Thursday, March 11, 2010

Justification (Part II)

Man’s Heart – Between God and Satan

By Odon Bulamba (14th March 2003)

Many people on earth they think they are human beings but before God they are already dead. Many people think they are human beings but before God they are like animals.

I have a picture here and on this first page there is an angel of God, it’s the one with the wings (I’m not saying that this is what an angel looks like). On the other side is the devil and it is black (I’m not saying the devil looks like this). In the middle is mans heart. Above the devil is some bats. On the angels side there are stars. It seems like the angel and the devil pull mans heart. So what can we learn from this?

The life we have doesn’t belong to us. This life is a credit for us and we must give this life back to the one who gave it to us. One day God will come and say, “where’s your life?” and this life will be given back to God, but as we are still on this earth Satan tries to steal our life, he tries to pull our heart towards sin and God on the other side tries to pull our heart towards good. But the third decision is ours - will I go to God or to the devil and as Christians we are called to know who we are and what side we are. Do we belong to the devil, to God or ourselves?

Let’s try to think about something here, we all know who the devil is, of course we draw him with a tail and horns but I think he’s not like that, maybe one day when we talk about demons and we’ll talk about that. So above the devil there are bats, we all know what bats are. What are they? Has anyone never seen a bat? What is this animal? Jessica says, “ it’s a mammal”

My question is, it’s a mammal so do mammals have wings? So it’s also a bird? So it’s a monster? Because it has wings, it has clothes, and also teeth and it can give birth and give the milk and you’ll see it’s a strange animal. This animal lives as they want. It can come here in this house and hang on a wall no problem. There is only one thing that scares this animal, what is it?

Light is the only thing. But he’s not scared of anyone; a bat is not scared of anything except light. When it’s dark it becomes a bird to fly and they like flying, their eyes can easily see, that’s when they go to gardens and eat the fruit, so they all work in darkness. When day comes the bat goes back in a state of innocence.

Have you ever seen a bat during the day? How are they? Sleeping, yes they look nice and cute and you’ll think they are polite, and because they cover their eyes you will think they are ashamed, you’ll think they are humble. And there is one more thing as my sister said; the feet are up and the head is down always. It’s the opposite of us because we have our feet down and our head up. But the bat does the opposite and the power of darkness does the same thing.

This power of darkness isn’t afraid of anything. You might have been a Christian for 100 years, you can pray and cast out demons but if in your life you don’t have God’s light, the power of darkness will follow you. The power of darkness will fly in your garden, which is the spirit of God. The power of darkness will come and eat up what is in your heart. When the light comes this power will hide. This power will show it’s humble, and how can this light be in us if we don’t allow God to rule our lives

1Jn 3:10 By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious anyone that does not practice righteousness is not of God nor the one that does not love his brother

So if you don’t practice righteousness in your life it’s now time to practice righteousness so God will see that you are his child. And for instance if you don’t love the people around you its now time to start loving them so you will be called children of God.

Too many people say they know love but I think they are mistaken. Sometimes children say that a bat is a bird and sometimes they say it’s an animal. It’s the same for us, sometimes we say that we love but we don’t know what love is. And for some Christians they cannot even define what love is to the point God says “how can you say you love me when you don’t love your brother?” How can I say that I love God and I have a problem with Sylvie and I don’t like her? How can I say to myself I’m a child of God if I don’t practice righteousness?

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