Saturday, July 31, 2010

Are We Still Christians In The Evening? (Part II)

By odon Bulamba (2nd August 2002)

One day there was a toad that had a kingdom in a pond, and he would disturb everyone around him by making loud roars. A cow came over to enquire about this noise and he asked the toad, “why do you make this noise?” The proud toad said he was the strongest in the pond. The cow said, “okay, that’s fine but if I open my mouth everyone will know I am a cow”. So the toad tried to scare the cow away but the cow didn’t even blink.

Many Christians today are like toads, when they speak their voices are disturbing in front of the Lord, because all they want to do is prove to others that they are stronger than them. Many Christians think they are better than their God; we all do it because we plan our lives without asking God. Today we use the goods of our God without asking Him and we don’t care, but as Christians we must take advantage of the gospel and not take advantage of the things in this world. We must not be like toads who like to reign in this world because this world doesn’t belong to us. Remember that someone might ask to enter your pond without permission, and this someone is Jesus Christ. He is able to transform you because you are the clay and He is the potter.

There was a poor man whose mother died and because of her death, his life had no meaning, so he decided to play around with magic to make money. This man was given $50,000 to spend but it came with a time limit, and if he didn’t spend it within the time given he had to choose between death or insanity. He thought it would be easy so he cut his finger to sign a deal with them with his blood. They said that he wasn’t allowed to give the money to anybody, or buy anything that lasted a week, so his options were very limited. When time was up he hadn’t spent the $50,000, so he had to choose between death or insanity.

I gave this example because God asks us, what do you want? We ask for children, money, cars, clothes and many other material things, which God is happy to provide, but we forget about time. God gives us material possessions but how long do they last because in three days we might die, so what use will your car be?

Many people have problems because they ask God for things which they can’t handle. If you ask God to make you an intercessor, God will give it to you but how many times will you pray a month? You asked God to make you an intercessor but how do you use it? Did you think that your life would change? If God sees that you are not producing anything on this earth, He will start counting your time. If God says you will die tomorrow, nobody will be able to add another day onto that, not even the world’s best doctor because God decides when time is up.

If you keep on eating you might explode, so you must give to others. How many times do you listen to God’s word? People need the gospel but you are full of it. Remember if God gave you two months to work then it is two months.

For example, you go to work and are given a certain amount of time to produce 1000 cars, and when you hear this you will feel squeezed from head to toe. God has given us a time through His Word to produce something good for Him, and if you don’t know how to do the job, you will perish because you lacked knowledge. If you put Jesus aside and row your own boat you are making a mistake, and if you lead your own life and forget that Jesus leads it, woe to you. We must give Him the chance to assess what we have learnt.

2 Timothy 3:16. “All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”.

We go to school so that our teacher can teach us how to prepare ourselves for life, and when he marks our work it is to correct our mistakes to show us where we have gone wrong. Jesus was called Teacher; He is here to teach us and mark our work. At university, students fear their lecturers when it comes to marking their assignments because they don’t want to fail, and it is the same with our God, we are to fear God when He compares us by His word. We must stand in the evening and not fall asleep, we must be like Joshua who asked for the sun to stop, and we must say hallelujah everywhere we go because Jesus will be here soon. As Christians we remember our birthdays but never remember that Jesus will return one day, and it will be a shame for us to meet Jesus on the other side of the shore. Amen.

Pray and ask God to help you to put what you have understood into practice.

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