Sunday, March 21, 2010

God is at Work in You (Part III - more on courage)

By Odon Bulamba (17th March 2010)

Once again, I praise God to see this beautiful, cool and blessed morning. We are Thursday today! How fast our days pass...!

I think that it was a bit of challenge for most, if not some, of Hamiltonians to come out of their blankets this morning as the temperature was a little bit lower compared to what they are familiar with for the past few days. Some of us wish if today was a Saturday so that they could stay longer under their duvets. How powerful is cold! Cold can easily influence our bodies and minds to make a wrong decision of not going to work, school or starting our day with motivation. I will say that coldness, on its turn, kills our courage and sometimes pushes us to postpone if not change our programme.

Does spiritual coldness exist? Have you thought about this other courage killer, the cold? I confirm to you that spiritual coldness exists. Imagine if your spirit or soul could feel the cold that you felt this morning... what type of jersey, sweater, jacket, pair of gloves would you use to protect your soul? Would you stop all your spiritual activities and wait for the warmth to come from somewhere? May be you turned on your heater or air pump on this morning to warm up your walls (house) so that your body can feel good and happy. What heater pump do you use for your soul? Is it a oil heater? Electrical heater? Um! God gives to us signs and things surrounding us to learn from and to remind us about where we are up to. May God warm up our souls and spirits for ever and ever, in Jesus name.

Have a joyful day full of courage.

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