Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When God is Silent

By Odon Bulamba
Psalm 22:1
Without the Word of God we are like headless bodies. We go here and there but there is nothing to direct us. David wrote this Psalm. Physically he was quite small but he was chosen by God over his brothers. In those days kings were chosen based on their physical attributes – tall, huge biceps, 6-packs, long hair, perfumed. David’s brother’s fulfilled the criteria but they were not chosen. They were not avid was brought from the sheep fields and anointed.
However, the years went by and nothing happened. David had to flee for his life and live as a fugitive. David was not afraid to use a slingshot even though he would be mocked by those who used swords. He knew it was not the weapon, but the power behind the weapon that won the victory. For example, rebels in Africa were given power to resist the bullets of their enemies by witchdoctors and so they defeated armed soldiers.  But it was not their machetes and clubs, it was the power behind them that gave them that immunity.
How many times have I faced a situation where I have cried out, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me,’ as David did when he wrote these words? David faced the giant Goliath who was 9ft tall, a monster – and sometimes situations we find ourselves in can appear to be like Goliath – huge and impossible to defeat, but the little, the smallest faith given to us by God is enough!
Proverbs 23:4, ‘Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint’              
We can believe that we have to work hard in order to become rich, but I tell you, if God says we will be rich, it is enough! Have I ever shouted, ‘My God, my God...’ feeling as if abandoned and without any kind of hope?
2Kings 6:22-29
These people knew what it was like to live as if abandoned and without hope. They were in the middle of a siege and they were hungry and forced to eat their children to survive. Even the king could not help them.
The children of Israel left the bondage and slavery of Egypt. They were so happy just as we are when we first are saved, but then they came to the Red Sea and the armies of Pharaoh were behind them. Was God mocking them, laughing at their predicament, the stress they were under?
Moses cried out, My God, my God...’  He lost all power and courage and at the very last second God commanded Moses to raise his staff and the sea parted and they crossed on dry land. Some people walked on, others were scared and stopped along the away. Do we beat them and drive them forward or go back, encourage them, help them, even carry them to safety?
They arrived on the other side – saved but there was no time to relax. There would be more challenges ahead. Remember, victory is ours. It will come when we take the first step! We don’t have to tremble in front of our boss. They are only human beings, people.  A mistake that many people make is to assume that because we know God – it will be ok. But we also must be ready to act when we are tested or given assignments to carry out. Complete them in order to make your faith grow up and to become mature.
Let us pray for ourselves that when we feel utterly forsaken,  we will cry out to God and receive deliverance.

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