Monday, February 8, 2010

Preparing to Fast (Part II - Forgiveness)

By Odon Bulamba

The second point is from
Jeremiah 48:10

“Cursed be the one who does the Lord’s work negligently, and cursed be the one who restrains his sword from blood"

The one who is lazy towards God’s work deserves a curse. We know that we are lazy. Nobody on this earth can say I do God’s work with 100% courage. As Paul said, “I want to do what is right but my body doesn’t allow me, when I pray my body is tried, I can’t find the time to visit others and I can’t even find the time to give the gospel to others”.

The one who doesn’t use God’s sword will be cursed. The sword is the word of God. The sword of the Lord is the truth and each Christian must have this sword. A sword is not a toy but something we use as a weapon because God needs to see the blood in the life of man. So we must use this sword to bring life. Others must be taken to the Lord so He may see them.

Tell the Lord, “Since I have been on the earth Lord how many times have I brought souls to You? How many times have I used Your sword to cut peoples lives so that You can find life in their blood? I’ve known Your word for a long time but I don’t use it to cut, so please forgive me Lord. I’m lazy; please forgive me for that because Your work needs strength. Please give me the strength to take away laziness and also teach me how to use Your sword”.

Those who learn how to use a sword have techniques. They are taught how to kill people with ease. Tell the Lord, “Teach me how to use Your sword so that blood can come out and that I will not be cursed because You are not a God who likes to curse, but You are a God who likes to bless. I need Your blessing of forgiveness in my life right now Lord”. This is the first step for asking God to forgive you.

So now we are going to kneel down and pray with what Jeremiah prayed to His God (Jeremiah 32:17-27 and Jeremiah 48:10 and ask God to forgive us. After this we will ask God to forgive us for our laziness, and once this prayer is over we will feel free.

Mark 11:25-26
,“Whenever you stand praying forgive if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your transgressions.”
“But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father who is in heaven forgive your transgressions.”

It is now time to tell the Lord, “I come before You to forgive all who have offended me. Each person that You know who has done something wrong against me please forgive them. As for me I forgive this person”. We must have this as a seal in our hearts and must not remember the sins which they have committed against us. Never remember the wrongs people have done against you so that God can do something among us. If you know the name of the person who has offended you and you keep it in your heart tell the Lord to take away what is in you so you can forgive this person. Tell God the name of the person but remember it is between you and God so do not let anybody hear you.

Now we are going to ask for purification. The bible says that if your sins are red like blood, Jesus’ blood can make them white as snow. Yes our sins are forgiven and we have forgiven those who have sinned against us. Now is the time for our hearts to be white. We must not use any bleach but Jesus’ blood, which doesn’t cost a thing. It will not cost you any money but you will tell Jesus, “I need You to purify my thoughts, purify my heart, purify my spirit, purify my soul and purify my body because I want Your presence in my life”. So ask for purification that you can be white as snow.

We are going to ask for sanctification. “God, may Your blood be with us, may Your blood sanctify everything in the house, may Your blood flow over our hearts and thoughts, and may Your blood work so that Your glory can shine in us so there can be spiritual unity”. Although some people who you pray with are physically far away, spiritually they are in unity. We are going to ask for sanctification for us present here in this house so that we can communicate spiritually. Although Michelle is in a corner and I am in another corner I will know what is in Michelle and Michelle will know what’s in me.

We are going to ask for Jesus blood to react, it is now time for the blood of Jesus to touch each problem in our hearts and thoughts. As we concentrate today we have one goal, that Jesus’ blood will touch our goal. Let us stand now and sing a song. Let’s praise the Lord. You can walk around, dance, do what ever you what, but show your joy to the Lord because He is now with us.

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