Thursday, November 25, 2010

Revelations Chapter Four (Part II)

By Odon Bulamba (25 March 2005)


Revelations 4: 2

John’s spirit went to heaven and not his body and God wants us to know that when we go to heaven our body will not go, it will be transformed or it will stay down here. John’s eyes went straight to the throne because at the throne is something very important, the major thing that exists in heaven; GOD HIMSELF.

A throne is a seat where anyone could sit down on but you are not allowed to unless you have a title or permission. If God says come and sit, you will, but if you go without permission it will be a serious problem.

Hebrews 4:48, the heavens are the throne of God and the earth is His footstool, therefore God sees everything that we do and so we should try to live in a proper way knowing that.

God gave John this vision to give him hope while he was in Patmos because He knew that if John saw Him sitting on a throne controlling everything, and looking after him he would be encouraged and feel strong. John faced a difficult time in Patmos but instead of God helping him to be set free He showed him the problems of seven churches. It’s the same for us, we can face hard times but God will ask you to pray for others and He’ll help them first and you’ll be the last one because God wants to see if you will persevere. Don’t give up praying for problems, we are children of God and we have to stand up for our faith. If I continue to complain I won’t accomplish anything. Blessed is the one who is last to receive a blessing because the last shall be first and if you accept to offer your time and give to others first and yourself last, God will put you first.

Psalm 45:6, the first step of the throne is to bring about justice. Where there is no justice God intervenes and where there is no justice God is angry. If you want to discover God’s glory then practise righteousness. Ask God to help you to be righteous in all you do and then God will bring His throne in you because your body will be heaven because it is righteous. God won’t sit on your throne if you don’t practise what He asks you to.

Hebrews 1:8, JUSTICE ETERNAL. When we make a decision we have to keep it or God will find we are not acting as someone eternal. For example, I decide to pray every Wednesday but next Wednesday I go to the rugby game instead.

The elders around God’s throne glorify God non-stop and all God needs is our glory. If you want to be a friend of God just glorify Him and if you want to come into God’s Kingdom just bow before Him.

In the Bible there are more than 20 thrones but it is only one throne that plays different roles and one day we will sit on that throne with God to judge the world.


- The most important thing in heaven is God Himself
- God is on the throne controlling everything
- To discover God’s glory – practise righteousness/justice
- To be God’s friend – glorify God
- In hard times - persevere and keep praying
- For God to put you first - put yourself last

Extra verses: Mathew 19:28, Rev 20:11, Psalm 11:4, 47:8, 89:14, 103:19

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