Friday, December 11, 2009

Abraham and Lot

By Michelle Bhandal

General Knowledge Questions

1. Who was Abram’s father?
Terah Gen11:31

2. What land did God ask Abrah to leave?
Haran Gen12:2

3. What was Abram’s first reaction towards God when God told him he would have a son?
Gen 15:6

4. What was Sarai’s reaction?
Gen 18:12 laughed, Did Abraham laugh? Yest Gen 17:17

5. Which tribes did Lot’s daughters give birth to by their father?
Gen 19:37-38 Moab = Moabites
Who do we know that was a Moabite, blessed by God? Ruth

6. How old was Abraham when Issac was born? 100
Gen 21:5

7. How many wives did Abraham have?
2 – Sarah and Kenturah Gen 25:1
Abraham had 6 children

Which Righteous Man Do You Want To Be?

Gen24:1 Now Abraham was old, well advanced in age; and the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things.

Gen 12:7 Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your descendants I will give this land.” And there he built an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him.

The Bible says that Abraham was righteous but did you know that his nephew Lot was righteous too? (2Peter 2:7-8). Yet both men lived very different lives. They both lived under God’s grace some 400 years before the law was given; Abraham was very blessed, whereas Lot lost a lot! Lot had no heart for God.

Both men had large herds and flocks. When their herdsmen started arguing over space, Abraham took the initiative to make peace. He even let Lot pick the lands that he wanted. Both men were righteous, but one was more gracious than the other.

Lot’s life
Lot picked the well-watered plain of Jordan, where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were. He dwelt there and pitched his tent as far as Sodom. Eventually he lived in Sodom. Now Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible represent a sinful lifestyle. So Christians think, “Since I am righteous by faith and under God’s grace, I can live a sinful lifestyle.”

Well let’s learn from Lot. He first saw Sodom, then his feet walked toward it and finally he went into it. Someone once said: “Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you more than you want to pay.” What did Lot end up paying?

He was captured when four kings plundered Sodom and Gomorrah. And even when Abraham rescued Lot with the help of God, he did not learn his lesson. He went back to Sodom. Some Christians live from one bail out to another. God delivers them from say debt, and they go right back to borrowing money or gambling! Sodom and Gomorrah were eventually destroyed. Lot escaped with only the clothes on his back and even lost his wife in the process.

Is this the kind of Christian life we want, being saved by the skin of our teeth? Or do we want an intimate relationship with our Saviour just like Abraham did?

Abraham’s Life
We all know that Abraham was righteous by faith; he had a close walk with God and was blessed by God in all things. From place to place Abraham would build an altar to the Lord. And in between altars, he grew very rich! (Gen 13:2) There is no biblical record, however, of Lot ever building an altar to the Lord.

What’s an altar in todays context? It could be a place where you know that you have a close relationship with God. A place of worship before God, a place where you cast all your cares upon the Lord, it‘s a place in your heart that is intimate, that is between you and God. It can be when we come together on a Wednesday to worship together, we get close to God.

We have got to have this kind of relationship with God, one full of altars that remind us of His love, goodness and faithfulness. Do you want to be a Christian like Lot, righteous but always finding yourself in trouble, or do you want to be a righteous and blessed Christian like Abraham? Let’s not live the Christian life like Lot, saved by the skin of our teeth. Let’s walk closely with God as Abraham did, and be richly blessed in every area of our lives! Then, like Abraham, have a heart for God.

We are the righteousness of God in Christ. When we truly understand what Jesus did to make us the righteousness of God, it will cause us to fall out of love with sin and fall in love with God. Then, it will not be hard to have a heart for God, like Abraham did, and like Abraham, be blessed in all things!

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