Sunday, March 28, 2010

Justification of Life (part II)

By Odon Bulamba (14 February 2003)

There was a man in the Bible named Job. Job was married but one day he became sick. What kind of advice did Job’s wife give him? She told him to curse God and die. Did she love Job? I think she had had enough with her husband because of Job’s sickness. Job’s wife was afraid of catching Job’s sickness; she thought that it would be better for God to kill Job so she could have a better life, ‘Justification of life’. The actions of Job’s wife justified her faith, and what she did justified how much she loved Job. Do our actions justify how much we love our husband or wife? Job’s actions were rewarded because he was faithful and his deeds were good in front of God. Job didn’t accept the influence of his wife, which was from Satan.

So what did Job get from God? He received double the portion, but what about Job’s wife, was her attitude different towards Job because of the blessing? When Job was sick she fled from his presence but now that he is rich, where is she now? Imagine, do you think she still wants God to kill him? I think not. If Job’s wife was Job, what do you think would have happened? We must control our actions because one day they will testify to God.

Everything that we do on this earth is written. Like the hairs on our heads are counted, so are our deeds by God, He doesn’t miss anything. The justification of life for Christians must start on earth so we can start preparing our deeds. Where we are weak we need to ask God to be strong to find a right balance because in the last days the church will judge the world. Do you know why? Because the church will be pure and the church is you and me.

When the trumpet sounds two people will be in a field, one will go and one will stay. Those who go are called the church of the living God; those who justify their lives today by their actions are the church of the living God.

If you make a mistake today don’t hesitate to ask for forgiveness. By doing this you are justifying your life before God. If you don’t do anything about your mistake you risk to forget about it and once this happens it will be hard for you to find life again. This is why we are called to justify our lives. It is not about justifying our lives like the world does. It is not the time to protect our name and personalities, instead, if you are wrong then confess.

There was a woman in the Bible who did a good deed. When Lazarus died everybody cried etc, but this woman didn’t accept this death and found Jesus. In difficult circumstances or when everything is buried, we must know that Jesus is near. We must call Jesus to give others another chance and after this life will be seen again.

As Christians we must justify our actions with good deeds. Justification of life is important especially when we seek God’s presence in others through prayer. Let’s help others to be comforted. Nothing is worth more than life, if you have life you have everything, but once your life is gone everything you had will go with it. If you had great knowledge about computer programming this will go down with you.

We must remember that life is very dear. As we look after our bodies with creams and perfumes, so too must we look after our spiritual life. Life isn’t the body but life is inside the heart and this is what God wants us to make beautiful. Is God attracted to your soul? If he isn’t attracted to your soul, why? If yes, then praise the Lord.

Many people have material riches but their souls are poor, they are alive but dead. Is your life a living life or a dead life? The justification we are talking about is not for the dead but for those who are still breathing. So if your soul is still alive then praise the Lord, keep on feeding it so you can meet Jesus. If your soul is dead, grace is still with us. Help your soul receive life again. It won’t cost you 5 minutes or $1.

Tell God that you want Him to give life to your soul so that your actions will be good for Him. Tell God that you want to feel the anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit in your life; this is what you need from Jesus. When God speaks through His servants ask God to help you know your mistakes so that you can repent. Amen.

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