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Revelations 9 (Part 8) The Sixth Trumpet

By Odon Bulamba (26th August 2005)

Revelation 9: 17 “the heads of the horses were like lions heads, and fire and smoke and sulphur came out of their mouths”.

The horses had heads like lions and from their mouths came out fire, sulphur and smoke. Lions are apparently beautiful animals but when they get angry, their voice is frightening and their roars can be heard in a distance of 4 km.

Today there are lions everywhere even in NZ, they are getting ready for the coming war; these are tanks. They apparently look nice but if it opens its mouth, you’ll see only fire, smoke and sulphur. There are tanks in each country under the sun, even Vatican has some. What for? To protect the country against any attack; people answer. People use their brain or lots of money to build the best tanks. People make beautiful, attractive and expensive plans for that. We are frightened though and we know they can only bring death. Who can buy death? They are trying their best to be ready for the big war against Jesus-Christ.

This war will not only be political but it will also happen in churches. Churches are good at accusing people. People gossip and take private information to others, this occurs in churches. So with these tanks human beings will be killed and today we are killing each other with our way of talking or doing things. People are really hurt.

Remember that God said to Adam: “The day you eat this fruit, you’ll die”. After eating the fruit, did Adam die? No. So we might call God a liar. For God though, Adam was dead, he couldn’t see him anymore and that’s why He had to call him, “Where are you?” Fortunately, Adam still had the courage to say where he was, but unfortunately he was away from God.

What about us? Do we see that people next to us are dead even if they look alive? The church will kill a third of the church and the politicians will kill a third of the politicians, fisherman will kill a third of the fishermen and so on. The UN will not come and kill a third of our nation, we will kill each other in different ways physically and spiritually. It will happen everywhere even in democratic countries.

Revelation 9:19 “For the power of the horses is in their mouths and in their tails; their tails are like serpents, having heads; and with them they inflict harm”.

Imagine someone fighting with you. In front they can kill and in the back their tail can kill as well. So the politicians can kill half of the third of the world and the church will fulfil the other part. It means that our government will try their best to install peace and democracy through new laws they are voting now. These are actually contributing to the fulfilment of the Word of God so that at the end of the times, children will never obey their parents thanks to an Act that protects the child.

That Act doesn’t protect the child against sin but encourages the child to sin and makes it unlawful for the parents to correct the child. This is a big mistake. Another way: be free and feel free! And pastors will go and bless wrong marriages in God’s eyes for money.

So, wrong things will be supported by the church. Remember Jesus told us about five virgins who had lost their senses. Half the church will walk for Satan and the remaining half will go through tests and trials so that only a small number will remain and accept to join Jesus forever.

When churches will change their laws, we will start to support them as snakes. Snakes are small and weak animals and if you hold their head properly, they can’t bite you but if you don’t know how to hold their head, they can kill you. That’s what we do in our spiritual journey, we try to apply the Word of God according to our feelings and our will. The Bible has become a book that people use to defend their mistakes, to cover them and to show everybody they know better that anyone else.

God draws our attention again to the altar: think about its four corners, about atonement. Never forget it, otherwise you’ll get lost. None of us is perfect, we are sinners, accept it and ask for forgiveness. Repentance doesn’t cost anything.

There was a church in Africa that had to deal with problems. They decided to take a lamb, and go on top of the mountain, kill it and take its blood to spread everywhere. People would take it as sign of forgiveness but where does the power of a lamb’s blood come from, is this magic or cultural? In this instance, people wanted it to be a sign. This was a danger because people don’t know what they are worshipping, they make covenant with a power they don’t even know about. Be careful with things around you.

In some countries, when a child is born they bury the cord of the newborn baby and plant a tree. They say when the child grows up they know that under that tree there is something that belongs to them and they will respect the tree and treat it like their god because the tree knows the secret of their life but if a witch picks up that cord you can easily be killed.

So, people keep worshipping Satan and God at the same time, without knowing it. This exists even in Western countries. They call it culture. Remember that a Christian has only one culture and it is the same all around the world, it’s not the culture of your tribe or country.

So you see how much those serpents, churches will destroy the world. Even behind Islam or terrorism, churches are there today to destroy.

This is my advice: never be a fan of a particular church because fanatics destroy. If I am a fan of someone, whenever he does wrong I will agree with him. If someone says something against that person, because I am his fan, I will be shocked and I’ll talk negatively against that person. I’m not saying: Don’t go to church! But never forget that salvation is a personal matter, look after it properly.

Be careful not to bite others. Many Christians today bite and poison others. If people are from different denominations, they refuse to work or have any contact with them but if they belong to the same denomination or the same church, people will be nice and friendly to each other. This is a danger. It’s better to first belong to the Church of Jesus Christ and then go to a local church. Your church or your pastor will not take you to heaven. Let’s struggle for our salvation.

Jesus told us about the Pharisees: Accept what they say when it’s good but do not imitate their actions. Don’t be misled. In NZ, you might be told that unless you belong to this particular church, you will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Even the pastor might teach you that salvation is to belong to his church because it’s the best one. Few pastors will tell you to go to the church next door because they are not sure of their church.

But John did, he said that whoever wants to know God more, just follow God not him. Nobody will say in front of God: “Sorry God, I’ve been misled by this person. That’s why I didn’t do what I was supposed to do.” Did God call you “Brethren” or “Closed brethren”? So let’s be really careful: stop, repent, and adore only God not things that have no meaning, not our denomination. Otherwise we might adore demons without knowing it.

Question: Is the verse 16 talking about a physical or a spiritual army? That’s a physical army, which later will be given a power from Satan because that army will not die but keep on fighting.

Question: You talked about the river Euphrates in the Garden of Eden, was the Garden a physical place?  According to the theologians, the Garden of Eden was somewhere in Iraq. They talk about it as a physical thing. But we are a bit blinded and God doesn’t want to show it to us because according to theology it’s protected by angels. God doesn’t want us to see it, and that’s why we can’t see it. But personally, I think the Garden of Eden is somewhere else and the River Euphrates is in Iraq today just to remind us where things started. God wants to show us that this was the limit of my people and this limit isn’t there anymore. People can cross it and go to another country on the other side. For example, Iraq is invaded by many armies from different corners of the world and they can easily use that river to carry weapons on boats. They use that river in a bad purpose just to fulfil what the Bible says. So the time is coming. Eden is somewhere but we can’t see it and we will find out more about it when we get to Revelation 22.

Question: Are you saying that the Garden is on the earth? Or is it found only in the spiritual world?  Maybe both. The Bible explains it clearly spiritually. But physically we can also say where the rivers Euphrates, Tigris are. These names were given to these rivers because they are signs of the end of times and God wants us to learn from those signs.

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