Friday, November 27, 2009

The Bible (Part IV)

By Odon Bulamba

The Word of God is our spiritual food. I can see here in NZ when people go to the supermarket there are all different kinds of food, but people choose what they want...

However, for God, it is not the same thing. God says that you cannot add or take away anything, all the food that is there you must eat, everything in the Bible is about Me (God) and you cannot say that you will eat one part but not another. Some people will say, for example, that was for the Ephesians but it is not for us. Where is the book for the French in the Bible or for the Congolese or the New Zealanders? Our letters are not in the Bible but God says accept everything and don’t change or add anything.

It is up to you now to start meditating on the Bible and to eat this food, don’t wait to be hungry to eat the Word of God, it is very different from physical food, even if you are full, eat, because there will be a time when you will look for it and you won’t find it. An example; I had a brother who was a Christian but he wasn’t used to reading the Bible, when he had to give an exhortation at church he said, I don’t know what I’m going to say. He couldn’t find anything to preach about, why? Because he didn’t read the Bible, he wanted spiritual food only when he was hungry. He wanted to be fed so that he could give other’s food. God told him something, He said, “If you are not worthy to serve Me and if you are not available to meditate on my Word, then go”.

That was hard, it is hard when God tells you to go away. God put His trust in you and gave you all the gifts and they are here but if you show that you are lazy for God’s Word, God will put you aside because laziness is a sin,. How many people were able to go to Canaan? It was only Joshua and Caleb. Why was that? It was because the others were lazy they didn’t want to leave where they were and go and walk.

Belief is personal and to serve God is also a personal decision. God called many people in the Bible but they didn’t want it, God even forced them. If you wait until God has to force you then it will be terrible, it is better to accept even though you have weaknesses, just say, “I know that I am weak, help me” and God will help you. Instead of saying I want to do nothing while you have already committed yourself to God. If you do this, you will have a serious problem.

Matt4:4; it doesn’t mean much physically but spiritually it is of great value. There are 2 kinds of life, the 1st one is the breath and the 2nd one is the Word of God. Part of your life is for bread and the other part is for the Word of God and it is up to us to weigh up what is the most important one in everything we do. There are 24 hrs in a day, how many minutes do you give to God and how many hours do you spend for your bread, you can weigh this up and know where you are up to. You can also weigh up how much time you spend sinning and how much time you spend doing good.

Because we are at the beginning we are talking about the Bible, this is what we call spiritual food. As Michael said last time the first step is milk, maybe some farex next and then solid food. If a baby is not breastfed he might risk to be weak all his life and fall sick all the time, so milk is very important for the human body and to understand the Bible is very important because it will help us in our spiritual growth.

The Bible says that it is a sword, Eph 6:14 & Heb 4:12. It is a double edged sword; it will cut ahead of you and behind you. I can cut you with it but I can cut myself with it at the same time. Although I am a servant of God the Word of God must also correct me and condemn me too as I correct others. When I say God loves you it also comes back to me. God is making us perfect and preparing us for His work. Let’s be kind with each other, little mistakes are many but the Bible will help us to correct them little by little. If you think your brother or sister is making a mistake, just pray, go and talk to him and pray together, that is the role of the Bible.

The Bible itself cannot be explained but the power that is in you and the spirit you have will explain the power in this Bible and it will give life to the world. The Bible helps us to overcome temptation. What did Jesus say to Satan when He was tempted, He always said, it is written... When we are tempted we also must use the same word of life. For example; I want to steal something, deep in my heart God says no don’t steal so I tell my body it is written do not steal, however, if I don’t know clearly if stealing is a sin or not then I will sin. It will be my fault because I haven’t taken enough time to read the Bible. As you read the Bible you find how people sin and they don’t even know that they are sinning.

One day there were some people who wanted to beat me up. It was a church like the Salvation Army (but not the Salvation Army). In this church there men wearing a uniform with a hat, like policemen. I said that men must not wear hats inside the church, or when you are at God’s service. It was terrible, they wanted to eat me alive, they took me away and they used Jesus name against me, they said “Satan, in the name of Jesus we cast you out”, then they pushed me out of the church. I was telling them the truth. The world today doesn’t want to know the truth, when you talk about the truth that is against their community or personality, automatically they will say that you are Satan. It is really terrible. We must win over Satan and have a power in us. We must tell God to help us in our service with everything that is going to happen because people will abuse us, humiliate us. We must say to God if I am shocked I will be ashamed of You and I won’t make it, so give me the strength, give me the courage like David and Moses.

There is a servant of God in the US called Benny Hinn. One day I wrote him a letter with another brother. When he answered me he told me that when he started his ministry he was mocked, he was just about to give it up but God helped him, God gave him strength and today when he raises his hands, people fall. Now all those who mocked him are now his friends. It is always difficult at the beginning but when you will start to see all the gifts working everybody will come to you. They will all say good things about you and say that you deserve to be servants of God.

In the world other servants who have eyes can already see something here in Hamilton, to confirm that we will contact servants of God in the world and they will tell us what they see here in Hamilton and that will encourage you and give you the courage to carry on with everything. You will be like them and work greatly with God, only if you don’t give up the truth that is in here (Bible). Our mission on this earth; 2 Cor 13:8 & Num 23:19. Everything that contradicts the Bible is a false doctrine. The anti-Christ is already in this world and already lives with us, so if we are not careful we will lose it. Don’t add or take away anything. Check everything you are taught and you will be good servants of God.

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