Monday, December 14, 2009


By Odon Bulamba

I Samuel 16

God said to Samuel, “that is not him, you man look at the outer appearance but I look at the heart”. Try to imagine what you look like. Here everybody is pretty but if we had someone really ugly among us, everybody would say, oh this person is really ugly. And I saw someone who was really ugly and kids would flee from this person. He had a big stomach and big ears and eyes. He was really black and when he walked you might think that he is a robot. And as he was walking around children would even cry and scream. One day I invited this man to church and because I was talking, I asked him to come to the front and as he was walking to the front, everybody was looking and nobody wanted to touch him.

In our church we had an old mum and I asked her (because I would joke with her a lot) Mum can you marry this man? And she said no, better to die single. And I said to this man, how do you feel about it? He said I feel really bad because everybody hates me. And I asked a young woman, I’ll give you about US$600 and we can bless your wedding with this money. She said, keep your money and keep your man too and she stood up to leave the church, she was furious. Why did she react like that? Because his appearance wasn’t good.

But God did something for this man and the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and he started to talk and to prophesy and he said to someone, “you, in ten minutes you will hear that your child is dead and God will show his hand on you. And you, the lady over there, in two days God will show you a miracle in your life and you will not be a refugee anymore. And anyone who wants prayer can contact me later”. And after this someone came to the first man to tell him that someone had died at home. And the man said, this is not possible, so pray for me because God promised and the big ugly man prayed and after 10 minutes someone came back to say that the child had come back to life. Two days later the woman also came in touch with the Australian immigration service and she could go. And after that a woman came to see this man, and said to this man, I have a financial problem and they prayed together and after praying the lady went and four hundred metres from home, someone met this woman and this person gave this lady maybe three times as much as this lady needed. And on Sunday these were testimonies in this church, praise the Lord.

So I said, so who wants to marry this man? Everybody looked around and smiled and I pointed out someone and she was a really pretty girl and she rubbed her hands and said, If God wants I can. And you old mum, who said no last time? She said, “I was just joking, but I can look after this man because I know that he is a Godly man. And through him God did miracles so I want this man”.

Why do I give this example? Because our way to see things is not God’s way to see things. We just look at the appearance but whoever wants to be a hero for God must also see man’s heart. And Samuel prayed for Jesse’s children and there was nobody. David had to come and when he came, God said, “this is him”. And how were David’s eyes? What does the Bible say? He had beautiful eyes but it was not only physical but on the inside his eyes were also beautiful. His eyes were always open and he could see clearly so that he could not be confused and whoever wants to serve God in every situation he must first see what God wants. If my eyes please God, so will my actions. Before doing everything think first spiritually and think first, what does the Bible say? And if you know what the Bible says, God will see your eyes as beautiful.

And the bible says that his face was also very pretty. For the Lord, his face was attractive. It’s not about wearing make up. When there is too much make up we become ugly. If you are black and put green blusher on your cheeks and red lipstick on your lips and orange eye-shadow on your eyelids, you become like a little devil. Whoever will see you will think that it is too much. God wants us to have beauty. So we must look after our souls so that they will be acceptable for God and it must not be an artificial beauty but a natural beauty. And how do we do that? What is the secret for becoming pretty for the Lord? There is only one thing and that is obedience. If you want to attract God to you, obey. There is nothing else. And what is obedience? Before doing anything, you think first what does the Word of God say and this is obedience. Before doing anything, observe and think what the Bible says.

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