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By Odon, 27-04-01

Who were Moses’ parents?

If we know Moses we must also know his parents, we can’t know the fruit without knowing the tree. His father was Amram (Kindred of the High; i.e., "friend of Jehovah.") and his mother was Jochebed (Jehovah is her glory).

So Amram had married his aunty. And the children of Amram: Aaron, and Moses, and Miriam. 1 Chronicles 6:3

20 And Amram took him Jochebed his father's sister to wife; and she bare him Aaron and Moses: and the years of the life of Amram were a hundred and thirty and seven years. Exodus 6:20

II Samuel 6:6 The chariot was pulled by oxes and David knew that the law said that Levites were to carry the arc but David preferred to make a golden chariot and decorate it the way he felt like. To build this chariot was David’s will and not God’s will. When the arc of the Lord was back, the oxes went there and the arc started to lean as to fall. A man, Uzza, helped the arch not to fall. If it touched the ground, it was the glory of God touching the ground, but Uzza supported that glory to put it right in its place. The Bible said that God killed him on the spot. Was he doing something wrong? I think he was convinced he was doing something good because he put the arc into safety, but God didn’t like that. It is the same thing with what we talk about.

Many people serve God outside the will of God. They preach, and talk a lot but it is not God’s will, it’s their own will. They believe they serve God, but as a reward, God will kill them. That’s why it is written in Matthew 24, that on the last day they will say: Haven’t we done miracles in your name? And he will say, “I don’t know you. Leave.”

We must know who we serve, what we are doing and whether the word we give others is the will of God or our will. We must be like Elijah and have assurance in God, when God told him He will feed Him and there it was. Elijah stayed there and the raven gave him food, he didn’t say:
- Ravens are dirty birds so I won’t eat what it gives me. But he said:
- I’ll eat because it comes from God.
That’s it. If an American preaches in Asia nobody will listen to him because he is American. So they reject the Word of God because of the human appearances. This doesn’t make sense. In some countries, they say:
- Black, Africans don’t know anything about the Bible. You can’t preach us. And others say:
- Have you finished your studies? What’s your degree?
- I haven’t studied.
- Aren’t you a doctor in theology?
- Yes, I am. But not the doctorate you know.
- Can you show us your diploma? If you can we will accept your preaching.

Once Jesus Christ did something and people said:
- Is this the carpenter’s son? He hasn’t even studied!! How can He write?
When we are taught by the Spirit, we don’t need the physical, or we might only use it for researching.

I use to read a lot but all I do is reading to compare it with God’s message. I have studied lots of denominations on earth, and lots of churches, I visited a lot and all I do is to compare them with the Word of God. When I talk about the church, I am not talking about buildings but Christians. Many Christians eat what they don’t know: some have eaten what comes from God, but they have rejected it as the Israelites rejected the manna that came from God. They complained to Moses and told him they didn’t want that anymore, they wanted something else.

People do it today:
- Odon speaks too much. He always threatens me. When he speaks, it’s always about me. I don’t want to be with him anymore. I am not listening to him anymore.

This is your business, if you want to eat the bread from Egypt, go back there, if you want to eat the meat Jezebel gave, go for it! But keep reading your Bible, meditate it, and discover the truth. I have never known one church on earth that proclaims to be a false church, each one says they are the best, they have life and can give you life. God said spiritual drought exists though. So watch out for what you eat, where you eat and the water you need with it. If you don’t have teeth, you won’t eat any bread or meat. So count how many teeth (incisors, canines, premolars, molars) you have in your mouth. If a dentist has pulled all them out, it’s time to ask him to put your teeth back in order to chew, or to speak properly with teeth. It all has a spiritual meaning. If your mouth is shut, now is the time to open it to put the bread in.

Ange: Do you mean that Satan tries to bring bread and meat as well?
Odon: yes. Satan is an angel of light but he doesn’t have the light in him. He just imitates what God does. You might have for example, a $100 banknote, and an expert might make a counterfeit note. If you are not careful you won’t tell the difference between right and wrong.

So in 2 Thess. 2: 4 he that opposeth and exalteth himself against all that is called God or that is worshipped; so that he sitteth in the temple of God, setting himself forth as God., it is written Satan will stand up in the temple and preach. Everybody will say he is the true God because they don’t discern to tell the right and the wrong banknotes apart. I gave you last time the example of a pastor, who was married. When he prayed in the church, the roof would open, and an angel would come down. People could see a bright light coming down, within which was an angel (they called “Jesus”) that would take all the offerings up. This is not a fairy tale; people could see that with their eyes.

The pastor would say: “Give your offering and be blessed.” And the next Sunday more people would come to see the miracle. And ‘Jesus’ would come down again, take all the offerings and after leaving, the roof would close again. Later, people discovered that in reality, the pastor’s wife did this. She was a witch and could be transformed to attract people; they believed it was an angel of light. The church was filled with thousands of people, but the day they discovered the devil was behind, everybody was surprised and ashamed: lack of discernment. So Satan can also make miracles and do things. Many preachers are magicians today: they preach with talismans, they do miracles with them. You must know the truth behind things.
We might talk about it one day.

Let’s pray. Let’s thank God and tell the Lord, “Thank you for everything”, and if you had the grace of hearing something for yourself, thank Him, and if you didn’t grasp what we talked about, ask Him to help you understand. Present what you want in your life from Him to the Lord. Pray with zeal, with courage, don’t pray like sick people, or tired people, tiredness is not a fruit of the Spirit, you know where it comes from. So pray with strength, praise God as you like, rise up your voice and commit your life into God’s hands, your family members into God’s hands, and anyone you want.
Let’s pray.

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