Sunday, May 15, 2011

Revelations 8 (Part X) The sheep are dying

By Odon Bulamba (1st July 2005)

The fifth plague of Egypt was the livestock dying...
How many sheep have we lost in our churches, in our group in our community? How many did we kill? Think about how often churches lose Christians, yearly, monthly and so on. How often do we lose friends because of our non-Christian way of living? That spirit is acting now. Let’s watch out, let’s keep whatever we have because the Bible tells us that the servants of a certain man were given coins while their master went travelling. When he came back he started to ask, “What did you do with my money?” They said, “I did this and got a profit.” or “I didn’t use it because I was afraid so I hid it and this is your money”.

Jesus is against that. We must use whatever we have or have been given and protect the benefit carefully. If we are given people to bring to salvation let’s not act like the Pharisees destroying them and letting them run away. One day we will pay the price for it. We have to really hold whatever we have done, we have to be proud of what we did and ask God to give us enough ability to look after what He gave us.

For example, we had many prayer subjects for our unsaved friends and family together on a Wednesday. How many of them have you personally prayed for, not as a group but in your own time at your home and not only for your own family members? It’s a big responsibility and one day God will come back and say to you, ‘how many times did you pray those prayer subjects I gave you? And up to now you haven‘t done anything.’ So you’ve lost that soul we don’t want him/her to get lost because of you, or because of others.

We can easily get things from God but we put them aside and we say God here they are if you want them. We didn’t find time to pray, fast or look after your people properly but anyway they are alive and here they are. God will get angry, we must act properly, we must know what to do and at what time to do it. The right time to do things is very important in our lives because without time management in Christianity we’ll get lost and confused. We’ll not understand the signs God gives us to know what is coming and what has already gone. So we have to be really careful.

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