When Jesus shuts the door no one will be able to open it and do we also shut the door? What is a door? It’s a simple entrance to help you to come inside and if we shut the door, what are the reasons? Do we shut the door to praying? God’s blessings? To the Holy Spirit? Or to sin or satan?

What do our churches do? Do they open the door to allow people into the Kingdom of God or do they close the door.

God is our security and has given us the key and He never sleeps so we never have to fear.

God knows your work; if you are praying, He knows and if you think about Colleen He knows (even if others don’t). God knows our works both good and evil and He counts them all. Don’t be disappointed that you don’t do much, don’t minimise yourself, you are not little in the Kingdom of God. Even if your faith is small, God needs it.

God has opened the door and it’s up to you to decide to come in or not. To get blessings and all that you want, you have to come inside the house of the Lord and you’ll have protection and no worries.

Remember what God has done for you and tell God about it so you’ll have strength again (e.g. David remembered about killing the lion before fighting against Goliath).

Revelations 3:10, “You kept My Word”. We have to keep the Word of God which is God Himself and is the source of everything that we need.

The first way to deny Jesus is to say face to face to someone that you are not a Christian. The second way is to disobey God and show Him that you don’t know Him. The third way is to put our rules or the churches rules ahead of the Word of God.

Many Christians are in the temple of satan and ¾ of them don’t know exactly where they are. We have to help them so they won’t perish. If we overcome we will be kept from the hour of trial.


- Persevere (during hard times)
- Jesus has the keys to the Kingdom of God
- Jesus gives us the keys (open the door for people to come into God’s Kingdom)
- Do we open the door or shut it? (to prayer/blessings/Holy Spirit or to satan/sin?)
- God is our security (we never have to fear)
- God knows our works (good and evil) and counts them
- Don’t minimise what you do

- Three ways to deny Christ;

1. deny you are a Christian
2. disobey God
3. put our own rules above God’s

-If we overcome we will be kept from the hour of trial


(11 March 2005)

Revelations 3:14-22

Isaiah 69:16, Jesus is the truth, Amen. Amen means it’s the truth and it will be like that.

An angel, Hebrews 1:14, is a ministering spirit and every person who will take the message to the church or helps and supports the church is therefore also an angel.

Revelations 3:16, when you live 50% for God and 50% for the world, God will put you aside and once you are vomited it’s not easy to pick you up again.

Rev 3:15, the deeds are our actions

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