Monday, March 21, 2011

Revelations 8:1-2 (7th Seal) Summary

By Odon Bulamba (17 June 2005)

After the seventh seal was opened everybody in heaven was silent because they were now expecting for the scroll to be read.

II Peter3:8, “one day is as a thousand years with the Lord and a thousand years as one day”, therefore 30 minutes is 20 years & 8mths which is a long time to be quiet. This is the situation that the world is crossing now, a long time where we are waiting for Jesus Christ to come back.

There was silence and this reminds us that when the Word of God is there to act in our lives, don’t fight against it or bring up discussions.

2000 years from Adam to Abraham

2000 years from Abraham – Jesus

2000 years from Jesus Christ – now
6,000 years = 6 days (we are in 7th day)
We are in the seventh day because the seventh seal is already removed and what we are waiting for is the day of judgment. The seals mean that God is opening the door for the plights to come on earth but those plights will be fulfilled by human beings especially politicians.

Trumpets, require wind that someone blows through the mouth and today many people are good at blowing their own trumpet and whatever others are doing it is useless but God gave seven angels trumpets not to blow for their own purposes but for God’s (therefore we should use our mouth's for God's purposes).

Trumpets in the Bible are used to announce something (Ex 19:16) = the time of the coming of God and this is the first sign God will use to show His people He is coming. The sound of the trumpet will end all activities (silence) even repentance.

I Kings 1:34, God allows people to use the trumpet when choosing a king and when God chooses you, you don’t have to blow your own trumpet, let other people do it. Don’t expect to be appreciated or to be known by everybody, let the sound of the trumpet of God testify who you are, be humble and God will lift you up and people will discover who you are.

The people of Jericho walked around the city of Jericho seven days keeping silent and on the 7th day they blew a trumpet. Let us walk together and not leave anyone aside, let us keep silent and not gossip or talk too much like the women in church (especially the pastor’s wives). On the 7th day silence ceased, trumpets blew and walls fell down and if we persevere with God following His instructions in silence on the right day, the walls will fall down, e.g. our family members will get saved.

The trumpet will be blown for the destruction of the world. The seals are opened so human beings can make lives on others hard and punish ¼ of the world. The trumpets are blown so God will start to punish 1/3rd of the world.

The trumpets are exactly related to the 10 plagues in Egypt; they had to put blood on door post as a sign they belong to God and we also need the blood of Jesus Christ so when the power of killing and death passes over us we will not cry the next day because we lost something e.g. our faith or love etc. Remember that only the first-born was killed so what is the first born in you? SALVATION. If you don’t apply the blood of Jesus Christ in your salvation (the fruit of repentance) to follow Jesus Christ with all you heart, you will lose your salvation.


- The seventh seal has already been removed; we are waiting for Jesus Christ to come back now

- Don’t blow your own trumpet

- We have to walk together, without talking too much or gossiping

- The trumpets are opened so God can punish 1/3 of the world

- We have to keep our salvation by following Christ with all our heart

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