Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Revelations 6 (Part VIII)

By Odon Bulamba (Friday 20th May 2005)


In the book of Revelation, they were given a white robe and then something changed in their life. Same for us: if we don’t wear our uniform given by God, we’ll continue to complain but if we know that we have the assurance of salvation, we know that although we don’t receive what we want right now, we keep praising God for that.

People thank God for good things but hardly ever for difficult situations. We think everything that is not a blessing according to our definition of “blessing” comes from Satan. If you’re sick, it’s from Satan, if we are in a position not to receive what we want, it’s just Satan. Sometimes it’s true but sometimes it’s just God asking us to wait.

To have that patience, we need this white robe; it gives us assurance God is with us. He hasn’t forgotten us, He’s by us all the time.

God has warned us that at His party whoever doesn’t wear God’s uniform, will be thrown out.

Sometimes God looks at us and tells us we don’t need this as a child doesn’t need to carry a knife in his pocket. God takes it away from us or asks us to put it aside so that He can support us. If we leave our weaknesses and trust Him, our God has promised to be with us. God wants to help us think about our spiritual lives more than material things we usually ask for; clothes, shoes, money.

There are things like breathing that just happen without thinking. We remember our bodies need air only when we lack air. Our body will notice an impure, contaminated air and will push us to go somewhere else to find nice fresh air. Sometimes in our lives, in our churches we do the same; we allow things that make the Holy Spirit feel choked inside us and we unable Him to take any action. He feels He needs fresh air, something clean from us but our body continues to sin and sin and sin. In the end, the Holy Spirit will keep quiet.


In Chapter 6 of Revelation, the sixth and the seventh seals are clearly explained in Matthew 24. This will happen on the day of the coming of the Son of man. When He comes back, things will change and it will be the hardest time ever. Many people say that Jesus Christ is already back because all the signs are there; they can feel Jesus’ presence. The last thing we’re waiting for is the sound of the trumpet so that all activities will stop under the sun. It’s the unique thing that remains, the end of the activities under the sun. But Jesus is ready to come back now; the sun and the moon are ready to be transformed and all of us are waiting for the Son of man to come back.

If Jesus comes back right now, will you find yourself ready to go with Him? Are your soul, body and heart ready to go with Jesus now? If everything on earth disappears where will you be, with Him or not? Do you really practise justice or is it the time for you to ask Jesus: “Intervene and avenge me”.

Abel was ready spiritually but not physically. He accepted to go for a walk with his brother because he was kind and trusted his brother, he wasn’t expecting death that day.

You might not expect death to come tonight or any danger to arrive now in your life but if that happens, will your soul go to God and ask for justice or will it go to Satan, in hell?

The sixth and seventh seals tell us we don’t know the exact time for Jesus to come back. So, be ready because in one second everything will change. According to Matthew 24, people on a roof won’t have time to come down, someone in a field will not have time to go back home and if you are in a bed with someone, one will be taken and the other will stay. How hard will it be to see your beloved ones go and you stay or the other way round. So, let’s pray for our family, our friends, the people in the society. We want to see them in heaven. Stop complaining and asking for revenge. Better to prepare ourselves to be ready at any second, because we don’t know when the time to go is going to be.


Let’s think: What do these seals teach me? In which one do I fit?

Let’s remember no one as Christian can be loved by everybody in this world. It’s impossible. Once you’ve accepted the Gospel, the world will hate you, they’ll cast you out. Although we’re called to live at peace with everyone, they’ll hate us, not because we’re bad people but because God has put something in us. Don’t be shocked if people tell you they hate you. Be happy for that. They’ll say they hate black people, they hate our lifestyles … Praise God for that. But if you keep it inside your heart somewhere and after ten hateful words, your heart will start to get heavy and you’ll start to condemn people, judge them and hate them. It’s not our mission.

Let’s pray and ask God to prepare your soul, mind and body to be ready at any time.

Let’s pray for weak Christians so that God can support them and fulfil His plan into their lives.

Let’s ask God for patience, strength, being in white robes so that we can understand the live we’re living.

Pray for our country, people around you, etc.

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