Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Pray (Part 1.3)

by Odon Bulamba

James 4:5, or do you think that the scripture speaks to no purpose: “He jealously desires the spirit which He has made to dwell in us”?

God is jealous because He created you in His image and when you go against His will or don’t talk to Him He cries. He gives you gifts but you refuse to accept and this is what makes Him jealous. Because God created you a Human Being and when you don’t do what He wants, it Hurts Him.

We have to put all our gifts into action. When you receive Jesus Christ the Spirit of God is with you. Amen. But what is your gift? What spirit do you have in you and how do you use it? You’ll find that many Christians don’t know what their gifts are; they want to pray for the sick but don’t have the gift of healing. Have you got the gift to pray for the sick? Jesus said go and pray for the sick. There are two different points, first pray for the sick and evangelise, second is to have the gift of healing, What is your gift? You can have the gift of teaching or being a Pastor, so have you discovered the power that is in you? You can have the gift of having people at home.

You have to know where you are up to. If I’m in a prayer group I have to know who each one is and I have know which gifts belong to each one. When I come with a sick person and I know for example Sue has the gift of prophecy, I will not go to Sue but to David, for he has the gift of healing. Amen. We need to know each other’s gifts because when we pray for others we cannot go without armour. Joshua prepared himself for war with shields and swords, so we have to prepare ourselves with spiritual armour.

We cannot pray without being prepared. When we fight we fight against the world of darkness. If you start praying without being prepared the devil has the strength to defeat us. There was a man who suffered from an impure spirit; this is not just a story. He went to one of God’s servants (a Pastor) and this Pastor did not humiliate himself. He took the man into his room and prayed over him, “I command you in the name of Jesus get out!” The spirit woke up; the spirit could see what was in the Pastor’s heart. The spirit knew that the Pastor had a problem with his wife and his friends so his prayers were blocked. The demon created a fire in the room and this Pastor was consumed by fire because he wasn’t prepared to pray. If you are not ready to pray then don’t start. You have to get ready spiritually and physically.

If I do something against Peter I must go to him and make peace with him. It’s impossible for God to hear a sinner’s prayer. We have to give ourselves to God with full humiliation. If you are not ready to pray for a sick person then tell them give me one or two days so I can talk with God to know what to do, because God has His plans and we cannot change that. We have to ask God first. If He says no, then it is no, don’t be ashamed in front of that person to say that God doesn’t allow me to pray for your sickness.

The church today has regressed spiritually because people only see money. If I pray for a minister to be healed he will give me money. If I have this gift and God says I don’t want to heal this person, you’ll find that this will be hard for you because a minister can do what he wants with you. The minister will say your God is a liar but because you want money you’ll say, wait a little longer and my God will heal you. Can you see how we would rather lose eternal life just for material things? Amen.

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