Monday, July 12, 2010

Being Serious with God (Part II)

By Odon Bulamba (9th August 2002)

God is calling us to live as Christians and serve Him. He says that the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. We say we are ready to serve God but really we are handicapped. There was a man who really wanted to go somewhere but because he was handicapped, it limited his options, so he decided to drive an automatic car even though his license didn’t permit him to do so. It is the same thing with God; God gives us rules that we cannot change to suit ourselves.

Let us not be like this family who didn’t understand what their young child was trying to say to them. It was only when he was nine years of age did they understand he was used by God, but by then it was too late, the young boy had to go somewhere else. We have to make an effort. Put aside laziness, distraction and think about the time, and we’ll see what God will do.

All of us want to please God and perform miracles through our ministries, but we are not convinced enough to do it. We like to be teaches and apostles but we don’t make any effort to achieve this desire. You may pray everyday to be like Solomon who had wisdom and understanding, which God is happy to give you, however when it comes to holding your Bible in your hand it is hard for you to grip it. When you go home after Bible study and watch a movie, you will completely forget about tiredness and you will concentrate seriously on that film, but when it comes to the Bible tiredness comes.

When are you going to make up your mind and take things seriously? We all know that we must give an account to God for our lives whether we like it not. One day I had a dream that God called me to help Him judge people, and I asked God, ‘me judge people’? God spoke in my dream to many people, “open your Bibles to this verse and explain it to Me”, but many people couldn’t even explain one verse. I started asking people, “who is Jesus for you?” They said, “Jesus is my friend”, so I asked them, “how do you know He is your friend?” Many Christians today don’t know why or how Jesus is their friend, they don’t know because they are careless with what God gives them.

We as Christians don’t care about salvation. We don’t care about our soul or the souls of our neighbours. It is time to wake up because the trumpet is being used and Jesus will be here soon. The Bible says that the Word will disappear one day and woe to the man who hasn’t written it in his or her heart. When Jesus takes His church, those left on the earth will try to find the gospel but will look in vain, and they will suffer a lot to save their souls. Many people today (and Christians) who live in this time of grace don’t take advantage of it.

In Zaire we have a lot of precious stones, a bit like grass here in New Zealand. Once we left Zaire we found out that these stones were worth a lot of money. However, because we didn’t take advantage of these precious stones while we were in our country we missed out on making money. With God’s Word it is the same, He gives us His Word in abundance but we don’t take advantage of it, and if we don’t, we risk to become poor later. We have to keep the basic teachings we have received in our hearts. God gives us enough time so use it as we walk together. Amen.

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