Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Bible (Part II)

By Odon Bulamba

If we are talking tonight about the Bible it is because God Himself called you and you are men of God so you belong to God, you are His servants, He gives you some importance in His kingdom. He wanted us to understand what the Bible is so that we won’t sin and make mistakes, so that we can be taught the truth, so that we can correct our mistakes.

How do we correct our mistakes? One day I asked God about it and He showed me that I had learned something the wrong way. When I was a child at Sunday school we learned about Noah. When the rain stopped the raven went to see if it was still raining, the raven didn’t come back and maybe he ate some of the dead bodies. God said to me that I was mistaken because what you learned is not in the Bible, so God corrected me. There are other examples. For instance people say it is not written in the Bible that we must not drink alcohol, it only says that we must not be drunk, this is not true. Because those people don’t read the Bible enough and are not prepared to be called men of God, sometimes God just leaves them. But when we become men of God, automatically we become prisoners of Christ. I can tell you today that God has taken all of you and put you in a prison, from now on don’t do what your will wants, you must always do things according to the will of God and in everything ask God for His opinion. I think you all know what a prison is, a prison is there to correct when you are wrong and when you have made a mistake you are jailed. They will give you a uniform, you won’t dress the way that you want, you will wear what you will be given and maybe you will be given your shoes, maybe your hair will be cut off, maybe you will be whipped in the mornings, there are many stories about prisons, in a prison you cannot go for a walk when you want. This is the same thing with you, God has sealed you with His Holy Spirit, you are now prisoners of Christ. Paul says in Philppians 1, I am a prisoner of Christ. So woe to those who want to do their own will.

To be perfectly equipped to do God’s work we must really know the Bible, to know the Bible is not to memorise all the versus but it is to understand what power is in the Bible and to know how this power works and put it into practice and also to know how to help others have the same power.

2 Peter 1:1-2, all teachers are here, God told me that before the false teachers existed they invented false Bibles and if you read their Bibles you will always be mistaken, so pay attention. Personally I thank God because He gave you discernment, it is really a great gift. It will help you understand where the truth and errors are. False teachers are not easy to pin point, I told you one day that you can have a bank note, one is true and one is false, to tell them apart you must be very careful, if you are not careful you will think that it’s only money and you’ll put it in your pocket, but the day that this bank note will go back to the bank, the bank will know that it is false, then people will try to condemn the one who did that, so pay attention with teachings that we have been taught and with what we are being taught.

We are going to talk about another point. The promise we have in the Bible from John 3:16... Therefore everyone of us will now, by receiving what God will give him must go to help those who are in Satan’s prison and bring them to God’s prison and that will be through the word of God. You are going to preach, exhort, perform miracles, prophecy and when people ask you how you do it and you can’t answer, it will not be good. Everything you do, you must be able to explain it. If you have the gift of prophecy or teaching you must know how to explain things according to the word of God, never accept a prophecy that is against God’s word, never accept a teaching against God’s word, you will be in trouble if you do.

This word that God gave us is spirit and life, John 6:63. Eph 5:26, man can’t do anything, man alone cannot do anything, this is what Jesus said. He said the Holy Spirit gives life and the word that I gave you is spirit and life. If the Holy Spirit is not in you then it will be difficult for you to understand the word and to explain it to people, it will be difficult for you to give other people life. Because you have different gifts, ie, healing, miracles, the ministry of pastor, prophecy and others, these gifts must give life to others. We already have the Spirit and the Spirit must produce life through the word of God. Maybe you will say how? Personally I can’t explain it but God who gave you must lead you and confirm it and you will give life to a few people. Maybe if you pray for the dead they will rise up again or if you pray for the sick they will be healed, you will preach to the so called Christians and they will be born again. You will also preach to responsible Churches and they will accept life, but if we don’t walk according to the will of God, instead of giving life we will give death.

God revealed something else to me, it was a vision, for example; there was a mother who was pregnant and she didn’t know what her child would look like, the mother was joyful because soon she’ll have a baby. A doctor examined her and he said to the mother, “you will give birth to a child, but this child won’t live”. The mother asked, why? The doctor said, “Because the one who you knew that conceived this child with you has aids and this child already has the symptoms and these symptoms carry death, so the child will be born but he will have symptoms of death in his body and the child will die”. God said, this is the same with us, God has prepared us as people who will give life to others but if what comes out is mixed with sin, then all those who will listen to our words be born spiritually sick and will carry death.

Faith comes from what we hear from the word of God, if you are impure and you give out the word of God people will also take this word and carry this impurity because it will be a seed that you have sown in them. You will think, I always preach but people don’t change, God will say, “I am holy and My word is pure and you are the one who gave the mistake, you were impure”. Wherever you go to do God’s work always try to be pure, before doing anything, first fix up your own life and after that you can go and help others. So, the mother of this child lost him. After a while he had a rash, at the beginning the child was beautiful but then he became ugly. I understood that if we preach the good news and there is something impure in us that it will have an effect. John 15:3 says that the teaching that we have makes us pure, everything that we are taught is to purify our lives, it is to prepare us to do God’s work, without this purification we can destroy.

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