Thursday, August 11, 2011

Revelations 9: 13-21 (The Sixth Trumpet) Summary

The role of the alter (Ex 30:1-12) is a special place where God meets with us, but He requires perfume to be given to Him. Aaron was not allowed to go to that place unclean, he had to prepare himself physically and spiritually and if not he would die. It’s a serious place with no jokes. God comes close to those who try to be clean and if you are not clean, God will keep some distance towards you. We have more responsibility than Aaron, we who are strong have to help the weak and we who have knowledge have to share and we who have love must love everybody and we must serve God every second of our lives.

Aaron’s children tried to offer a different sacrifice than God asked and they were killed and we also must not offer any sacrifice but what God tells us and that is all.

Atonement is when someone accepts they are wrong, this is when atonement is fulfilled but if you are not convinced then there will be no atonement and if you don’t have atonement it will be very hard to hear the voice of God (God’s voice comes from the alter).

Vs 14,15 (Gen 3), three angels will come out from the river to destroy the world. God bound them so they couldn’t move because their presence means death. These are not evil angels but angels that God has control over and as we are talking, these creatures are coming out now, the boundary that protects Israel has been broken down and these angels are being freed. They will occupy four corners of the earth and will attack the world and kill one third of the people under the sun.

Vs 16, the 200 million people in the army represents the UN which contains 190M soldiers already and they are prepared for war although they call themselves peacemakers. They will be the strongest army in the world and they are put together from all nationalities of the world = Armegeddon. They will say that they will fight against Israel but when Jesus comes back they will fight Him. They need the baptism of satan so they won’t fear.

They wear a breastplate which represents protection and because they are called peacemakers they are sure that they can’t die. On the breastplate are red, blue and yellow and when you mix colours it brings confusion. The first colour is red (fire) and the second is blue which will hide the first colour and they call themselves blue helmet. The next is yellow and these three colours are found in fire and they will use fire to consume the world although they claim they come to bring peace.

Brimstone/sulphur = Sodom and Gomorah. There are toxic fumes that kill you whenever sulphur is burned. There is a mushroom growing up and we can see the stalk and soon the head will follow. E.g. we accuse muslims of terrorism and others accuse Islam and others accuse Americans and others accuse Russians; it is a confusion and we don’t know who is doing what but at some stage it will be clear.

Blindness will be given to the church for example many Christians in US voted for George Bush for a second term although the first term was terrible, and this is like Lot before Sodom and Gomorah (blindness).

Vs 17, The lions represent tanks and 1/3rd of human beings killed of tanks today. We are also killing each other with our actions and way of talking. When Adam ate the fruit he was dead for God because God couldn’t see him anymore. The church will kill 1/3rd of the church and the politicians will kill 1/3rd of the politicians meaning that we will kill each other physically and spiritually.

Vs 19, the horses have power in their tails like serpents and the government today brings laws for example to protect children there will be no smacking of children and this will be supported by the church but this will kill the children morally. This is like the five foolish virgins and ½ of Christians will work for satan while the rest will go through tests and difficulties so the number that will follow Christ will remain small. The serpent (the church) will destroy the world so don’t be a fan of a church because fanatism destroys. We have to look after our salvation and if we are not careful we will be bitten by the church.

Vs 20, we have to be careful to not make anything around us idols or to swear on anything.


- the alter is a special place where God meets with us
- God comes close to those who try to be clean spiritually
- we have a greater responsibility than Aaron (give strength, love and knowledge)
- we must only do what God asks of us and nothing more
- to hear the voice of God we must have atonement (accepting when we are wrong)
- don’t be a fan of a church
- look after your salvation
- don’t make anything an idol or swear on anything

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