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Revelation 8:8-11 (10 Plagues of Egypt) summary

By Odon Bulamba (1st July 2005)

Moses knew what was coming for Egypt because God has told him and this is the same today for the church, we know what is coming for this world but the world is completely ignorant. We see the signs and know that Jesus is coming back soon so we have to find a place where we will be protected (as the Hebrews did in the land of Goshen, Ex 9:26) where those things will not reach us. That place is what we call our faith in Jesus Christ and we must be really protected under the blood of Jesus but we must inform others about the punishment that is coming.

Whatever God told Moses to do, it was done and the same with us, God has given us promises saying He will take His church from this earth and it must happen. Now we have to tell people because if they are not in that place of refuge it will be a disaster.

Frogs cover their eggs with an oily substance that protects them from the water in which they are hidden and today Christians can be fully covered by the Word of God (water) but they do not produce glory for God. When the frog eggs hatch the creatures do not look like frogs and it is the same with the church today; satan puts something down in the Word of God and hides it there and that thing is growing up slowly and one day it will come out and destroy the church. That is the spirit of no trust (doubt) and that is the first thing that satan puts into the church.

These frogs came from all different rivers to the city of Egypt and today we have all different Bible versions that are used by politicians, magicians, students and researchers in the world (Egypt represents the world) today for whatever purposes they want.

A frog makes a lot of noise and today in our church, governments and countries we have many Christians living like frogs, they talk not for God’s glory but to hide things (the frog has something under it’s mouth that is hidden, it inflates and deflates as it talks but you can’t see what it is). Christians want to share the Word of God but we cannot express our ideas clearly so it sounds like a frog croaking. We are not clear because we are afraid of what people will think, we talk in circles avoiding to say the truth so we don’t offend people.

Frogs jump and many people today in church have that movement of jumping and are not stable in their lives. After a frog jumps they fold up their legs underneath them and unless you saw it with your eyes you will not know they just jumped and we have to open our eyes to see what is going on around us because our church is losing control and we are moving away from God’s will.

The frog is a minister of God who does not recognize God’s power and wants to lead the church or his ministry according to his knowledge and ability. The people will now get some eggs (maybe from satan) and they will put them in the Word of God and produce new Christians who are Christians without faith. So pray and ask God for help so you can discern who is who in the churches and who I am myself in the church so that maybe I will not find myself to be a part of the population of frogs.

Gnats are really small insects that cause so much suffering to your body and we as Christians must know how to protect ourselves from small things that can make us sick. These insects represent sin in our lives and there is no small sin or big sin because sin is sin for God. Sometimes we can’t see them in our hair and we need someone to show us and it is the same for sin, I need people to warn me, remind me and show me and I must be ready to accept there is something wrong. These insects come and go in our lives and it’s not always easy to see when they are there or not and this is the same for satan; don’t expect him to come with horns and a tail saying, ‘I am satan, protect yourself’. He may even come as your husband or child.

These insects came from dust which does not normally produce insects and today things that we don’t expect can produce something and surprise us. Science, the Word of God, the way we confess things can produce things that will not glorify God. With your strength you can build or destroy and with your thoughts you can sin or glorify God. So we have to be really careful in the small things we do.

The Egyptians also took dust and created insects and today pagans are watching Christians and imitating them.

Dust is something important because we came from dust and God made us that way and when we see dust we know that something is not clean and it’s the same for our bodies, God made us responsible to tell our bodies when they are not clean.

When the third plague of flies bite the pain is terrible and increasingly gets worse and today the church is going through a struggle where servants of God and people of this world use knives to stab Christians. We have to control our words and our actions in front of people so as not to destroy others. Snakes don’t bite unless provoked and today the defense of a Christian is not to attack people but to commit everything into God’s hands because God says that vengeance is mine.

Pharaoh told Moses they could go and sacrifice inside Egypt and today countries are trying to corrupt the church, they want to use the church to manipulate people. For example they tell pastors to tell their congregation to support a party at election time. Moses said no to Pharaoh but many servants of God do not say no and they accept to manipulate their people. If you want me to do something and cover it by the Word of God then you are adding something to it and whoever adds something to the Word of God will have something added to his life later.

When we start praying for political parties that are misleading the church it becomes a danger and it’s the time where God stands up and says, ‘second angel, blow your trumpet!’ and by doing so a mountain of fire comes down on the earth into the sea killing a third of the sea and changing it to blood. Today we are living this, God has sent a big fire in the church. The fire of Joel chapter three is there to inspire us when we talk about the Word of God and things to come, having dreams etc. This fire will not only help the church to be saved but to destroy the world and that spirit today is destroying a third of the world. There are many people who are led by that spirit who are not chosen by God, they are just there to give false prophecies so we can ask for discernment but many Christians are too lazy to pray for discernment. Most people pray for the power of healing or miracles or money but forget about discernment. If we ask for it we will understand things like Elijah; 400 prophets on Mount Carmel couldn’t light a fire but Elijah poured water over the animals and fire came from heaven. Today we are praying for fire but before the fire can act properly it must be mixed with water.

When the fire comes, what sacrifices have you prepared for the fire of God to burn? We just need the Word of God and pray over the sacrifice. Because we don’t do it, God is intervening with anger because the church doesn’t understand. In order to punish the church God will send a fire which will take away grace and salvation but we don’t repent. God will harden our hearts so that we will not allow the Word of God to penetrate us and everything we receive from God will be just like fire.

When the angel blows the third trumpet a great star will fall on earth that is poison and today poison is everywhere and the church is contributing to that by teaching people to put their trust in human beings. The star is called bitterness and this is in the church and everywhere in the world today.

The sheep will die and today how many sheep have we lost in our churches, in our group, in our community? How many have we killed? We must use whatever we have or have been given and protect the benefit carefully (the coins given to servants by traveling master).

Only John heard the trumpet blown and today we have been given the grace to hear the Word of God but other people don’t. We must write it down and tell others so they can be aware, if we don’t we will pay the price.


- the 10 plagues of Egypt are a parallel of Revelation which is a parallel with today’s situation in the world and church spiritually but later it will be done physically.

- the frog is a minister of God who does not accept God’s power and wants to lead the church according to his knowledge and ability

- the gnat is sin (sin is sin, small or big)

- the dust is to remind us to clean our bodies from sin with the blood of Jesus

- the fly represents Christians ability to hurt others with actions and words

- don’t manipulate others with the Word of God

- don’t be mislead by false prophecies – ask for discernment

- protect what God has given us

- trust others

- we must warn others of what is to come

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