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Revelations Chapter Four (Part I)

Please see previous postings for Revelations (Introduction & Chapters 1-3)

By Odon Bulamba (18 March 2005)

Revelations 4:1-3

(vs1) the key to the whole Bible is found in this verse because everything in this book goes around this verse.


The Word of God, Jesus Christ is calling us to come in and when we do we will have visions and miracles but if you stay outside you will never experience it. When we cross hard situations and feel isolated do we open our door to Jesus Christ so He can control us?

When we ask God for something impossible we just have to tell God, ‘You are a God of miracles, for my situation you can perform a miracle and it’ll be a vision for others’. Like John, before to receive a vision you must be somewhere quiet and ready to receive it. Many prophets tell God, ‘I want to get something from You’ and they’ll pray and pray and because they are isolated, God will speak to them. Retreat is very important for Christian life. When we put God’s Word into action and we pray we’ll receive a vision.


You can see it and nobody else can, like sleeping; you can see your dream but no one else can see what you are dreaming. This is the time to ask for God’s visions, it’s very important and everyone today is able to catch it if you ask God. To have a good vision you need the Spirit of God to convince you because our thoughts are not God’s thoughts.

There are two types of visions; (1) you see with your eyes and (2) you see with spiritual eyes. It’s important to ask God to see what’s going on around us. John 10:9, Jesus Christ is the door and if you come in, you can also go out to check on the world to rescue it.

If you want to discover the glory of heaven or earth be in Jesus and you’ll discover it. In heaven they have different food than the Bible, it’s the glory of God in our lives so we have to understand glory, accept it and eat it. Satan can also give a picture (satan also gives visions) that looks attractive but it is dead. Christ’s vision doesn’t have a result of death but of faith and action and it must give light and truth. To understand a vision you need to ask God for discernment, ‘what does it have in relation to me? The church? The world?’


The door is Jesus Christ and how to come in is written in Rev 3:20. The Church is living today and there is still an open door (like Noah’s arc) but one day the door will be locked and you won’t get in. If you didn’t help people find salvation, the time will be over, I Thess 4:16&17. The first thing they will hear is silence; all around the world, the computers and everything will stop because it’s the end of all activity. Then all will hear the voice of the archangel and people will start panicking because they’ll know that the Son of God is back. Every soul will recognise the sound of the trumpet.

God is telling us that we have learnt a lot and now it’s time to pass it on to others (like John). The reason to learn Revelations is because we are called to know it and to share that knowledge with others.

Ask God, ‘help me to know who You are and to discover your realisations, your convictions and the Spirit to convince me and to know your visions and to know your voice and to transmit your message to others. Help me to see the door of heaven which is open to see through the heavens. Help me to understand Revelations to produce fruit in me.’


- Rev 4:1 is the key to the whole Bible
- Jesus Christ is the door
- Jesus Christ is calling us to come in

- It’s time to receive visions:
1. ask God
2. be somewhere isolated and quiet
3. put the word of God into action
4. need the Holy Spirit to convince you
5. need discernment

- Two types of visions:

1. you see with physical eyes
2. you see with spiritual eyes

- The food of heaven is the glory of God in our lives
- The door of heaven will one day be closed
- Learn Revelations to pass it on to others

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