Saturday, September 24, 2011

Revelation 11 (Part 8) The Day of the Lord

By Odon Bulamba (7th April 2006) summary only

On the day of the Lord, God will destroy the world at His coming and the first people He will destroy are us. Today most of the Bible teachers are liars, teaching the Word of God only to gain money and the teach us to disregard things in the Bible saying they are old and only for the time of the Corinthians or telling us that the message wasn’t intended for us but only for the Ephesians etc.

So tell me, if this is only for the Ephesians or for the Corinthians, what is for us today? I have never seen a chapter in the Bible for New Zealanders or for the French. The book of Chinese or Russian is not there. Some teachers tell us because we are not from Corinth and we live in the 21st Century, then this book is not for us. But God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, so we have to take it and accept it and if we are wrong, we still have grace to repent.

Today preachers will leave aside teachings that might disturb those in the church who give a lot of tithe. They won’t talk about smoking or drinking because those that smoke and drink might run away from the church and their money will run away with them. So the preacher must talk about something else and attack the poor to protect the rich people’s mistakes.

Today preachers will tell you to buy their book to find solution to your problems instead of pointing you to the Bible. You will never find solutions in their books because the writer aims to make money. God is the solution. Money has become a problem in the church today; the preacher is given the gift to preach freely, so why don’t the preach for free?

Today we can easily criticise our politicians but what about the kind of politics we are doing? We are destroying the church of God. The day of the Lord is the day that Jesus Christ will come back, we will suffer and God will punish those who have been selfish. We want to make profit and we stop others benefiting, we want all the glory for ourselves and nothing for others. When someone is in trouble, we don’t even take a minute to kneel down and pray for them, we don’t have time to intercede for them but when we cross hard times, that’s when we remember others and we ask them to pray for us.

When the Son of man comes back on earth He will ask us, “what did you do with the coins I gave you when I left? Have you used them?” What will we answer, “I was too busy, I didn’t have time?” God will answer, “I will take them away from you and you will be punished.”

Let’s pray. Pray for yourself, for hope, for faith, for love and pray for someone who is next to you in this room and for everybody here and commit each one and their problem’s to God’s hands.

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