Monday, May 16, 2011

Revelations 8 (Part XI) The Third Angel

By Odon Bulamba (1st July 2005)

Revelations 8:10-11
"The third Angel trumpeted. A huge Star, blazing like a torch, fell from Heaven, wiping out a third of the rivers and a third of the springs. The Star's name was Wormwood. A third of the water turned bitter, and many people died from the poisoned water".

The 3rd angel came down to blow the trumpet and not everyone in heaven heard it, it might have only been John. People who were in Patmos at that time might not have heard it. But we know that the writer of this message heard it and wrote it down.

When we listen to the Word of God we have that grace to hear it but other people don’t have it. We must also write it down and tell others so they can be aware. If we don’t tell them, we’ll pay the price of it.

We will soon finish this book of Revelation and then we’ll start to experience what is going on in this world, in our community maybe even in our group. We must know what we are doing, why we are here, why we pray, why we praise God, why we really go closer to God and who He is. If you don’t know yet, it is time to start to think, think about the great salvation we’ve talked about. It is time for the great salvation, this is the time we can now present our sacrifices to God and say “This is our family members, our children, husbands, people. We want them to have salvation; we need you to do it because this is the time of great salvation.”

This time will disappear soon, it will be removed very shortly and when it ends I’m not sure it will be the right time for Shari to pray for her father or mother. God will then say He can’t listen to her anymore. Although you adore Him and you sing for Him, the book of Jeremiah says that He will close His ears because whatever we are doing does not glorify Him. So we really need to work hard for our people. Maybe you know the book of Revelation but our people don’t know anything about it. Maybe they are confused, they are not sure if there is life after death. We are supposed to tell them.

Let me ask you:

- Can you stand up in front of your unsaved friends or family and say: ‘I want you to know salvation”, can you do that or do you have to think 3 times before doing it? Is it easy for you? Why not? Because of their response, so you can see how God has given us people but those people can answer you back. They put up barriers, which you must face. Will you stand up in faith and ask God to grab those barriers because He has given us power to break things and He said that whatever will be opened under the sun, will also be opened in the heaven.

So if we come together and say we are praying for this person God can do something. Let’s put doubt aside and we will see things can change.

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