Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Body

By Tyrone Garrett
2Cor 5:1-2  We will receive a new body, an eternal body, which God will clothe us with. If we look at the body Jesus had after He was raised from the dead we will see something of the body we can expect to receive.
How was Jesus different after He was raised from the dead. Let us consider some of the differences. Fo example,
Luke 24: 13-31. Jesus turned up unexpectedly. He was not recognised by the disciples. They only recognised Him after He broke bread. Did He change or were their eyes opened. Jesus could block their sight. Then Jesus vanished, disappearing as abruptly as He had appeared. His purpose in meeting with His disciples completed which was to show them from the OT Scriptures all that was said about Himself.
John 20:11-17 Once again Jesus disguised Himself and Mary did not recognise Him until he said her name which opened her eyes. She recognised His voice when He called her.
John20:18-20 Jesus appeared suddenly in a room in which all the doors were shut and locked. He had the ability to move through solid barriers.
John 20:26-28 The doors were locked but were no barrier to Jesus. He came and stood amongst them. His wounds were not healed.
John 21:1-12 The disciples did not recognise Jesus who was standing on the shore. He had lit a fire and had food ready for breakfast which they (including Jesus presumably) ate together.
Luke 24:50-51 Jesus ascended into heaven. They saw him leave, He didn’t just disappear.
All these eyewitness appearances after Jesus resurrection offer clues as to what our resurrected bodies will also be like: a body not limited to time and place, able to eat, able to disguise who we are.
The Bible says that we are not to think of Jesus as ‘after the flesh’ – meaning we are not to remember
His human body but to celebrate His glorious resurrected body, restored to all its previous glory. Likewise our bodies will no longer be corrupted. This is something to rejoice about especially if we suffer now.
Prayer: Thank you Jesus for reminding us tonight of the wonderful inheritance ahead of us because You led the way by Your death and resurrection. Lord continue to reveal Yourself  to us so that we can be like You. Amen

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