Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Souls Under the Alter (Summary)

Revelations 6:9-1 (the fifth seal)

By Odon Bulamba (20th May 2005)

There are three types of alters but here it doesn’t specify which one it is:

1. Alter that burns the offering (Ex27:1), used only to burn or sacrifice to make God happy or glorified. The souls were not on the alter but under, those people have already finished their journey and don’t have the right to be sacrificed again. They went under the alter to be hidden so no one can touch them, to keep themselves safe from sin.

2. Alter that burns incense or perfume (Ex 30)

Romans 12:1, better to offer body, soul and heart to God so God can continue to protect you, if you only offer your soul and keep your heart and body, satan can continue to fight against you (like someone who offers incense but not sacrifice). Remember your life doesn’t belong to you, if you borrow something from someone else you will use it wisely and be careful. Our bodies don’t have to accept to sin or do the will of satan, if not we will enter serious persecution and we have three different types of persecution:

1. Spiritual
2. Physical
3. Moral/Psychological

The church of God doesn’t normally go through physical persecution (only in some countries) but normally (and here) the church goes through spiritual persecution where they can cry day after day to God; ‘God I want to be strong in my prayers’, ‘God I want to be strong in fasting, but I can’t’, ‘Lord until when will this finish’. God will tell them to wait and when the time will be there, He’ll intervene.

The first person to persecute our internal lives is ourselves, satan brings temptation but it’s up to you to decide, He’ll never push you or force you, unless you are possessed by evil spirits but usually in church, God gives the privilege of deciding.

Under the alter the souls were slain because of the Word of God which is the truth (John 17:17). You can read a story in the Bible but behind that story is a power to save, a power that can modify or transform a human being and that power is called the Word of God because that is the truth. When you read scripture it doesn’t mean anything unless you can discover life in them. The Word of God has body, soul and heart:

Body – the physical book with stories etc

Soul – When your soul leaves your body you die which means your soul is what gives you life and the Word of God has that power to give life also.

Heart – The heart pumps the blood (life) around the body and the Holy Spirit is what transforms our lives.

Whenever the Word of God doesn’t have God’s power leading it, that Word of God becomes powerless, that is why whenever we are called to read the Word of God we have to prepare ourselves, ask God for anointment and His power will be upon whatever we share so that the Word can convince, change and transform and show the way to live. If not the person will forget the message easily but if it penetrates your heart you can remember easily. Souls that are ready to work together with the heart and the body can easily receive the message and keep it.

The justice of God (righteousness) is where we can walk together with God and God is satisfied with our lives and we are also satisfied with His life in us. When someone is wrong and you can see it, if you don’t warn that person you don’t practice justice.

They put on white robes; in the purity of God, whoever is not in uniform will be thrown outside but those wearing the uniform will have assurance they will get into the Kingdom of God.

The sixth to the seventh seal is explained clearly in Mathew 24 and will happen on the day of the coming of the Son of Man. We don’t know the right time when Jesus will come back and it will only take a second.


- We have to offer our body, soul and heart not just one or two
- When we accept to sin we enter serious persecution
- There are three persecutions (spiritual, physical & moral)
- The church of God usually goes through spiritual persecution
- The Word of God is truth
- The Word of God has body, heart and soul
- Before to read the Word of God, pray for God’s anointment

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