Sunday, December 27, 2009

Revelations Introduction (Part III)

By Odon Bulamba (2nd Feb 01)

Moses came closer to God and started talking with Him. How many times do we talk with God? How many times do we get closer to Him to talk with Him? We must think about it. It is now time for God’s people to be released (as the Israelites were released from Pharoah). In churches today we hear that the end of times is near, but they don't make any effort to prepare themselves and other Christians for Jesus. All the signs that Jesus gave us have been fulfilled but who sees those signs? The blind cannot lead the blind.

At the right time the Samaritan woman met Jesus. She didn't go to the market place but went to the well, and where she went for natural water she found eternal water. When she met Jesus it was the exact time because Jesus had sent His disciples away and was alone. It means that as Christians we need time to be alone with God. Some Christians only pray on Sundays, and when a brother asks them to pray for him they just close their eyes and pray. When they are told to turn to the book of Matthew they start reading Revelation because they don't know where in the Bible it is, and yet some can confess they have been Christians for 20 years. These people forget to give time to their Lord.

Today many Christians make appointments with doctors but never with their God. It is nearly impossible to find a Christian who says, I am going now to God's office to talk with Him. According to some people time is money and to be with God is just a waste of time. How can you say that as a Christian? The Bible says that Elijah's knees were raw from praying non-stop. Daniel also prayed five times a day. It is not easy. Some servants of God have dry prayers and they struggle for words. There is no power in their prayers; for example, “thank you Jesus...ah... because everybody is here...yes thank you for today...ah...yes thank you for all the Christians in the world and also for this house. Amen!” Did the brother pray for the food? Please observe that even God's servants aren't able to pray for the little things. If you are my leader and you don't know how to pray, how can you teach me to pray? It means you will never know how to pray and you will lead me to death, like the 400 prophets lead Ahab to his death.

The Samaritan woman asked Jesus, "What can I do for you”? Jesus said, "Give me some water", "I am a Samaritan woman and you are a Jew, I cannot do such a thing”.

Who told this woman that Jesus was a Jew? Jesus was not a Jew. How many times are we confused with God's Word when we read it and interpret it the wrong way? Just because Odon is black how do you know he is from Africa? When you assume it can lead you into confusion. Christianity cannot assume things. The Bible says let your yes be yes and your no, no! You cannot say I think Jesus was a Jew. While talking with Jesus the woman said, "I think that the Christ will come and I think you are a prophet”. Jesus responded, "I am the Messiah”. This was exactly the right time for her to know this, she then forgot she was a Samaritan woman and her eyes were on Christ and her heart was open for the Messiah, and she went to invite others.

As for us, when we meet Jesus or the Word of God, instead of inviting others we think we are wasting our time. Job discovered that there is a time for life to come back. As for us Christians we must recognize that after this life in our flesh there is another life and that life surpasses the life we live today. The Bible says that each one must carry his own cross. We must be careful; we must look after your soul because on judgement day you cannot blame the Pastor for fooling you.

When Ahab died the 400 prophets kept on living, so could these prophets save Ahab who is dead? Never. We must look after our souls. As Paul wrote, "In the last days there will be many false prophets and apostles. But as for you, keep what you have learnt. Noah said to the people, get ready for soon a great flood will destroy the earth. Men who had knowledge in science mocked Noah and said, according to our instruments there will be no rain. They compared the weather forecast to the will of God. People take science and mix it with the Word of God and that is what we call today the fruit of theology. With all this Noah said to the people there will be rain, and they laughed, “this old farmer is a fool he just wants to deceive us”. The Bible says at that time people just ate, drank, brought and sold. "How can Noah stand up and say this is the end, maybe he is crazy or too old for we have many prophets where we live so why is Noah the only one saying this? He is sick, leave him alone”. Others will say, "Bring the chains for this is not normal what he is saying”.

Noah told the people to enter the ark but they refused. However the cat and the insect wanted to go with Noah because they took heed of his words. Noah even waited for the slowest of animals to come from the forest into the ark. Noah gave them a lot of time to enter the ark but people were too proud because of their knowledge. In the end people were knocking at the door and saying, "Open the door!" but Noah said, "I left the door open for a long time but now God has shut it because you refused to take heed of my words”. When we are preached to practice kindness we shut off and think the message is for others. God needs us to practice kindness.

3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4Who opposes and exalted himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

Amen! The Devil will make himself like God setting his place in God’s church. So if you are waiting for him to come with horns and a tail you’ll be waiting a long time because he’ll come in this image. Satan will come and talk to God's people in the church and because they are confused they will accept anything. Satan today teaches us that the gifts of the Holy Spirit don’t exist today. Prophecy stopped 2000 years ago and Apostles died out years ago. So the devil limits God's will by confusing people in the church

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