Tuesday, November 24, 2009


By Odon Bulamba

Today we are going to talk about the Bible. Is the Bible really the Word of God? Because the Muslims say that the Koran is the Word of God and every other religion that has a book will say that their book is the Word of God. So we are going to see why we say that the Bible is the Word of God. In the beginning God created Adam and he was God’s friend, Adam didn’t know that God was God. For Adam, God was just a friend and he could do anything. Even when Adam sinned, instead of asking God for forgiveness he said to God, well you gave me this woman, if you didn’t give me this woman I wouldn’t have sinned.

Man was nearly equal to God. From that time on God wanted to make a rule and this rule would be the rule that would judge and condemn us. God found Himself in a situation where Adam accused Him, saying, “You gave me this woman”. After that the name of God started to change and as we know the first person in the Bible to call God, “Lord” was Seth, Genesis 4:26. Seth was a decedent of Adam, Adam regarded God as a brother or a friend but Seth discovered that this God shouldn’t be called brother or friend but rather, Lord. From that time on people started to pray whereas before that time people didn’t pray.

However, God saw that sin continued on the earth, at the time of the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah, so God said now I must institute a law and everything must be written because people will forget but if it’s written people will remember. So God made the 10 commandments by Moses. God saw that there were people on the earth before Moses and the law wasn’t written yet, so how would these people be judged. So God decided to do what is written in Romans 5:13, He said because there was no law before Moses I will forgive all the people who lived before that time. So those who died in Noah’s time and in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, we shall see them in heaven because the law wasn’t there yet.

God’s mercy is boundless. When I left here last night I was on my way home and when I got to the corner I felt strongly that I had to go and see Guillaume, so I stopped the car and prayed, God allowed me to go to his place so I went. As I was praying for Guillaume God changed everything that I had planned, I was supposed to be talking about praise today but God said no, first talk about the Bible, so that My children will understand how important this Book is and so that they will also know how to use it and after you have talked about the Bible you can talk about praise.

In the beginning there was no law and yesterday was also the first time for me to discover that, because the Bible says in John, in the beginning was the Word however this Word wasn’t written at that time. That is what God wanted me to share with you tonight.

According to theology, the Bible is a set of books that were written by different people over a period of 1,400 years, it is a book that doesn’t contradict itself. But God revealed something to me; He said that the Bible wasn’t written by different people, it was written by only one person, however, in different branches. God said He was the one who inspired those people to write the Bible. Therefore, He was the only one who wrote the Bible. God used different parts of His body (branches) so that the Bible could be written. It wasn’t Moses or Isaiah’s knowledge that wrote the Bible but it was only under the inspiration of God. That is exactly why nothing can contradict the Bible because there is only one person who wrote it. It was as if someone had fallen asleep and was dreaming, it is not your will to dream what you want, the dream comes and you just dream it. God told me that in the beginning Moses was not there but Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. So who revealed all of what was in Genesis to Moses. God said to me, can’t you see that I am the one who wrote the Bible. Spiritually speaking, Moses didn’t have anything but because God chose Him he started to respond and be interested in God. God said, “and with my finger I wrote the 10 commandments on the tablets”. Because people wouldn’t believe that God could write, He wanted to use human beings, but He said, this Bible is not from human beings. When you say that a few people wrote the Bible, God says no. If you are a writer, you will use your thoughts to write, but those who wrote the Bible didn’t use their own knowledge or thoughts. Perhaps this is the only time that you will ever hear this kind of message, it is something spiritual so keep it for yourself.

The Bible was written in Hebrew especially the Old Testament, a few books such as Ezra and Jeremiah were written in Aramean before the deportation of the Israelites to Babylon and after that the writers wrote in their own language. After praying with Guillaume I went home, it was 1.30am and I had to stop my car to be able to listen to what God had to tell me. God told me one more time that what I am telling you today is the basis of everything that you are going to do and if you lose the value of the Bible or if you don’t understand what the Bible says it will be very difficult for you to read, meditate and understand what God wants.

I told God that I was confused because I have found two types of Bibles in my life, one has 66 books and the other one has more than 66 books, so I had the opportunity to ask what was the best one.

Today, men want to make money by selling the word of God, for example we have the king James version which has existed since the 16th, 17th century, every five years this version will change, it always says a new version and they change words which diminishes the meaning of the Bible. God says, keep what you have because the Bible that will be used here in NZ in two or three years will not have all of the original texts and My power will not be in this book. People will preach with this Bible but people will not accept Jesus. People will read this Bible that will have no power and there will be no transformation, they will always be sinners.

So I asked God, which one is the best Bible? God said what I have told you, you must understand and everybody must also understand what I said. God said, the first copy (10 commandments) that I wrote to Moses was broken because of man’s sin so I made a copy and the original is no longer there. The very first Bible is the one that I have blessed but the rest I don’t know. I was confused, what is the first Bible? God didn’t answer but I have discovered myself today that the Protestant Bible was the first one, the Bible with 66 books, the Greek Bible was written a few years later. If you want to be wise read the 66 books, you can read other books but don’t put your trust in them. The word of God is what the Bible is, why do we call it God’s word? 2 Timothy 3:16, why is it the word of God? Because it was inspired by God, He said that He alone is the author of the Bible, the Koran wasn’t inspired by God as well as other books, they were not inspired by God, God wanted to inspire this book, the Bible. Why did He inspire this book? The Bible says, it is to teach us the truth, we must know the truth through the Bible and apart from the Bible there is no truth.

Don’t be confused. Never accept any truth apart from what is in the Bible. God inspired His scripture so that all errors could be unveiled. God didn’t want us to be in the wrong so He gave us the Bible to teach us. Because I am nothing I could be a Muslim or a Buddhist or another religion that doesn’t use the Bible, those who are in those religions and believe in other books are mistaken and they don’t know it. By His grace, God wanted us to know the truth, it is only by grace that we are saved.

God inspired His Bible so that we can correct our mistakes, God sees that we make many mistakes and we sin all the time so He wanted to inspire His word to be able to correct us and give us the right pattern to live and so that the man of God will be perfectly equipped and able to do good works

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