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Justification (Part III)

Man’s Heart – Between God and Satan

By Odon Bulamba (14th March 2003)

On the second page I did a man; this can be a man or a woman. He’s not an African just because he’s got short hair, he could have long hair. So don’t think he’s an African, don’t think he’s an Arabian, don’t think he’s a Maori. Here we are talking about man in general. What is here represents his heart, maybe this man is ugly, and it reflects what is in his heart. Because I couldn’t show how ugly is his heart just on his face, if you look at it you can see anger, maybe you can see hatred, and other things. And in this mans heart we see a few animals. Who can tell me what they are? A Lion, Peacock, A Pig, tortoise, Dog.

This is what was in this man’s heart. This man was a Christian like you and me. This man believed in Jesus and Jesus Christ created him in his image, but there is something that showed what’s in his heart. It’s like there is a man that is standing up in this man’s heart. Who can tell me whom he represents? Satan. Why? How can you tell that’s its Satan?

This is how the world represents Satan. If you look at this man he’s got muscles. So Satan is strong and Satan has techniques to fight, he’s also someone who can easily grow. He can easily control man’s heart. We are going to talk about the eye.

This eye you can see it’s an eye of a man, and why does a man have an eye?
The eye lightens the body, eyes help man to look after what is around him and it also helps not to fall into a trap. The Bible tells us a few things about the eye. So this man went astray, far from God’s will, but God’s eye is still in his heart. Although you are a Christian and you do wrong and Satan reigns in your heart and your life, God’s eye will never go away. Each minute God’s eye will control you. Every minute He will tell you there is a danger and each minute God will be there to control your life because He is the one who gave you this life.

Try to have a loan from the bank and you will see the bank will follow you. Has he paid today or not, and if he hasn’t paid, why not? What will happen? Might be fined or have to pay with interest. Also someone will ring you to tell you what’s wrong or you get a letter. It’s the same for God he tells the sinners, “what your doing is not good”. To tell the Christians you know what you are doing and I don’t like it. God’s eye never sleeps, it’s always open. Satan can grow but God’s eye is always there and for you as Christians each minute you must justify yourself. But remember that Gods eye sees you. Odon you take this? No, it’s not me! I wasn’t there; ask Michael I was with him somewhere. Deep in my heart God’s eye sees everything and He will remind me, “No you did this and I saw what you did”. I can deny in front of Him but God’s eye will talk to me. If I am a child of God I’m called to practice justice, I’ll say yes God’s eye is just. So I must admit my mistake and repent

Job 34:21,22His eyes are on the ways of men he sees their every step. There is no dark place, no deep shadow where evildoers can hide.”

So nothing can stop God from seeing what is deep in our heart. In darkness our eyes cannot see but God’s eye can see. In darkness you need light to see but God doesn’t need light. We must always remember as Christians that God’s eye is always with us.

God is watching our steps. He’s also watching our behaviour. You might do wrong against my brother Paul, but you must remember one day you will have to justify that. Why do you want a problem, to make yourself in trouble? Why don’t you finish everything on time so you will not have to justify later.

When we are Christians we must know who we are. If I made a mistake I must say I made a mistake and if I am right then I leave it at that. God is not far and his eye is not far either.

Jer 17:9-11 The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve. Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay, is the man who gains riches buys unjust means. When his life is half gone they will desert him and in the end he will prove to be a fool.

So everything we call secret is not secret before God. Everything our conscience tells us, God also knows. When your conscience says do not do that, God is there and He sees what is deep in your conscience. So why do we do wrong if God sees everything? If God says I’ll come and visit you at home will you prepare yourself to be holy on that day or not? Yes you’ll be prepared and you’ll say God come when I’ m ready. You’ll avoid problems with people because you’ll remember that God will come soon. But God is here with us, He is here every day, He’s our great guest everyday. But often we ignore his presence.

One day I was curious, one day a friend found a bat somewhere and he took it. This bat had touched the power lines and it lost its life. This brother wanted to take this bat, and he took it home and he prepared it. He invited me to eat. I’m telling you it’s true, it was a bat and he said, “Eat!” How can I eat that? He said eat! If you really want to be successful in your life eat that. Me eating a bat! So I can find everything in my life? I said yeah, I want to have a taste. I took a piece, and I thought about it. In front of me I could see the head of this bat, and I could also see the teeth and its nose with the ears and big eyes. I had no appetite. He said, “no eat!” And he ate with joy. I said all right I asked my conscience to fall asleep so I can eat to please this man. And I ate. I was wondering did I eat a bird or an animal? Later I asked myself why did I eat that? I thought that my conscience was asleep. But God’s eyes weren’t asleep, sometimes we have to say to our bodies; body forget this. Sometimes we say to our thoughts, my thoughts stop there. But God’s eye is still there.

After eating this bat I found a good light and God visited me. That was the first time I’ve been thinking about a bats life. What kind of life does it have? Every one of us can think more about this.

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