Tuesday, March 16, 2010

God is at Work in You!

By Odon Bulamba (14th March 2010)

Do you disagree with my sentence?
Do you agree with God that He is at work in you?
Isn't it amazing for God, I mean GOD, to chose you as His field worker?

How often do you stop and think about His great work in your life or in the lives of your whanau (family), or in your daily activities?

God's purpose to be at work in you is that you accomplish His desire in your life and in the lives of others. He has given to us all the necessary tools but we very often forget to take one of the most important tools with us; the courage.

We sometimes resemble electricians who are called to fix an electrical problem or to do the installation at someone’s property. They bring with them all the necessary tools except for the tester pen. How to do the work? Where to start without the "electrical tester pen"? Regardless of their expertise, they would never start confidently or finish their work without a tester pen as they will never know if the conductor is alive. We may say, “Um, they might touch the conductor and find out”... but the result would be disastrous.

You and I are God's tester pen. Our job is to make sure that the conductor is alive - praying for them, exhorting them, encouraging them, will make God's powerful work reach others.

Sometimes the tester pen can be faulty or its bulb breaks. If this is my case - His amazing grace is knocking on my door. I have to take a simplest step of all, repentance! and all the faults in me will be repaired, all broken parts will be immediately replaced with new spare parts. He is at work in us.

He (God) has built a 'Venetian Resort Hotel' in our lives. Our task is to freely invite people to come on and enjoy free water, free food, free bedrooms, free games, free everything that glorifies Him and, of course, free life.
Have you so far heard about Venetian Resort Hotel of Las Vegas? It’s the world largest hotel.

Do you have the courage to express to others God's work in you? Remember, you are a tester pen. You are not just a simple screw driver. You are special and unique. You are kindly called to play your role. Time is moving on and the game will soon end.

I will send to you some Bible verses on 'COURAGE'. Will you have the courage to read them? I will suggest that you read one a day and meditate on it. Then write some comments or lesson for yourself and others. This will only take 5 minutes of your precious time. Then if we want, we can circulate them around the world. Your work will soon reach the world and encourage thousands who have lost hope and courage.

As a tester pen of God, how many of them do you think are dead conductors? Many Christians have backpedalled or given up their faith in Christ? They came to Christ and they now backslide.
This message is yours because you are chosen of God

Colossians 3:12-17

Be blessed in Jesus Christ

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