Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prayer No: 1 (Mathew 6:9-13)

By Odon Bulamba (summary only - 12 August 05)

Mathew 6:9-13

“Father hallowed by Thy Name”
God says, ‘if you call me Father, that means you have brothers and sisters; who are they?’ You have to identify who is your family before to call me Father. And who is your Father?

What does hallowed mean? Why do you want my name to be hallowed? You can’t pray something that you don’t understand. If you don’t understand, ask God to help you. Hallowed means to make God’s name holy. How do we make it holy? By being holy yourself. So what does holy mean and why do we want the Holy Spirit? [In previous Bible studies we have learnt that if children are naughty people will assume it’s because of bad parenting and if children are good, people will know it’s because the parents are good. It’s the same with us as children of God, if our actions are holy people will know our Father must also be Holy and this will make His name to be called Holy.]

“Kingdom come”
Where? Where do we want the kingdom to come? God says, ‘I’m ready to bring my Kingdom into your life, are you ready to receive it and are you ready to accept me to lead you, are you ready to offer your body, soul and mind and let me be King of your life completely, 100%?’

“Your will be done”
God says, ‘My will is that every person that believes in Me must follow My instructions. Change your ways, you are not the same person as yesterday, accept me to correct you.’

Give us our daily bread”
We must feed new Christians with our daily bread. We have to learn everyday from the Bible something to teach others with. This is the daily bread, it is eternal and it will never stop, it’s what you give to others so God’s Name will be Holy. What do you give to others or tell others so they can know God’s Name is Holy?

“Forgive our debts”
Have you forgiven your debtors? Have you solved all the problems you have with others? Count from Monday to Thursday and see how many sins you did. To be free in God you must repent your sins.

“Protect me from temptation”
Do you accept God’s protection? If you want to be far from temptation control your body and mind so God’s name can be called Holy. If you control your mind you can control your tongue, we must think before to speak. In doing anything ask yourself, is God here?

“Deliver us from satan”
The power over satan has been given to you and you are stronger than satan. When you resist, he’ll flee from you.

What does Amen mean? God says, ‘everything that you ask of Me, if you agree with Me, it will be done as we said.

There are two ways of praying: with God which is in Spirit and in Truth or to recite a text which is without Spirit and Truth. We have to ask ourselves, does what I tell God have a meaning for me?

Before to pray we must prepare ourselves, ask am I ready to pray or not? Even before to eat, when we say grace we must make sure we are pure to pray. We need to transform Hamilton and New Zealand and we need to pray for people so they can see change and see God. Before to pray you have to understand what you are doing and saying. We need to know the secret of prayer. The power of prayer works together with promises, if you made a promise with God you must fulfil it. If you are not ready to fulfil it then don’t make a contract with God because He doesn’t forget.

Ezekiel 33:18,19
You have to know how to forgive people. You can live a righteous life but at the last minute if you sin, God won’t be happy and some can be punished by God.

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