Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Bible (Part III)

By Odon Bulamba

Eph 5:26, this is Jesus’ Word, through His servant. He says we are purified through water and through the Word of God. Other Bible’s say that we will be purified through water and this water is the Word of God. Water is life because in water we can find everything that is necessary for the body. God’s Word, however, is worth more than water. When God talks about water, it is to show us the purity of it, we have been taught that water is pure, for instance if you mix mud and water, this water automatically becomes impure. Water has no colour but mix it with another colour the water will not hide it and the colour will be seen by everyone. This is exactly what God will do with us. God will reveal to us everybody’s life. Maybe when you see Keith you will know who is Keith and he will not be able to hide anything. Because you are pure, something that is not pure will be revealed by God. God’s Word must also purify us and the purity we have will help others to be pure too.

Psalm 119 says, you must have a pure behaviour. Once you have been purified by God’s Word you must walk with it and keep it, by keeping this purity it will make you grow spiritually. How can we keep this purity? It is by reading God’s Word, by praying and by asking God to help us practice His word.

Personally I didn’t know that you could take a branch from a lemon tree and put it on an orange tree and it will give you 2 kinds of fruit, nevertheless, this is a sin which I didn’t even know. I discovered it one day in Deuteronomy, God said, I don’t want that. I (Odon) had a tree like that at home and I cut it down. When God reveals something and it is written in the Bible we must listen. For example; if someone takes the sperm of one animal and mixes it with the sperm of another animal such as a horse and a zebra you will have neither horse nor zebra, you will have the height of a horse and the stripes of a zebra and it is very beautiful, people are attracted, however God revealed to me that this is a sin, it is written in the Bible.

Today what is happening is called progress, it is something normal in science but God says that He is against this. We must purify our conduct, the way we speak, the way we walk and everything we do, also in our spiritual life. We are not here to please the world we are here to tell the world that Jesus is returning soon and the world will be condemned.

Most Christians, especially God’s servants, when they are invited to a church they always want to say nice things about the pastor and give honour to the assembly instead of telling the Christians of the dangers. The gospel you accept to bare will be to tell people the truth, whether they accept it or not, the truth must be said, never fear, never tremble and keep your control. The beginning is difficult but when God’s Spirit is with you, you will do it and everybody will be astonished. Some people will say, “Can Peter say that, can Michael say that...” Some people will say that they are demons, so you can expect that, they will tell you that you are in confusion, they will say that you belong to a Christian group that is not theirs. Be strengthened because Jesus Himself was called Beelzebub, it was hard for Him but He said that “everything I have lived, you will live it too”.

We should ask God to put His Word in our hearts because when His Word is in our hearts we cannot sin, Psalm 119:11.

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