Monday, May 3, 2010

Prayer No: 4 (Power in Prayer)

By Odon Bulamba (summary only - 9th September 2005)

Behind prayer there must be a power. Whenever you say to God, ‘I need Your support’, God will respond and be glorified. God needs men of power. Who are men of power? All of us if we accept to give God our time to pray. Praying is a matter of accepting to give God time, it’s not an obligation, it’s your responsibility to know how long and how many times per day or week. When we don’t pray with power our bodies will be tired so we have to ask for God to help.

Don’t pray so people can hear you because that will take away the power in prayer. To pray we have to speak with God with personal feeling. We have to kneel down before God to ask for help and accept our weaknesses, then God will work for you.

When we pray we must have an aim, ‘why am I praying?’

You must prepare your self (purification.)
- admit I’m a sinner
- say sorry to anyone I have a problem with
- tell God, I’ve sorted out my problem, now please forgive me
- come close to God and tell God what you want to pray for

When you need a powerful prayer tell God, ‘I’m here and I want to feel Your touch so I won’t be distracted and I will pray in power. I need Your presence here so I can feel you close and not far away’.

The Holy Spirit is there to modify our prayers, tell God, ‘we need Your Holy Spirit to lead us’.

II Chronicles 20:1-14, he prayed seriously because of danger. We can easily pray seriously for ourselves but not for others. We are selfish in praying and not good at putting ourselves in other’s shoes. Jehosaphat said we have to share in the problem; how many times have we fasted together? If you want God to manifest power in your prayer you have to train yourself in prayer, you need to make prayer a part of your life. The more you pray the more God will come close to you.

(vs15) the battle is Gods

(vs 24, 25) how happy would you be? God is powerful and can do anything. ‘We need You God to confuse these problems, let them kill themselves and not me’.

After (1) purification, (2) put in your head and heart, ‘I don’t have any other option but God.’ Then (3) define what you want to pray for and tell God with precision.

The more we show God we are searching His face, the more God will show Himself to us.

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