Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Revelation 11 (Part 7) Adam & Eve

By Odon Bulamba (7th April 2006)

God gave control to Adam for everything in the world; diamonds, gold, petrol, animals, lions….what more do they need? Nothing. No danger and they have all the wealth of the world, what more do they need? There was only one danger, God said, “Don’t eat this fruit”. Adam thought he could easily overcome a simple thing like that but the more that time passed by, the more that human beings felt unsatisfied. This is the same with us, the more time passes by, the more we forget about God’s provisions for us and we get tempted and sin.

After Adam and Eve sinned, God came looking for them. He asked them, “who told you that you are naked?” Instead of answering, “my conscience”, Adam kept silent. Maybe they ate the fruit in the morning and God waited the whole day until evening to see if His friend could come and say, “I’ve sinned” but Adam was a bad friend and kept quiet. How many times do we keep quiet when we make mistakes and we wait for others to discover and if they don’t, we quickly forget it.

Adam blamed God for giving him that woman who caused him to sin and how many times do we also judge God. If God existed I would never be poor, justice would be done and this couldn’t happen.

Then God asked Eve what happened and she blamed the snake even though God had given them control over everything. There were lots of justifications.

Then God sent them out of the garden to do some work, maybe He was trying to correct His babies, maybe He thought, ‘ok, you will suffer, just go a little time out of the garden, do some work so that you can eat but I don’t want you to suffer too long, your suffering will end one day, then come back to me and I’ll give you life again and I’ll protect you somewhere where there is no suffering anymore, where your life will be even better than what you have known before. This is just a matter of being corrected.”

Before they left God gave them animal skins to cover their nakedness. They had already covered themselves with leaves but this wasn’t enough, God had to use the blood of an animal to cover their sin. Today, it’s the same, we try to cover our sins using philosophy or maths or our knowledge or science but God keeps seeing our nakedness through it all.

On the day of the Lord, all the dead will come back to life but God will not listen to any justification anymore as he did for Adam. There will be the judgement. During that time some people, the prophets and those who respected God and belong to Him will receive their reward. Will you be among those people? Do you really know if you belong to Him and to His Kingdom? Do you know if you respect God or not?

What does respect mean? To obey Him and keep His commandments. We have to follow the ten commandments and decide not to sin. Satan will never force us to sin, it’s our decision.

Jesus came down with only one commandment, to love. There are three major things that go together and we need all three for each one to work; love, faith and hope with love being the greatest of them all. If you are unable to have hope or faith, or if the ten commandments are too much, then work on love according to Corinthians and slowly, slowly you will get there.

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