Thursday, February 18, 2010


By Hayley Boud

What is sin?

Deut 9:7, when we don’t obey God
James 4:17, when we know what is right but we don’t do it
Romans 14:23, whatever is not from faith
What is the consequence of sin?
Rom 6:23, Gen 2:17, death
1 Cor 6:9, shall not inherit the Kingdom of God
Hebrews 10:36-31, judgement

Is it possible to not sin?

John 5:14, 8:11, sin no more
1 Cor 15:34, 1 John 3:9, 5:18, born of God therefore we cannot sin

What are some practical ways to stop sinning?

1. Make a decision in your heart
2. Ask God for help
3. Meditate on what you are doing
4. Read the Word of God
5. Keep a diary and prayer notebook

We are on a road that leads to heaven, and this road is narrow. We must be strong and very thin to make it. Sin will make us weak and it will be like carrying a big awkward back pack on your back while you are caving. You will not fit in the cave and you will either have to remove this bag or stay where you are and never find your way out.

The first decision is in our hearts

What defiles our body is what comes out of it, from our thoughts and from our hearts. We make a decision in our hearts and our bodies will follow. Our body belongs to us and it’s up to us to decide, we can say no to sin, it just depends on our heart.

Satan only came to Jesus three times and then he left. Once we get mature, our sin will flee from us. Jesus had power against satan and anyone with a bad spirit wanted to flee Him (they would tremble before Him). Satan will also flee from us, once we are strong. If he comes, just resist him. If we are not strong, remember, God has the power to resist him. The first decision is in our hearts. Decide, I don’t want to defile my body, because my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. If I fall into sin, it’s because I didn’t decide in my heart that I wouldn’t do that.

When the sin is there, and your heart starts making bad decisions, tell your heart, “I command you to do this because I don’t want my body to sin.”

While Mary was carrying Jesus, she was in danger of being killed because according to that time, to be pregnant without being married is a sin. The religious people had the right according to their law to stone her. But God protected her. She was carrying Jesus in her womb and she did her best to protect Him. She understood that what she had in her was Holy and that she had to be careful to protect what was inside of her, from sin, so she protected herself from sinning. It’s the same with us, when we receive Jesus, He protects us and helps us to discover our sin and helps us to not fall into sin. So we must protect Him who is Holy (and who is in us) from sin.
Ask God to help you
Ask God to give you the strength so you cannot sin again. Jesus gave us the solution in John 15, the Father is the vinedresser and He prunes the branches that don’t bear fruit, He cuts them off and throws them into the fire. There are certain parts of our Christianity that don’t bear fruit, the Father cuts them off, they are burnt and they disappear completely. My weakness is anger or my weakness is my thoughts or my weakness is my mouth, I must go to Jesus and say, “I don’t want to sin anymore because this sin has lead me to slavery. I don’t want it anymore, cut it off.” Jesus will do it because people who would come to Jesus found healing and He would say, “sin no more.”

Meditate on what you are doing

When you are alone, meditate on what you are doing. In everything I do, is the glory of God in there, or not? If yes, that is good. If no, I must change. Observe yourself carefully because nothing is hidden from God. If you see something you don’t like, you must change.

List them.
Read the Word of God
God says that it’s through lack of knowledge that my people perish.

We know we must read the Word of God to get rid of sins. If anger is your problem, you must read all the verses possible about anger and compare them against your own personal life. If I fall into anger, what does anger produce? Anger produces death. Death is smelly, and so tell God, you don’t want to be a smelly rotten corpse before Him, and so He must help you. Anger will prevent you from entering the Kingdom of God, and so tell God that He must help because you don’t want to be left outside the gates with those who are gnashing their teeth.

If it’s your thoughts, or your mouth or lying, take the Word of God, find all the verses you can regarding that sin and use them to tell God reasons why He must help you. And use them to encourage you to be strong and not give in to satan.

If we use the Word of God in this way, satan will hear, “It is written,” and he doesn’t like it because he will see Christians applying what Jesus started 2000 years ago and he hates it.

Keep a diary and prayer notebook

All Christians must have a diary and prayer notebook. How do you know if someone has grown spiritually? By the change in his life. But you will not see the change in yourself. One good way to know, is to write everything down in a notebook. Every time you sin, write it down and at the end of the week, check the book, to see where you have improved.

Satan fears writing. Jesus said to satan, “It is written.” If we write things down, you can always say to satan, “remember what I wrote in my book, I had trouble with you, but I wrote it down and anger had a problem in me, but now it has no place in me.”

So I would encourage each one of us to start writing in a notebook. I try to do this as the last thing I do before sleeping. I examine the day and then write down where I sinned. At the end of the week I can see whether I have improved or not. If I have improved, I praise God. But if I haven’t it is obvious that I need help and the Bible tells us to confess our sins to one another and pray for each other. So if I have recurring anger, it is good for me to humble myself before my brothers and sisters and confess this sin, and ask for them to pray.

So, lets sin no more!

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