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Ministry of Pastor (Part V)

By Odon Bulamba (10th Nov 2000 )

The Bible says the pastor must look after God’s business and he must not be arrogant but today, everywhere in the world, those called pastors always want the first place.

Proverbs 27: 2
2 Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth;
a stranger, and not thine own lips.

But what we see today is terrible. The pastor feels uncomfortable, and he feels in him a burden he must release and when he meets someone, he must tell that person he is a pastor.

But you were not born with the name “pastor”. My name is not pastor, my name is pastor when I played this role but in normal life, I am Odon, that’s it. And because they want more respect from others, the Ecumenical Council did something: they try to find a sign to show you are a pastor; wear black shirts with a white collar. Anyone who sees you will know you are pastor.

But no!! God didn’t ask for that. Your works will show who you are. And what are these colors, black and white, darkness and light together? They are neither hot nor cold. The Bible says that these people will be spewed up. The people who use these colors, might have a black and white soul too. I don’t know why they choose these colors, when God said that a light can shine everywhere, near and far, everyone will see where the light is.
Those who smoke even 100 metres away from you will show others where they are, although the cigarette is tiny, anyone will still see something is there. So, it’s even more for us who have such great light in us.

The pastor must not be quick tempered, but he must be peaceful and gentle. But go and visit Police stations and you will see pastors with problems with the government, problems with their wife and more. What kind of pastor is this who appears in front of a court to be judged? The Bible says that, we are the one who will judge the world, the law is under the power of the Bible.

Some pastors come back home, let’s say Michael is pastor and Sylvie his wife, and at work a patient disturbed him and he thought he would ring. His wife answers:
- How are you?
- Not good. I will come back home.
He arrives at home angry, and instead of knocking at the door he kicks it. He is not drunk. The door opens with a kick, and he comes in furious. He puts aside his pastor’s uniform, he puts his Christian heart aside and he is now wearing Goliath.

- Sylvie, I want to eat.
- I am not ready, I just need two minutes.
Deep in his heart he feels right to unload all his anger on her.
- And you are never ready, you are always late, you do this and that…
His son comes in:
- Dad, what’s wrong?
- Shut up! Go away!
Two minutes later, a brother comes to visit:
Knocking… and everybody looks at each other: who will open the door?

The pastor opens the door.
- Ah brother! Welcome. Nice to see you. Take a seat.

He changes his attitude and shows hypocrisy and the brother will see there is no problems in here. So pastors want to show holiness outside their house, but in their home it’s nothing but a mess. Let’s be careful with this. Pastors must be fair and holy, self-controlled, attached to the message of God, not the message coming from the Baptist or Pentecostal church.

For example, in Africa, to be baptized by the Holy Spirit you must speak in tongues. As we visited churches, when we met with the church leaders, they would first ask, “Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Do you also speak in tongues?” But this is only one gift, there are many others. And if you don’t speak in tongues, they put you aside. You are not of their people.

Go to the Baptists:
- Do you speak in tongues?
- Yes, I speak in tongues.
- So, you don’t belong to us.

Go to the Seventh Day Adventists:
- When do you go to church?
- On Sundays.
- Oh, we do on Saturdays. You don’t belong to us.

Where are we? Are you Christians or not? To be filled with the Holy Spirit is a sin for them. Not to be filled is a sin. Speaking in tongues, you don’t belong here, not speaking in tongues, you don’t belong here. So, who do I belong to? We must know the divine doctrine and not the rules churches make. Let’s follow the Word of God. The Bible says that you can’t add or remove anything from it.

Titus 2:7-8
7 In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works:
in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,
8 Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary
part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.

The servant of God must be an example and most of them after sharing the Word with other Christians, say, “Remember when we started we asked the Holy Spirit to lead and teach us because it’s written in John 16:14 the Holy Spirit will teach us. So when I preach, it’s not me, the person you see who preaches.” As long as they act with the power of the Holy Spirit, they are pushed to say what they say. But when they stop preaching, they go back to their normal old lifestyle.

And you will see pastors who drink alcohol, smoke, become prostitutes, steal, love money, don’t have faith, and those who join the world to act and be one of them. Is this the light that will put darkness to shame? The light that comes into the darkness also becomes darkness. This is terrible. Pastors must know where they are up to.

Let’s walk like Paul who said to follow his example as he follows Jesus’ example. But pastors today don’t do that. If you follow your pastor example, you will see mistakes, you will see that Christian life is meaningless. So what should I do, Christian, if I witness this? I must pray for my pastor that God may help him and make him strong to walk like Jesus walked. Christians, servants of God, we must know we have such a great responsibility to take care of God’s flock.

Pastors are married, so pastors’ wives must also comply with God’s standards. But this is what we see: about 75% of them are worse than parrots. They speak far too much, they criticize everything and comment on everything. It is better to close your mouth with the pastor’s wife and keep quiet, woe to me if I speak! They are the very ones that Christians fear!
‘If I tell my problem to my pastor, and he tells his wife, all the newspapers in NZ will publish it.’
There is a saying that goes: “pastors marry radios stations”, because they can’t keep quiet and are never tired. A radio station can actually spread better than a newspaper. All messages come and go all the time: if a piece of news comes at 12 and the next piece at 13, the radio will never say no, they will broadcast everything. It doesn’t even take 2 seconds.

Let’s say Michelle has a problem and she tells the pastor’s wife.
- I have a problem, this and that.
According to Titus 2, the pastor’s wife must advice young ladies how to live in their house. When the young lady comes and tells her problem the pastor’s wife thinks in her heart:
- I’ve got the latest piece of news to publish. I must tell others.
And as she talks to the visitor, she thinks afterwards:
- I’m going to phone Marcia, this sister and others.
And Michelle finishes:
- Thank you so much. I am going now.
- Bye Michelle, may God bless you.

Before Michelle reaches the door, the pastor’s wife is already on the phone.
- Hello. I was blessed today. God was with me today.
- What happened dear?
- Michelle came here and told me this and that and that.
- Really? And what did you say?
- Michelle is younger than me. What do you think?

And Michelle thought she talked to a trustworthy person but when she hears this later maybe through Peter, and he will tell her Steve informed him and Steve from Hayley and Hayley from Michael and so on, this is a whole chain. It was a small problem but the whole church was informed. What’s next for Michelle? She will be broken and shocked and she might tell God, “I am disappointed with Christians, it’s better to live with pagans.” And some people say “Better to be a pagan than be a Christian like Pastor X”.
- Do you belong to this church?
- Yeah.
- I don’t. No thank you.
- Why?
- Your pastor.

Some souls refuse to come to Jesus because of the pastor! Others refuse salvation because of the pastor’s wife. Pastor’s wives be careful with the way you behave. The tongue is a little member of our body, but it can lead the whole body into a big problem. So, pastors’ wives pray for your husbands and for God’s work and do what you are supposed to do without curiosity.

The Bible tells us that pastors’ wives must have holy lives and avoid gossiping, drinking wine, they must give good advice, and on top of that, they must practice Ephesians 5:22 & 24. She must love her husband dearly and great submission must accompany this love.

Submission must be in everything, it’s not about women’s rights as women say, “This is my right.” Our law and our right is the Bible: up to you to choose and know what Master you serve. If you are a pastor’s wife, accept to live according to God’s will, and if you find it difficult ask God to help you so that you can make it.

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